As If

Season 1 Episode 9

109 (Rob's POV)

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Feb 01, 2001 on Channel 4
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109 (Rob's POV)
Pushed by Sasha, Rob decides to go back home after staying with Jamie for awhile. His father wants him to help paint a room in the house, but Rob already made plans with Sasha. Rob's dad hits him and he hides from Sasha at Jamie's. Sasha finds out what happened and goes to Rob's house to tell his father how abusive he is. Rob walks in with Sasha yelling at Steve, and after Sasha leaves Rob and his father have a fight. Only this time Rob fights back. Now he is definitely out of the house, and until he finds a place of his own he'll stay at Jamie's. Meanwhile, Nicki is turned down by all her friends (even Sasha), which makes her wonder if there is really something wrong with her.moreless

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  • Some of the best chapters in the series came from Rob, and this, if not the best of them, is a good example of that.

    Some of the best chapters in the series came from Rob, and this, if not the best of them, is a good example of that.

    We can see for the first time the world from the point of view of Rob, who have a really great problem of lack of self-confidence.

    I think that this is the first reason of why they put so much fun dialog between Jamie and Sasha (By the way, the more chapters that I see, the more Jamie grows on me. I mean, I´ll always love more Sooz, but Jamie is really great, and is going from bottom to top of my list of characters). This parts are really funny and agile. The parts where Rob talk to the camera are also really good, and works really well for making us an idea of his own insecurity.

    Anyway, to the story arc: We already know that Rob have problems with his family, and in this chapter he is resolved to fix them... And in the end he do it, in some way...

    I always think that Sasha acts in selfish when it goes to Rob. She didn´t seem to care if Rob and his dad get along or can do better his realtionship, she only cares to go to a club, and anger with Rob until he accepts. In the other part, when it goes to the relationship between Rob and his dad: Seems like if her intentions are really good, but she put too many pressure, and then all happen in a really bad way... I´m not defending Rob´s dad,, I´m only saying that, going to the house of a bad dad, only to tell him that he is a bad dad, can only make things worse.

    Oh!, another thing I really like. The way they play with the part "are you saying I act stupid?" and the way that Rob´s dad use it in the moments of happiness and tension is really good, perfect work there In the other part, seems so good that no one talk to Nikki again. I always think that in this serie all the characters forgive too easily, and its good to see some anger from time to time. Also, Jamie was really good at the end, helping Rob in that way, even if it means that he can´t have a reeeeeeeaaaalllyyyy good night. Friends come first, right?

    In the end, Rob came back to live with Jamie, and he start looking for an apartment, he is no coming back, and Sasha is really happy, wasn´t she?moreless

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    • Music:
      "Escape Cloud" by Helicopter Girl
      "Welly Top Mary" by Bent
      "Lost in Watts" by Doves
      "Day Without Sun" by Puddu Varano
      "Battle" by Blur
      "Last Day of the World" by Story of O

    • This episode marks Rob's first point of view episode. He is the last character to have one in the show, and the others have all had one or two POV episodes so far.


    • Sasha: What's going on?
      Jamie: Nothing, everything's pukka. Top of the world, Please Mr Postman, Rainy days and Mondays. (Rob looks horrified)
      Sasha: Rainy days and what?
      Jamie: What can I say, my mums a Carpenters fan, d'you know their work at all Sash?

      The Carpenters was a vocal and instrumental duo from the ´70s, formed by the siblings Karen and Richard Carpenter. They make melodic pop and soft rock.
      When he say "Top of the world, rainy days and mondays" he is signing the song Mr. Postman, one of the biggest hits from The Carpenters.