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Channel 4 (ended 2004)


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  • Season 4
    • 420 (Nicki's POV)
      420 (Nicki's POV)
      Episode 20
      Nicki has had a late Birthday present from her mum. It's an around the world ticket for one. Will she go before she learns about Rob's true feelings? Will the friends have a happy ending, or is there a shock in store?
    • 419 (Jamie's POV)
      419 (Jamie's POV)
      Episode 19
      Brand New Episode: After successfully completing his exam results, Jamie discovers that he has been accepted into Inverness University, but he's not told Sooz yet. Is it really the end for one of TV's greatest couples. How will Sooz cope with having to face losing Jamie all over again? Will her secret be revealed?moreless
    • 418 (Alex's POV)
      418 (Alex's POV)
      Episode 18
      Allen is looking for the one, and he thinks he may have found him; a cute guy he see's in the Root Bar. But Alex has other idea's. Meanwhile, Amber confronts Rob, and Jamie's about to get two huge shocks.
    • 417 (Sasha's POV)
      417 (Sasha's POV)
      Episode 17
      After being hurt by Nicki and Rob, Sasha decides on a new approach with her relationships. She plans to have meaningless one night stands, and then move on. Claiming she can't get hurt if things are quick and easy. But when Sasha begins mixing business with pleasure, that's when things get complicated.moreless
    • 416 (Sooz's POV)
      416 (Sooz's POV)
      Episode 16
      Sooz is consumed with guilt after making a terrible mistake and putting her relationship with Jamie at serious risk. Sooz feels so guilty, she does the unthinkable and breaks down. And in an emotional heart to heart with Rob, it all comes pouring out.
    • 415 (Rob's POV)
      415 (Rob's POV)
      Episode 15
      Rob's got issues and doubts with marrying Amber, so he visits a counsellor to try and sort out his problems. He reveals the events of the night before; when the group, along with Katie, Allen and Tyler all stayed the night at Nicki's house, during a storm.
    • 414 (Alex's POV)
      414 (Alex's POV)
      Episode 14
      Alex joins a gay dining club to make new friends and meet a possible love interest, but to be part of the group he has to hold a dinner party, and decides to use Nicki and Sasha's house. Allen's got a crush on Rob, Sooz and Tyler are getting closer, and Alex finds a love interest a little closer to home.moreless
    • 413 (Jamie's POV)
      413 (Jamie's POV)
      Episode 13
      For Jamie, life is about to get even more complicated and stressful. As his exam resits are only three weeks away, and none of his friends want to help him out. So Jamie takes desperate measures, and goes over the edge. Meanwhile, Sasha's in trouble when she discovers Darna's dirty little drug secret.moreless
    • 412 (Sooz's POV)
      412 (Sooz's POV)
      Episode 12
      Sooz and Tyler's friendship is getting stronger and he's giving her all sorts of ideas about how to manage her life and handle her money. However, the rents due and Tyler is hiding a little secret about his lifestyle. As Sooz deals with managing her life and finances she's about to get a few surprises.moreless
    • 411 (Nicki's POV)
      411 (Nicki's POV)
      Episode 11
      Nicki's trying to get over Rob and move on, so she gets herself two new jobs: one at a bar, and one in a bookshop. But it's at these two new jobs that she meets two new blokes; Toby and Max. However, both the guys know each other and play games with Nicki. For a change, she's not the one in control. But when Nicki gets involved with two guys, there's trouble...moreless
    • 410 (Rob's POV)
      410 (Rob's POV)
      Episode 10
      Rob finds himself stuck between his new girlfriend, Amber and his friends. And when he nearly ditches Nicki on her birthday for Amber, Nicki is furious. Rob and Amber both end up going to Nicki's birthday meal, but the couple have an unexpected annoucement that will shock everyone.
    • 409 (Sooz's POV)
      409 (Sooz's POV)
      Episode 9
      Sooz and Jamie face more relationship turbulence in this episode, when Sooz starts doubting the spark has gone between the two of them. Jamie makes a friend called Katie who he's kept quiet from Sooz. Also, Sooz meets a guy who she's attracted to at art College called Tyler.
    • 408 (Jamie's POV)
      Jamie has been lying to his parents for a while now and they still think he's at University in Inverness. But his luck is about to run out and his lies are about to catch up with him. Although for Jamie, his life is about to get a whole lot worse than he ever imagined and things goes disasterously and shocking wrong.moreless
    • 407 (Sasha's POV)
      Sasha has a sleepless night, sensing that something is up, but she just isn't sure what. As she puts together the clues that she has, Sasha realises that Rob and Nicki have been messing around with each other. She's not happy that she could be betrayed like this, and there are going to be shockwaves.moreless
    • 406 (Sooz's POV)
      406 (Sooz's POV)
      Episode 6
      Sooz things she has lost her creativity and finds herself unable to paint, which she blames on her change in character. With Sooz unable to be a talented artist like she used to, she realises she needs to find the dark place she once had. Meanwhile Sasha's got creative problems of her own when Darna sets her on a major project, and Nicki meets Sooz's friend, Fran.moreless
    • 405 (Alex's POV)
      405 (Alex's POV)
      Episode 5
      Alex does some assistant teaching at a private college, as part of his Uni course - but he doesn't realise the trouble it's going to cause him. It's there he meets cheeky student, Allen, who takes a shine. But there are student and teacher boundaries that Alex struggles to stick to when Allen kisses him.moreless
    • 404 (Nicki's POV)
      After having unprotected and unexpected sex with one of her best friends, Nicki must rush around the streets of London so she can take get the morning after pill. But she only has twenty-four minutes, and potential fathers, friends and other issues keep getting in her way. Will she make it on time?moreless
    • 403 (Sasha's POV)
      Sasha's 'glamorous' new fashion job isn't quite what she expected and she finds herself working as an assistant to a mean window dresser. But she's determined to stick with it, even when she's told she must learn to drive. Meanwhile, Nicki looks for a travel companion and holds interviews.
    • 402 (Nicki's POV)
      Nicki thinks she's got it made when she takes control of the flat finding situation and dates estate agent Christain. She's using him to find her and Sasha a flat, but thing is, he's using her too. Meanwhile Alex is happy about his new living situation.
    • 401 (Jamie's POV)
      Jamie discovers that he doesn't have the grades to get into university but he's too scared to tell everyone and fakes his leaving. Alex and Sooz move in together and throw a house-warming party, Rob faces eviction, while Nicki dates an attractive estate agent to get a flat for her and Sasha.moreless
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