As the Bell Rings

Season 2 Episode 2

Chess for a Day

Aired Friday 7:55 PM Jul 12, 2008 on Disney Channel

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  • All right, Disney! Stop freakin' showing it all the time!

    So, all Danny and that other girl care about is to see who's better. This is the only short they ever show anymore! I'm so tired of that! It's good thing I hate this show. So, I try not to watch it. Oh, but wait! Your durning commercial breaks! It's like, all calm then. As the bell rings! I don't like this show. And, I'm so annoyed! Untel Disney shows other episodes. It's only this episode that gets shown 24 hours a day! Grr . . . I hate this episode, I hate this series. I hate Disney till' they know what to do.

    Final Score: F-, 1