As If

Season 4 Episode 6

406 (Sooz's POV)

Aired Weekdays 6:00 PM Apr 17, 2004 on Channel 4
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406 (Sooz's POV)
Sooz things she has lost her creativity and finds herself unable to paint, which she blames on her change in character. With Sooz unable to be a talented artist like she used to, she realises she needs to find the dark place she once had. Meanwhile Sasha's got creative problems of her own when Darna sets her on a major project, and Nicki meets Sooz's friend, Fran.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • The book that Jamie is reading at the beginning of this episode is Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, the first in his 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, which have become major best sellers and have received unprecedented critical acclaim.

      • When Sasha goes to sleep, Rob puts the cover over her and her TV is turned off. When she awakes however, it's mysterously turned on and showing a programme which gives her an idea for getting her window display to look good.

      • Although it's a nice idea, it's extremely unlikely that Nicki would remember one of Fran's paintings well enough, to then spot it in the first random art book she picks up.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • Sooz: Jamie, if you want to help why don't you create a performance piece on the subject of food as waste, juxtaposed with the cleansing ritual?
        Jamie: You mean you want me to do the washing up?

      • Sooz: So, I figured it out. I'm not Susan, I'm Sooz. It's just, Sooz has moved on a bit. Grown. But essensially I'm still the same.

      • Sooz: Time was I didn't need to sit in the dark. Time was, the dark, was in me. Now, I'm scared of it.

      • Sooz: I used to be y'know, more, dark.
        Alex: You mean immature.
        Sooz: Yeah, well you're the expert on immature. Where is Allen today anyway? Playschool?

      • Fran: (on nail varnish) Choosing a new colour. Obviously a real achievement for you. These are your masterpeices.
        Nicki: (smiles) I got the best A Levels in my year, and fourth best in the Borough. Don't patronise me, art girl.

      • Allen: What I don't get is, you're saying you can't paint, because you're not dark and tortured.
        Sooz: Right.
        Allen: But, I mean, I didn't know you back then, but you seem pretty grim to me. No offence. Seriously, how bad were you?

      • Sooz: Happy? I've always been happy. I was perfectly happy, being... miserable.

      • Sooz: I'm Susan. Grown up art student, I want everyone to love me, and my art (giggles).

      • Sooz: I'm Sooz. Stroppy, sour and suicidal. Just your regular teenage cliche.

      • Sooz: Ever have one of those days where you woke up and you just don't know who you are anymore?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Music:
        "Complicated" by Avril Lavigne
        "Wide Open Space" by Manson
        "Let Go" by Frou Frou
        "I Know What I'm Here For" by James
        "Shining Light" by Ash
        "Only The Fakes Survive" by Sahara Hotnights

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