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  • Season 11 Episode 3: Buenas Noches, Vicita / P...

  • Postcards from You: In a postcard courtesy of UNICEF, Jorefin from Finland shows people going about morning exercise routines. Then, a postcard from Edmunds Academy in Des Moines, Iowa shows kids doing painting and crafting.

  • Prunella's last name is revealed to be Deegan in "Prunella Packs it In."

  • Season 11 Episode 2: Arthur Sells Out / Mind Y...

  • Postcards from You: Jamie, Kade and Mahhal visit the Estes McDoniel Marine Science Lab in Henderson, Nevada. This "ocean in the desert" features sharks, puffer fish and other fascinating marine wildlife. A second postcard comes from the kids at the Delano Optional School in Memphis, Tennessee. One of their friends, Khalik, is hungry for ribs, so they take him to get some. They visit the Blues Cafe and it's noted that "Memphis is the home base of ribs."

  • Season 11 Episode 1: Swept Away / Germophobia

  • The proper term for an abnormal fear of sickness is hypochondria. Buster is also apparently slightly obsessive-compulsive in that he tries to clean himself several times.

  • Binky reads the title card for "Swept Away." It's the one where Arthur swims after Pal underwater and shouts "Yeah!" Francine reads the title card for "Germophobia." It's the one where Buster searches around the title circle, then sticks his head in so that appears really large and shouts "Hey!"

  • Postcards from You: Also featured on the Arthur spin-off series Postcards from Buster, this feature replaces the "And Now a Word from Us Kids" segment aired in-between Arthur stories. Two postcards are featured. The first is from Kyler Hart and Benjamin Thomas of Atlanta, Georgia and shows them trying out for the Drew Charter School golf team. In the second, kids from Edmunds Academy in Des Moines, Iowa do the limbo and play steel drums from Trinidad.

  • Season 10 Episode 10: What's Cooking? / Buster'...

  • Real-Kids Segment: A group of kids do cooking with the real Ming Tsai, including his son.

  • Binky reads the title card for "What's Cooking?" It's the one where an egg cracks open to reveal the gang, but they're scared away by a giant bird. Francine reads the title card for "Buster's Special Delivery." It's the one where a spaceship lands and the occupant removes its alien head --- to reveal that it's actually Buster.

  • Season 10 Episode 9: Do You Speak George? / Wo...

  • While playing marbles, Buster tells Arthur to use his thumb for more power, but the only to play marbles is with your thumb.

  • In "World Girls", Muffy sees Ludmila, the Estonian worldgirl doll at Worldgirl World. She says she's never even heard of the doll or Estonia, but later on, when Sue Ellen pulls the Pema book (which came with the Pema doll) from Muffy's shelf, you can see the Ludmila book behind it, meaning that Muffy must have owned the Ludmila doll.

  • Hilary Illick joins the show staff as the writer for "World Girls."

  • Real-Kids Segment: A deaf-boy named Colin intros the segment in sign language and then an interpreter explains that he's deaf. He tells viewers about his school, shows them his horseback-riding class, speaks on a videophone with his friend Tom and introduces his family.

  • Both stories use the slot-machine title card. The first time, it lands on George and the second on Muffy. Binky reads the title card for "Can You Speak George?" while Francine reads the title card for "World Girls."

  • Season 10 Episode 8: Binky vs. Binky / Operati...

  • The last part of the intro on "Operation D.W." is actually a flashback of Arthur as a little kid meeting his baby sister D.W.

  • DW's ear doctor is called "Dr. Tinnitus". Tinnitus is the ringing of one's ears. D.W.'s problem was not being able to hear properly because of fluid in her ears.

  • At the end of the episode, Marc Brown talks about a hidden feature of the Arthur books. He reveals that each book contains the names of his three children --- Tucker, Tolon and Eliza somewhere within the illustrations.

  • Head instructor Joe talks about the KICK program, which helps kids to learn martial arts. Viewers see kids taking a test of their ability. They also learn about Taylor, who cried at his first tournament, but had taken second place by his third.

  • Francine reads the title card for "Binky vs. Binky" It's the one where Binky blows a bubble gum bubble too big and it pops all over him. Binky reads the title card for "Operation: D.W.!" It's the one where a fairy version of D.W. uses a wand to make Arthur appear in the card and then changes his head into that of a frog.

  • At one point, a clipboard with the names of patients at the hospital can be seen in "Operation D.W." D.W.'s name is at the top and below it are the names Nancy Simard, Mario Gailloux, Junian Huang and Rolando Chia. Nancy Simard is the Layout / Posing Coordinator for Postcards from Buster. Mario Gailloux and Junian Huang are both background designers for Arthur. Rolando Chia's involvement with either series (if any) is unknown at this time.

  • "Operation D.W." was the first story title known generally to viewers for the tenth season. This story was created in conjunction with Arthur's Guide to the Children's Hospital Boston, which is an online guide featuring many characters from the show.

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