Season 10 Episode 10

What's Cooking? / Buster's Special Delivery

Aired Daily 4:00 PM May 26, 2006 on PBS

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  • A great episode.

    This was the season finale for the tenth season. It was a great end to a great season. In the first story, Arthur and his friends get involved in cooking. There's good use of all the main characters and the writing was very well done. It was a great story. The second story was about Buster. He gets to deliver the mail to all the teachers in the school. He does his best not to mess up. He does a great job and at the end, his turn is over and Arthur is next. He shows Arthur how to do it at the end of the story. A great episode.
  • Celeberity

    What's Cooking?"
    Arthur enters a cooking competition at school, hosted by famous chef, Ming Tsai, with plans to make a chocolate cake. His dad insists on wanting to help, even thought it's a Kids-only competition. But when Arthur makes a mistake, adding baking soda instead of baking powder, he learns that many great foods were created by accident. Meanwhile, Arthur, Muffy and the others are also worried about the type of judge Ming will be.


    "Buster's Special Delivery

    When Ms. Tingly quits the position of handling the school's morning mail, Mr. Haney selects the first student mail carrier. Many students try out, but in the end, Buster makes the cut. On the first day of the job, he mixes up the letters, resulting in several delivery problems around the school, but with advice from the neighborhood mailman, Buster learns what doing the job well is all about. Buster becomes very proud of his job, but finds that it's takinga lot out of him.
  • A brilliant episode that essentially does right what Arthur has been doing right all along.

    This episode follows the typical Arthur episode. The result of the baking contest was lame however as the end of most contests on Arthur are. The celebrity chef was a treat as most guests are on the show. This episode did not however land into the classic realm for Arthur episodes. The plot is too dull and obvious. Especially for the second half. While, yes, there are some humorous happenings in this episode, it is not nearly as brilliant as other ones. In Conclusion, this is a nice episode to watch if you like the cook dude, but other than that, its lame.
  • Season 10 Finale

    This episode of Arthur was the Season 10 finale episode. I think that the seasons for these past couple of years have been too short but this review isn't about that it is about the episode. The first story in this episode was about a chef coming to town to hold a competition about whoever could cokk the best foods. Arthur tried to make a cake but he messed up the ingredients. At the end of the story Arthur's dad ended up bringing Arthur some brownies and everyone in the competition learned that they were winners. The second story was about Buster becoming the mailman at his school. Buster was taking his job too seriously after he met a mailman and the mailman told him that mailmen work also everyday all the time. Buster learned that he shouldn't take things too seriously because he was only able to have the job for one week. Overall this episode to me was average. I think that I am getting older and Arthur is getting to young for me.