Season 8 Episode 5

Vomitrocious! / Sue Ellen Chickens Out

Aired Daily 4:00 PM Sep 19, 2003 on PBS
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"Vomitrocious! "

When Francine gets sick in school one day, she is reluctant to return. Will the kids call her Barfine?

"Sue Ellen Chickens Out"

Chickin Lickin, a fast food restaurant wants to replace the gang's beloved Sugar Bowl and Sue Ellen is outraged. She organizes a protest, but will her friends rally by her side?moreless

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  • This episode is not great not horrible but it is an alright medicore episode. This is a well written episode but this episode is gross.

    Sue Ellen chickens out, I don't remember this episode. But Francene is and alright performance in this episode and what kind of mammal is she?. This episode I give it 3 2/1 stars, the 2 and 7/5 - is for how gross this episode is. Who likes this episode? I know I don't.
Jodie Resther

Jodie Resther

Francine Alice Frensky

Arthur Holden

Arthur Holden

Mr. Nigel Emil Ratburn

Michael Yarmush

Michael Yarmush

Voice of Arthur Timothy Read (1996-2001)

Sonja Ball

Sonja Ball

Janet Read

Bruce Dinsmore

Bruce Dinsmore

David Read / Binky Barnes

Danny Brochu

Danny Brochu

Buster Baxter

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    • Francine: (mocking George) Hey! Can someone help me?! I need to bleed all over you! (the kids have a good laugh at this)
      George: What? It's just a bloody nose. I can't help it.
      Francine: I wanna bleed all over your food! (squirts a packet of ketchup at Muffy)
      Muffy: Stop! You're getting it on my Fois Grae!
      George : (after Sue Ellen hands him a tissue) Thank you.
      Prunella: You sound just like him!
      Muffy: You're so funny, Francine. Do some more!
      Francine: I just uh...contaminate you. Let me (suddenly she starts to feel sick to her stomach and claps her hand over her mouth, as Muffy gasps in shock and Francine starts throwing up all over the floor right in front of the whole school, grossing the kids out as they head to another table and possibly to inform the school nurse)

    • Muffy: And the Disgusting Person of the Year award goes to... (reads envelope) "Barfine Fren--"!
      (everyone gasps and stares at Francine, and put on doctor masks)
      Muffy: Sorry, "Barfine". But we've gotta think of our health!
      (everyone laughs)

    • Francine: I just hope that all the kids at school don't call me Barfine.

    • Muffy: It's a pity we don't hang out more. I've admired you since we were little kids.
      Sue Ellen: I haven't even been here a year, Muffy. You didn't know me when I was a little kid.

    • Muffy: (to Sue Ellen) Your protest isn't going to work anyway. Do you really think a couple kids are going to change the mind of a multi-million dollar corporation, especially when two of them are Buster and Binky?!

    • Sue Ellen: Can we just get back to marching, please?!

    • Sue Ellen: (she flicks one of her hair scrunchies like a rubber band) Hello?! Is anybody listening? This is the Sugar Bowl we're talking about. You know, the place where we hang out every single day.

    • Buster: I think we've just entered the fourth dimension.

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    • Television Ad: The TV ad refers to the restaurant being at the Millcreek Mall
      This is the name of the mall in Erie, PA--one of several references to Erie and to the Millcreek Mall. Author Marc Brown grew up in Millcreek, PA, outside Erie. But the show is set in Elwood City, almost 2 hours south, near Pittsburgh