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  • Season 11 Episode 7: Hic or Treat / Mr. Always...

  • Binky reads the title card for "Hic or Treat." It's the one where D.W. searches around the title card for Arthur and shouts his name, then he appears in the card and says "Shh!" Francine reads the title card for "Mr. Alwaysright." It's the one where a UFO appears, then when it opens up, it's Buster inside.

  • In "Hic or Treat," D.W. comes up with a list of four things that she's afraid of in the hopes that Arthur can use it to scare her out of her hiccups. The list is as follows:

    1. Dark Bunny
    2. Octopi
    3. Gingerbread men cookies
    4. Losing her stuffed unicorn Uni to the Tibbles

  • Season 11 Episode 6: The Making of Arthur / Da...

  • At the end of "Dancing Fools," George remarks to Francine that the medal they won for coming in second in the dance contest was the first thing he's ever won, but in "To Beat or Not to Beat," the other kids kept saying that George wins the school's talent contest every year.

  • Stop-motion animation (which Arthur experiments with in his video in "The Making of Arthur") is the same animation technique used in Gumby, The Adventures of Davey and Goliath, Robot Chicken and various Rankin/Bass holiday specials like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

  • The video editor Buster shows Arthur when demonstrating editing video seems to be loosely based on iMovie, a popular video editing program available for Macintosh computers.

  • The legendary explorers Lewis and Clark are referenced by Arthur in the opening teaser of "Dancing Fools" when he discusses the idea of two people sometimes being able to do things better than one. Lewis and Clark were also portrayed in a fantasy sequence in "Background Blues."

  • Francine reads the title card for "The Making of Arthur." It's the one where Arthur is taking a bath and is interrupted by D.W. Binky reads the title card for "Dancing Fools." It's the one where Arthur and his friends rise up in a balloon.

  • Postcards from You: The first postcard comes from kids at the Delano Optional School in Memphis, Tennessee. They go out looking for celebrities and their search takes them to the Peabody Hotel. The second postcard is from the Boy's and Girl's Club in Lewiston, Idaho. The village is named after the famous explorers Lewis and Clark. In the postcard, a couple of the kids dress up as Lewis and Clark and portray them chopping down wood to make canoes. They receive advice from kids dressed as Chief Twisted Hair and Sacajawea.

  • In "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds," George's last name is given as "Nordgren," but he is referred to in both "The Making of Arthur" and "Dancing Fools" as George "Lundgren."

  • Matt Damon guest stars in "The Making of Arthur" as the host of Postcards from You, a fictional TV series designed as a tie-in to the real "Postcards from You" initiative first seen on episodes of Postcards from Buster and added for this season of Arthur.

  • Season 11 Episode 5: Baby Kate and the Imagina...

  • The Crown City Star is powered by a steam locomotive, but it does not have a tender car behind it. Steam engines typically have to have a tender car behind them and before the freight/passenger cars it is pulling, to carry the water and coal (or oil or wood) needed to keep the locomotive going.

  • Binky reads the title card for "Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery." It's the one where Pal searches and sniffs around the title card circle, but howls because it's empty. Francine reads the title card for "Strangers on a Train." It's the slot-machine title card, where Arthur pulls the handle and portions of several faces spins until all three slots land on Sue Ellen.

  • Postcards from You: In the first postcard, kids from the Edmunds Academy in Des Moines, Iowa take part in farm activities. Then, in another postcard, Dominic and Mia (also from Des Moines, Iowa) practice basketball skills. they stress the importance of picking one particular skill to work on each day.

  • Season 11 Episode 4: Phony Fern / Brain's Shoc...

  • In Brain's Shocking Secret, it is revealed that the Brain was held back in kindergarten because he cried alot making him not emotionally ready for the first grade.

  • Francine reads the title card for "Phony Fern." It's the one that shows Fern writing at her desk. Binky reads the title card for "Brain's Shocking Secret." It's the alternate version of the swimming title card with Brain swimming after an alternately-colored version of Pal.

  • In "Phony Fern," Muffy is shocked when she discovers that Fern has not set a ringtone for her phone. Fern tells her to just set it to anything. Fern is delighted when Muffy sets it to what she identifies as the tune from her favorite television show --- Midafternoon Mystery Theater. The actual tune, as identified by closed captioning, is the theme from PBS's Masterpiece Theatre.

  • In "Phony Fern," it is revealed that Muffy has an older brother that is in college.

  • Season 11 Episode 3: Buenas Noches, Vicita / P...

  • The librarian, Ms. Turner, makes her first appearance of the season in "Prunella Packs it In." She has changed her hair color from brown to blonde.

  • Francine reads the title card for "Buenas Noches, Vicita." It's a new one in which Vicita is shown getting into bed. Binky reads the title card for "Prunella Packs it In." It's the one where Prunella stands behind a crystal ball and states "I predict that you will shortly see..." before the title is read.

  • Postcards from You: In a postcard courtesy of UNICEF, Jorefin from Finland shows people going about morning exercise routines. Then, a postcard from Edmunds Academy in Des Moines, Iowa shows kids doing painting and crafting.

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