As If (US)

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Mar 05, 2002 on UPN



  • Trivia

    • We meet the whole gang in this episode, although is not clear if all are really friends.

    • It's revealed in this episode that Jamie's last name is Fisk.

    • This episode is based almost in the first episode of the original series, the only different thing is Sooz's arrival to America.

    • Closed Caption Issues: At the club, after Nicki picks Jamie to be her temporary boyfriend, the CC says "Sasha [laughing] Oh my God!" while "Nicki laughs". They do not do this on-screen.

    • Closed Caption Issues: At the club, after Rob breaks up the kiss between Jamie and Nicki, Rob says, "Sasha's had it with me, man." The CC says, "Jamie, Sasha's royally pissed!"

  • Quotes

    • Jamie (to the camera, breaking the fourth wall): The thing about Nicki is . . . she used me.
      (closes the door, then opens it again)
      Jamie: She used me!, not just anyone, but me. Yeah!
      (closes the door)

    • Jamie (Breaking the fourth wall; talking to the camera): Isn't that life? A capital B-I-T-C-H!.

    • Nicki (Talking to Jamie): Jamie, listen, I'm sorry. I led you on all week. Forgive me?
      (Jamie looks at her with suspicious)
      Jamie: Maybe . . . if you kiss me.
      Nicki (Screaming): Jamie!
      Jamie: I'm serious. A real one.
      Nicki: You realize it wouldn't mean anything.
      Jamie (With a sardonic smile): Meaningless is fine.

    • Nicki (referring to Tino to Sooz): He used me.
      Sooz (answering with a sarcasm): Well, maybe you should spare a thought for Jamie.

    • Rob (Drunk and fighting with Sasha): What's the matter? Aww, you didn't win. Hey, come on, it means nothing, it's a stupid school thing...
      Sasha (Crying): I wont!
      Rob: Oh, you did?

    • Tino: So, ummm, thanks Vicky. That was neat!
      (Nicki leans against a bathroom wall and sighs)
      Nicki: It's Nicki.

    • Jamie: Soooo, can I get anybody a drink?
      (Nicki and Tino lift their glasses in unison)
      Jamie (deflated): Good!

    • Sooz: Jamie, you're just part of her plan.
      Jamie: I don't care if I'm "Break Glass In Case Of Emergency!" I just had Nicki, let me repeat, Nic-ki (jumping up and down) pressed-up-against-me!

    • Jamie (to Sooz): I'm assuming my house has exploded and my entire family is dead, because anything short of that, well, wild horses, you know?

    • Jamie (to the gang, referring to Nicki): Am I in, or am I in? Huh?
      Sooz: You're not excatly a pioneer!
      Jamie: She is flirting with me something chronic!
      Sooz: Jamie, give it up.
      Jamie: Not before she does.

    • Jamie (weepy-faced): Nicki, I think I'm in love with you!
      Jamie (straight-faced): Yeah, that could work!

    • Jamie: Daddy's got a sweet tooth to-night!

    • Jamie (to Sooz): Don't worry, you'll find a man someday. Im mean, I've heard in certain cultures, virgins are highly prized.

    • Jamie: The best thing about it is that it has five hidden zipper pockets. I mean, when I become a drug dealer, this thing is going to be very handy.
      Alex: What happened to your pimp idea?
      Jamie: It's not gone yet.
      Sooz: So, that's why Nicki asked you out, she wants a job!

    • Jamie: Cool Coat.
      Nicki: Thanks. Seal pup.
      Jamie: My pleasure--honey bunny!

    • Sooz: So, how did Nicki like your Batman sheets?
      Jamie: I don't have Batman sheets . . . I have a Batman cape.

    • Jamie: Jamie Fisk. 6'1". 160 pounds of hot-steaming-love. White on the outside. Smooth leather interior. You can call me Cobra!

  • Notes

    • The premiere episode scored a low 1.9/3 rating

    • From the episode, it's not clear if Sasha is already a VJ, wants to be a VJ, or wants to continue VJ'ing when she graduates. Although, she does say, "Being a VJ is not just about looks, you have to have credentials."

    • Sasha receives a "Broadcast Achievement Award".

    • The mirror in the club is shaped like a "U" instead of a rectangle.

    • This episode was from Jamie's point of view.

    • This episode was the span of one week.

    • Everyone but Rob seems to be in college. The only one we know for sure that's in college (at this point) is Sasha. She mentions she is the only freshman nominated for the award we find out she wins.

    • Jamie has a red Vespa with a white seat.

    • No ages were mentioned on the show, but Rob has to be 21 (or over) because he was drinking in the club.

    • Muffins played a big part in this episode. They served as peace offerings. Jamie gives Sooz a muffin the day after the night at the club. Sooz gives Jamie a muffin after the "Nicki incident". Rob gives Sasha a muffin after being late for their date. We also find out Sasha's favorite muffin is Chocolate Chip Oat Bran.

    • Alex wears a hat with an "H" on it (Tommy Hilfiger perhaps?).

    • Jamie's pretty good at the game of Darts.

    • The colors Red and Blue are prominent in this episode.

      Red is said to represent many things; from blood, to love, to infatuation. Red can symbolize excitement, energy, speed, strength, danger, passion, and aggression. It is also looked upon as a sensual color, and can be associated with man's most profound urges and impulses. Examples: Rob giving Sasha the red rose, and Jamie's room, which is painted red.

      Blue is the color associated with girls who have pure qualities. Blue also usually indicates femininity and life, also depression and sadness. Example: Sasha's room is blue (and for that matter, Sooz's room is too).

  • Allusions

    • A dancer in the background in an early club scene has The Spirit of Detroit on his t-Shirt.
      The Spirit of Detroit was created by sculptor Marshall Fredericks.

      He never officially gave his sculpture that title; he wanted to express the spirit of man through the diety and the family.