As The Bell Rings (UK)

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As The Bell Rings (UK)

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This short format British comedy series follows the misadventures of JJ, Gabby, Reece, Biggs, Lucy, Emma, Danny, Bella, Rocky, Warren and Tinker who all go to Shakespeare High. The series focuses on their antics during their break times where they laugh, joke, chat, and flirt.

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AIRED ON 1/9/2008

Season 2 : Episode 2

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  • Much, much better than the American version

    I saw my first episode last week, and I was very impressed. A lot of people say it's not as good as the American version, but I completely disagree. The writing is a lot better - it's much funnier, and also doesn't try to be anything more than it is. I like that the characters sometimes speak to the camera, because it keeps the show from taking itself too seriously. The actors are all great - they know they're stereotypes, and they have fun with it. They all have great comedic timing, which keeps me watching. Tinker and Rocky are my favorites. Maybe I just prefer the dryness of British humor, but I would definitely recommend this version instead of the American one.moreless
  • As the Bell Rings! A show that takes place by a window in the school's hallway. This show is about teens who use their school break to sort out problems with life and love, friends and foe, home and homework.moreless

    I watch this show alot! It is called Trop la Classe in french which is how I watch it! I can't wait to watch the UK version of this! The actors are really good, its a funny show and fairly interesting about hopeless romantics, school and life. The show takes place in a school called "Shakespeare High School". The UK actor Gregg Sulkin plays JJ who is the hopeless romantic greatly in love with the beautiful "Bella" but is cursed with "Bad Luck". "Gabby" is known as the "The Nervous Wreck" who deperately wants to be popular but her being nervous makes her alk way too much and scream with excitement which is a good thing if other students want to know anything about anyone else. "Reece" is the "School Police" who is highly unpopular for snitching to teachers what he hears from other students. "Biggs" is known and the "Big Doofus" what he lacks for in brains, he makes up for in enthusiasm. He's a good guy who enjoys helping out his friends! "Lucy" is known as the "Young One" shes a smart girl who is one year younger than eveyrone else, which makes her be treated like a little kid. "Emma" is known as "The Matchmaker" she is always trying to fix people up but is afraid of commitment herself. She is attractive and funny but lacks self-confidence. "Danny" is "The Cool Kid" he's good at everything which makes him popular with the girls. He is best friends with JJ, he is fashionable and looks good in everything and anything. "Bella" is known as a "Primadonna fashionista with a sharp tongue" she is self obsessed. She loves the spotlight and although she refuses JJ's attention she would miss them if they stopped. Her image and fashions shoice mean the world to her and she wouldn't be caught dead in anything but the latest trends. "Rocky" is a very sporty girl who tends to intimidate most guys because of her strength. "Warren" is a very smart boy in school. He knows alot of scientific words but is clumsy and has jelly legs. "Tinker" is known as "The Joker" he is clever and everything he does is part of a joke or a prank. his friends are always on guard when around him, they don't trust him or believe what he has to say. He doesn't have a specific sense of style he wears anythign and everything.moreless
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