As If

Channel 4 (ended 2004)


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As If

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As If was a ground-breaking British drama, following the exciting lives of six young adults living in London. The drama's success is partly because of the fantastic soundtrack and modern style of filming; flashbacks, dodgy camerawork and sureal sequences are extremely frequent in all of the individual 30-minute long episodes. Jamie, Sooz, Nicki, Alex, Sasha, and Rob are the six teenagers featured in this hit teen drama. Each episode of As If shows the story from the character's point of view, allowing the viewers to learn their thoughts and personal feelings on the drama unfolding around them. Season One: Jamie had a crush on Nicki, Sooz had a crush on Rob. Jamie moved on by getting involved with an older women off the Internet. Sasha and Rob faced problems in their complex relationship, while Alex dated policeman Dan, but lied about his age. Nicki learnt lessons in love and life, and at the end of the series, Jamie and Sooz kissed. In Season Two, Nicki and Sasha came to blows over the same guy, Riggs, and Sasha ended up cheating on Rob with him. Alex found new love with bi-sexual Mark, and Jamie and Sooz struggled with revealing their relationship to the group, and accepting their feelings. Season Three saw Sooz and Jamie on the rocks after he slept with Nicki, and she struggled with life, resulting in a suicide attempt. Alex messed things up with Mark, when he ended up back with Dan. Mark found new love, in the shape of Nicki, then cheated on her. In Season Four the six friends considered to tackle their way through life. Sooz and Jamie's on/off relationship hit a rock when Sooz cheated, Nicki continued to be her usual self, Alex meanwhile had more boy problems - mainly with young Allen. Sasha struggled with her carrer, while Rob got engaged, before finding true love, a little closer to home...moreless

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