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  • Season 1 Episode 10: Arthur's Birthday / Franc...

  • Arthur says D.W's birthday is 6 months away. However, Arthur's birthday is in May and in "D.W.'s Perfect Wish," her birthday is in March.

  • In the play for the parents, Francine can be seen in the audience! Watch the scene carefully. As the camera pans to the left, she can be spotted on the left side of the audience, in the front. Apparently, Buster, Muffy, George and Sue Ellen can also be spotted!

  • Season 1 Episode 9: Arthur Babysits / Arthur'...

  • In the book version of "Arthur Babysits," the Tibbles are humans. Tommy Tibble wears a red cowboy hat, and Timmy wears a blue hat. Mrs. Tibble was introduced in the books in "Arthur's Halloween" (she was still a human). However, in the animated series the Tibbles seem to be aardvark-types. In all subsequent non-Step Into Reading Arthur books by Marc Brown (as late as 2011), the Tibbles still continued to be depicted as humans.

  • Season 1 Episode 7: Arthur Goes to Camp / Bus...

  • When Becky first appears in "Arthur Goes to Camp," she is wearing a watch on her left wrist, however when the scene cuts to her walking over to the group, it has disappeared. It's there again when she's despairing over the arrival of Muffy's air conditioner.

    Next when Muffy arrives to camp, her mom has a watch that jumps from arm to arm.

  • In "Buster Makes the Grade," Francine and Muffy try to teach Buster division by having him divide candies among them. Francine lays out twenty candies and asks Buster to divide them by two. Buster takes half of them, so Francine asks him to divide them by three. Once Buster is done, Francine complains that he is wrong, as he now has more than either her or Muffy. So Buster eats one of his candies and then eats another. Francine shakes her head, saying that he is "wrong, wrong, wrong" and Muffy snits "F, Mr. Baxter. I'd give you an F!" The truth is, while what Buster ultimately ends up doing isn't right, neither is what Francine or Muffy is asking of him. 20 candies can not be divided evenly among three people.

  • At one point, Arthur goes over to Buster's house to tutor him in English. As he berates Buster for falling asleep, his arms appear to planted firmly in the middle of Buster's desk and there is a cup on the desk containing scissors, pens and other supplies. When the camera cuts out to a wide angle, the cup is gone and Arthur's arms have shifted so that one end is on the edge of the desk.

  • During Buster's marathon study session, he spills some candies onto his desk. The camera focuses closely on them and you can see that there are eight red candies and four blue candies. When the angle switches away from the close-up, there are suddenly six of each.

  • Season 1 Episode 6: Locked in the Library / A...

  • In the flashback sequence where Arthur first meets Francine, she licks a lollipop and sticks it onto his head, but note, she licks only one side and sticks the opposite side onto his head.

  • When Arthur runs to the staffroom while he is convinced that Francine is in trouble, he stumbles onto an open pizza box. When the pizza is first seen, the cheese is orange as seen in other episodes, but in the next shot when we Arthur flat on his face on the pizza, the cheese changes color!

  • At the beginning of "Locked in the Library," Prunella can be seen in Mr. Ratburn's 3rd grade class. According to several other episodes, Prunella is in the 4th grade, so she shouldn't have been in the class.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Arthur's Pet Business / D...

  • In Arthur's Pet Business, D.W.'s naked butt cheeks can be seen briefly when she is running out of the bathtub yelling for help (her towel flaps up near the back of her.)

  • Watch Perky's puppies in "Arthur's Pet Business." There's a palette shift in which two of them are a different color of yellow than the other and then when the angle changes for a second, they're all the same color.

  • When D.W. and Arthur are fighting over the remote control in "D.W. the Copycat," time seems to freeze on their respective shows: The Mary Moo-Cow Show and The Bionic Bunny Show. Proof-positive that if nobody is watching, nothing happens.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: D.W.'s Imaginary Friend /...

  • Buster's private detective gig and the "Scare Your Pants Off" book series are first shown here, even though their proper introductions weren't until Arthur Accused! and The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club, respectively. This suggests certain episodes in the first season were aired out of order than originally intended.

  • "Arthur's Lost Library Book" seems to have "chapters" in the episode. They are indicated by D.W. wearing monster gloves and amplifying her voice with a cardboard tube. The chapters include "Chapter 1: Arthur Goes to the Library," "Chapter 2: One Week Later," "Chapter 3: The Investigation," and "Chapter 4: It's Lost, OK? Face It, You Lost It."

  • These stories mark the first appearances of Nadine (D.W's invisible friend), Ms. Turner (the librarian) and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off book series (a parody of the Goosebumps books.)

  • Season 1 Episode 3: D.W. All Wet / Buster's D...

  • Arthur appears shirtless for the first time.

  • When D.W's mother says,"It's almost time for bed," there was a mistake. The next scene shows D.W in the bathtub so her mother should've said," It's almost time for your bath" or "it's almost bathtime."

  • Season 1 Episode 2: Arthur and the Real Mr. R...

  • In "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn," Sue Ellen's hair keeps changing colors. In the vampire clip, her hair is black. In a scene in Mr. Ratburn's room, it's dark brown. Sue-Ellen will not be introduced until later this first season.

  • In "Spelling Trubble" when Mr. Ratburn is erasing the board not all of it is erased (some of the underline under "Bee" isn't erased) yet it still disappears in the chalk dust.

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