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  • Season 12 Episode 2: Room to Ride / The Frensk...

  • Postcards from You: This episode's postcard comes for the kids at the Dorchester Youth Collaborative (DYC) in Boston, Massachusetts. Tristan, Sheldon, Janovi, Wallace and Otto talk about why they like biking, show off their bikes and do some bike tricks.

  • Muffy reads the title cards for both stories. The one for "Room to Ride" is the one with Arthur being passed up by his friends in a race before hopping on the back of D.W.'s tricycle. The one for "The Frensky Family Fiasco" is the family photo of the Read family.

  • "Room to Ride" features Lance Armstrong voicing himself. A character like Lance Armstrong was featured in the tenth season story "Binky vs. Binky," however, that character was referred to as Vince Legstrong.

  • Season 12 Episode 1: Is That Kosher? / Never, ...

  • In "Is That Kosher?," Arthur suggests that if Francine has trouble with fasting, she should contact his friend, Adil, who fasts for a whole month during Ramadhan. Adil is a pen-pal of Arthur's who was introduced in the eighth season story "Dear Adil." Francine ultimately does write to Adel, who suggests that being with friends could help. Francine takes his advice, but ends up being at Arthur's when his pizza party is in full-swing.

    Something to note, however, is that the monthly fast of Ramadhan is only observed during the hours from sunrise to sunset-- not actually going without food for a full month.

  • Postcards from You: The first postcard is from Madeline ("Maddy") of Oceanside, California. She visits a farmer's market with her family, where they pick out various fruits, vegetables and flowers. The second postcard is from Katelyn in Franklin, Massachusetts. She shows viewers her method for making and decorating cookies.

  • Binky reads the title card for "Is That Kosher?" It's the one where Francine gongs the title card, rattling Arthur. Muffy reads the title card for "Never, Never, Never." It's the one where D.W. flies in wearing blankie as a cape, spinning Arthur around.

  • Season 11 Episode 10: Big Brother Binky

  • Some of the games that Binky had in his game room were Tower of Cows and No Guessing.

  • D.W. calls Binky by his name in this episode. All other times, she called him "Big head kid."

  • During the scene when Binky is singing a lullaby to his little sister, he is spotted in his green pajamas. Later, when the angle changes, he is in his normal clothes. But later in the scene, he is back in the green pajamas.

  • Postcards from You: The first postcard is topical. It's from Laura and Emma in Arlington, Massachusetts. They're both girls who were adopted from China. They show their baby pictures and adoption paperwork, then head to a Chinese restaurant and order dumplings. The second postcard is from Filmon and David in Sweden, courtesy of UNICEF. Theirs is a music video in which they bounce around a ball.

  • Francine reads the title card. It's the one where Binky blows a big bubble gum bubble and it pops, trapping him within the title card.

  • Season 11 Episode 9: D.W. on Ice / Spoiled Rot...

  • Postcards from You: The first postcard is from Matthews Elementary School in Austin, Texas. The kids in the video express the view that "weird is cool" and support a campaign to "Keep Austin Weird." They can be seen feeding pigeons and wearing masks and riding the "Zilker Zephyr" train ride.) The second postcard is from Jacob Burley of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He talks about his family members and is seen playing his favorite sport, basketball.

    Note: "Keep Austin Weird" is an actual campaign created by the Austin Independent Business Alliance. It promotes preserving the city's "unique cultural identity" and various products with the phrase printed on them are available.

  • Binky reads the title card for "D.W. on Ice." It's the one where D.W., dressed as a fairy, uses a magic wand to change Arthur's head into that of a frog. Francine reads the title card for "Spoiled Rotten!" It's the one where Arthur pulls the handle on a slot machine and portions of various characters' faces spin in the three slots until Muffy's face forms.

  • Season 11 Episode 8: Francine's Pilfered Paper...

  • Binky reads the title card for "Francine's Pilfered Paper." It's the one where Francine walks up to the title card and bangs it as if it's a drum, rattling Arthur's ears. Francine reads the title card for "Buster Gets Real." It's the one where Buster roars like a lion and Arthur laughs.

  • Season 11 Episode 7: Hic or Treat / Mr. Always...

  • Brain tells Arthur that his sentence, "No one is ever right about everything" is poorly constructed because using both "ever" and "always" is redundant, but Arthur didn't use the word "always" in that sentence.

  • Two of D.W.'s fears have been shown in previous stories. Her fear of Dark Bunny was shown in multiple stories, starting with "That's a Baby Show!" Her fear of octopuses was shown in "D.W. All Wet."

  • This is the second Arthur story that involves D.W. getting the hiccups, and Arthur trying to cure her, the first being "Arthur vs. the Piano."

  • In "D.W. All Wet," Arthur was successful in scaring D.W. in the bath, with a toy spider on a string that he said was an octopus.

  • The octopus that Arthur makes to scare D.W. in "Hic or Treat," is of a balloon with pipe cleaners sticking out of it, but sticking pipe cleaners in a balloon would pop it.

  • The Halloween costume ideas the characters come up with in "Hic or Treat" are as follows:

    • Arthur --- Frankentist (half Frankenstein, half dentist)

    • Francine --- a prom queen

    • Buster --- Candy Boy

    • Brain --- the 14th century (a medieval castle surrounded by serfs, etc.)

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