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  • More like "As the bell STINKS!!!"

    As much as I love Tony Oller and Demi Lovato, I hate their so-called show, "As the bell Rings". It's horrible, stupid and completely overrated. Little does anyone know, this show is kinda parodying "Saved by the Bell". I rate this show a 2.0 out of 10 because it's terrible and I expressed strong dislike for the series.
  • As the bell rings, it breaks into pieces.


    Plot: I don't know the plot, because it has NO plot at all! It always consists of teens shouting and babbling in the front of the camera.

    Characters: Annoying and terrible, poor excuse for actors, and poor excuse for characters. ADD characters are present.

    Humor: Bad sense of humor, trying hard to be funny, and that laugh track is only making it worse by piercing your ears.

    Show Value: No show value at all. Repetitive.

    Overall: -2.5. I wish this show didn't aired on the TV.
  • waste of time....

    exactly what the classification says, i dont get this show(or whatever). it's pointless & not funny. the laugh track doesnt help either. this should be taken off Disney as soon as possible. not to mention, it's on almost durin every commercial break. the actors all suck(except Demi of course)! every ep it's the same thing. every time this comess on, i change the channel. the show's are abysmal. also, the theme song is dumb! please Disney, cancel this retarded 5 min. show! for the people who actually like the show,good for you cuz i cant make you stop watchin it. as for me, As the Bell Rings sucks hard!!
  • Just because you can make a 5 minute sitcom, does not mean you should

    This has got to be one of the most pointless TV shows ever made. ATBR is about 6 friends and their teen issues they discuss between classes. So not only is this yet another teen show, but it's done in 5 minutes. Do we really need to see a teen show in five minutes? The least Disney could have done was put in a cartoon short of maybe Phineas and Ferb, or another short from classic cartoons like Mickey Mouse, Donald, and so on. Not another teen show. The cast are all terrible actors. Scripts are being read, and nobody has the right expression for moments. For example, everyone smiles during a serious moment. As for the stories, they are all generic and uninspired that don't deserve any explanation. The humor is also just as bad, of not worse. The characters try to do funny antics or one liners, but it fails hard. Disney, get this show off the air ASAP. It may only be a 5 minute show, but ATBR feels like you are in 500 years of Purgatory, and you are well advised to stay away from this show.

    okay, gippy looking setting with some Episodes you can tell the Acting is sooo fake and poorly done. A crappy idea of a show where it has no meaning, at least not one i can see. even though its only for 5 Minutes, its still a show with a lame storyline and boring setting that i think really has no need to be on the air. Seriously,every episode its the same thing, Open Window, School Hallway, three guys and three girls, and them talking about not so realistic stuff, and then a problem usually arises that the men got to try to fix and see if their plan works. Thank god its only for 5 Minutes, because if this were a 30 minute long show,then there would definitely be some serious and dangerous problems with Viewers. I think Disney Channel needs to stop making shows that are SO Repetitive and get boring quickly because its about the same plot every time. Is Disney Channel losing its touch? If so then let's hope they can think of some great and better shows with finally a different mixture of Plots so you would want to watch more of it to see what happens next! What happened to Kim Possible? All of this Live-Action stuff rising and Animated shows depleting is one of my Pet Peeves.
  • Good Short Comedy!

    Wow alot of people hate this show well I dont!! Its not bad at all. I say Disney has done a good Job (that would be the first in a Year or two! Its funny I have to give Disney its props for that! Its funny like Thats So Raven and Hannah Montana! Even though I prefer Cartoons over Reality because Im reality Impared! I first saw it in August and I wished it was a full show because of how good it is and maybe some people may like it some more. Skipper us the funniest I feel though and Im ending this review here and im only saying this because I need more than 100 words in it!
  • A Shamefull school version ripoff of ''Camera Cafe''.

    Ok so there are many vesions of this show. The Original was the Italian, I Watched the Polish Version.
    So let's start the Review. This show is yet again another unfunny Dsney channel show that overly uses Laugh tracks. I watched this show a few times because usually this show is being aired all the time as Time fills on Disney Channel. This show is about a group of kids in a school besides a window talking boring stuff that nobody really cares about, As I See it this is a complete ripoff of ''Camera Cafe'' wich was good (I Dont think that it ever was translated to English). But Bottom Line: Don't watch this show (You have been warned)
  • Bad. Really, really bad.

    Is the Italian show better than this? Because this show is BAD. REALLY BAD. Really, really bad. It seems around 2007, American shows are the worst shows ever. They blatantly copy off of or "base" their show off a foreign one--this one has to be the worst one yet. As the World Turns has to be better than this, it has to. Old tapings of the Italian show has to. Why, America? Why? Why? Why? The characters are bland, the boy characters are popstar ripoffs, and Demi Lovato starred in this when she could have done something worth her time and money.
  • This show kills drama

    ATBR is the worst, most strained, character development-devoid, unfunny, non-HD excuse for As tthe World Turns that I have ever been delivered the torture of being made to watch. There is no plot, rather the show focuses on the unbelievable day-to-day antics of a group of high school friends as they get into several supposedly funny situations and try (and usually fail) to turn them around into opportunities. While the second season started me off hoping that the newest, cutest, most talented member, Lexi, would have a relationship with Danny that would make for even the slightest bit of drama, all of my hopes were soon dashed as the clueless Danny doomed the pair to be just friends with a "Hey, Buddy!" and a handshake. I'm starting to see why Demi left while she still had some dignity left to lose.
  • This show kills drama

    ATBR is the worst, most strained, character development-devoid, unfunny, non-HD excuse for As tthe World Turns that I have ever been delivered the torture of being made to watch. There is no plot, rather the show focuses on the unbelievable day-to-day antics of a group of high school friends as they get into several supposedly funny situations and try (and usually fail) to turn them around into opportunities. While the second season started me off hoping that the newest, cutest, most talented member, Lexi, would have a relationship with Danny that would make for even the slightest bit of drama, all of my hopes were soon dashed as the clueless Danny doomed the pair to be just friends with a "Hey, Buddy!" and a handshake. I'm starting to see why Demi left while she still had some dignity left to lose.
  • Based on Quelli dell'Intervallo, its a slice of the lives of six friends and their tween issues, when their not at classes. They go through a whole bunch of different little adventures in between periods in the hallway before and after the bell rings.

    This series is a cool one. Its like a mini-series that only come on for a few seconds at a time. I try to see it as much as possible. Its funny, weird and somewhat real. It a great mini-show for teenagers and some pre-teens. You should try to see when it come on Disney channel, I think its still airing on television. So for anyone who have not seen As The Bell Rings, I telling you to try to find it and watch. It will be worth it. I love this show, and you should see it while it is still on.
  • Stupid, Akward show with a bad story line to it...

    Disney Channel already has enough junk on the air, but when they put this disgrace on T.V., it just makes Disney look pathetic.

    For one, the episodes are only 2-3 minutes long at the most. They just put this show on the air to pass the commercials at times. Since it's only 2-3 minutes long, you don't get enough of the story, or the plot that is going on.

    Oh yeah, and the writing is terrible. Mainly gossip, school plays, or late assignments are the storylines which is incredibly boring and it's pretty clear that the story lines have been used in show before.

    The acting is hands down horrible. The actors smile in serious scenes, when there is a serious scene, or a important scene, the actors look down like their feet are melting.

    Ok enough said, this show sucks period.
  • Seriously -.-

    Is this what Disney has to offer us, a show that lasts for 3-5 minutes, what a waste. I just don't get why networks put up this stuff without checking it or seeing if it's good or anything else. I don't know what this show's about, teens doing crazy stuff in school... I don't know. Also I don't really see why this is on this site, seeing on how this isn't a show, it's short, if there's a commercial break don't waste it on this, get a drink or a snack or something. This isn't even a funny show, I don't get what the big deal is anyway. Well there's nothing else to say about this show, so I'll wrap it up. Final Grade: F-
  • what kind of drugs were the producers at disney on when they thought of this?

    this is the most idiotic show on earth i watched a couple episodes just to see what it was about and if it was any good and i was about 2 seconds away from throwing something at the tv. and sometimes they show it during commercials and i change the channel. disney needs to put like music videos or run a commercial the whole way through a show so they dont have 5 extra minutes at the end so they dont have to corrupt the young minds of america with this bullcrap. there is nothing to this show i would give it 000000000000000000000000000000000/10.
  • If you wanna watch something quick..

    As the Bell Rings is a great show when you are stuffed with School Work and wanna watch something quick, I would however, change the channel if my schedule was "clean". Not that it's bad, it's just.. I prefer watching shows that interest me for 30 minutes or longer. I'm not very fond of it to start with, no offense to any of the people who wrote it, blah, blah, blah. I would only watch it if nothing was on, or maybe I could go and watch some water run? Anyways, the truth of the matter is it's too short for me.
  • A 5 minute show about kids in high school and their daily adventures between classes.

    I like this show because its a very original concept. Who's ever heard of a 5 minute show? Besides that the individual episodes are entertaining and original. The acting is good as well and the humor is actually good, as in, it's not lame like a lot of other shows.

    Another reason why this show is fun is that it reminds me of life in high school between classes. I don't remember much of the class times in HS but I do remember a lot of the times between classes. Those were the times when all the fun and hanging out happened, the reason HS was bearable.

    Overall this show is worth watching. After all, how can you go wrong in only 5 minutes? Don't blink, you might miss it.
  • Because their GEINEUS!!

    This was a little 5 minuet series, based off of an Itallian show. And it was a little intresting. Why do you think I put it half-and-half? Well?

    Man: Madam, can you please get on your review?
    FrigginGodess: Why? Arnen't you scared on my half and half?
    Police: Hey! Put your hands in the air!
    FrigginGodess: Oh, my.... how are you here?
    Police: Do the review or else!
    FrigginGodess: Fine!

    The characters are only six, so no variety. It's kinda boring that way. The acting was so good, some of the actors - mainly Demi Lovato of Camp Rock - came to be big stars, so that's the balance. The storilines are like all from TV, and it makes me laugh, as they play. But the theme song? "AS THE BELL RINGS!" I don't like it. But, there are some worst ones.

    FrigginGodess: So there! Are you happy?
    Police: I am. Now, go!
    FrigginGodess: Yeah! *leaves* See ya next time!
  • I only liked the first five episodes!

    At first, I really enjoyed this show. I always wanted to see it when it was on, and I thought it was superb. But ever since Ladder, Dudes! I started to dislike the show since it's not funny anymore and it's only two minutes long. Disney Channel should've stuck to the five minute episodes with actual comedy, then I would've actually liked this show. The episode I thought was a complete waste of time was The Kiss. It's about Romeo and Juliet auditions, and Danny finds out if he were Romeo, he could kiss Charlotte who wants to get the role of Juliet. At the end, Charlotte wants to practice, but not the kissing. A complete waste of time! Hopefully season two will be better.

  • What is the point of this show. It's not funny, it doesn't make sense and it's just completely stupid!

    What is the point of this show. It's not funny, it doesn't make sense and it's just completely stupid! This show is based around these five kids: Danny, Charlotte, Tiffany, Skipper, Brooke and ToeJam. They meet in the hallway "As The Bell Rings" and talk about stuff involving them together.

    This show is 0% funny, 1% talent (Demi Lovato), 0% interesting. The only type of person that would find this show remotely funny, in my opinion, is a 5 year old that hasn't been out of the house in... forever.

    This show is rated 1.0 for being a complete waste of time, for not being funny, for not making any sense whatsoever, and for it just being completely stupid!
  • Good!!!!!!!!!

    I really like the show. Its fun, its funny, and it tells the whole story in only 5 minutes. Its very good for the teenagers because there are teenagers in the show. Its one of the best 5 minute shows I've ever seen. When ever the show comes on I get excited. But I wish it was longer because its just too short. Whenever the show ends I get really sad. It teaches teens good lessons about school and friends. Also how to deal with problems between you and your friends. I watch it a lot of people watch it so just watch you'll like. Just trust me.
  • This show is not that bad...

    This show manly focuses on the life of six teenagers, Charlotte, Danny, whom they have a crush on each other, Tiffany, Skipper, he likes her but we may not know if she likes him back, Brooke and ToeJam., who also may have a crush on each other. Charlotte is best friends with Tiffany and Brooke, but she is not that poupular. Tiffany, she is the most popular girl in school. Brooke is not so poupular but is really smart, and short hehe. Anyways, Danny is best friends with Skipper and ToeJam. Danny always gets advice from Skipper, on how to ask Charlotte out. Skipper is probably the wierdest and geekest charecter. And ToeJam is also short. He is also a skaterboy type, and shy, like Brooke. Which is why Tiffany tried to hook them up. This show may not be original but it still pretty good.
  • Could use some changes

    What they need to do is change it and make it a countinuation. For example, in one episode, Charlotte would leave Danny and he would be sulking around.And in the next episode Danny tries to get back with Charlotte and always fails.And in the next episode Danny sings a romantic song to Charlotte and they can get back together. When they do that, they can catch the viewers attention, and make them think "OMG! What's gonna happen next?!" Also, they can change some of the plots and make them less stupid. This will make people want to watch the show more.
  • **** i hate it!!!!!!!! ive never seen anything worse in my intire life!

    **** i hate it!!!!!!!! ive never seen anything worse in my intire life! all they fricken do is stand in dumb a$$ hall way! its not funny, its not clever, it just plain dumb!!!!! every episode looks the same like jay jay likes belle and makes all these dumb a$$ scenes about how to get her to like him... in every single episode!!!!! its totally dumb!all these stuipid ideas while cancelling all the good shows like ad:jl, potf, hm, slozac, kp and fop! i sugest nobody watches th show its a complete waste of time!!!!!! anybody who likes this show is a complete loser!!!
  • None of its funny, I dont get it sometimes.

    This show isnt "all that" on Disney, They dont play it as much as they used too. Every episode is getting worse and worse. I hate this show so much. Its way too short and I dont get it. The blond is stupid, and Charlotte is a cool girl.. but some of the actors actors are really stupid. They 4 min and 45 second episodes get boring by the minute.. but if I had to choose this between a 5 min short film about the Great Wall of China, I pick the GWOC. It would be a lot more interesting then 'As the Bell Rings'
  • Hate it.

    Absolutely HATE this show. It is so boring. Even though its on for only five minutes, it feels like ten years. Whenever this comes on between shows, i change it. Always. I mean, they dont even go anywhere in this show. They just stay in the one hallway and its just so stupid. I would deffenitly never recommend watching this show to everyone. I just wish they would quit making it and putting it on tv. Nobody i know watches this and they all think its stupid. I know this may seem a little mean, but its true. I just hate this show.
  • Not funny at all.

    At first when I heard the new shorts show: "As the Bell Rings" was to come out, I thought it would be a complete waste of time. Once I saw the first episode I knew I was right. None of the so called "jokes" are even remotely funny. And to make it worse, Disney has filled this show with a laugh track like most of it's TV shows. I do not see why Disney gives this show all of this praise. It is not the best show, and definitely the worst on Disney. I suggest you steer away from this show and move on to something well worth your time.
  • kinda boring... some good episodes... very short...

    ok i guess !!!!! !!! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i need 2 fill word count! ! ! 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 yay 38 w0rds now keep on going ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! 1 ! 54 words now ! ! ! 1! 1! 111 111 111 11 111 111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 yay 100
  • Six kids all like each other.

    Horrible acting but it has progressed through the show. I guess the writing isn't bad, but it's not good either, kind of original, kind of unoriginal. In the Talent Show episode, well let's just say that is my opinion of a good episode for THAT show. Well now let's talk about the Toe Jam-Brooke relationship, I really don't get how that would work, Brooke is smart and Toe Jam is a skater, but the show keeps dropping hints that they like each other, but not enough to show us anything is happening or is going to happen.

    Well I hate the character danny, he talks like a girl and is a wimp, and the show gets... disturbing when Danny goes, Grrr to Charolette.

    I see a Danny-Charolette relationship already, we will be getting a small kiss sometime soon, trust me, Disney always does put a little romance in all of their shows.

    And lastly, for the review, I give the show a... 5.8
  • I thought i would hate it but it isn't as bad as i thought.

    This show is about 3 boys and 3 girls and what they do during there breaks. One of the girls is supposed to be the prettiest one and stuck up. The one girl with the gap is supposed to be the nice one of the group who likes the leader of the boy group and he likes her. The boy who is kinda slow likes the prettiest girl but she won't give him the time or day. Then the girl who's supposed to be the nerd is stuck with the last boy left. They don't really like each other their friends.
  • 'As the bell Rings' is about what 3 boys and 3 girls do between classes.

    5 minutes of bad acting and unfunny jokes. I've seen better shows on playhouse disney. I don't even understand the point of the show. If they had more to it, it might not be as bad. Its a five minute show, shouldn't have expected much. The episodes are really dumb. The characters are unoriginal. There was one episode where the boys want to go into the bathroom together and come out laughing like the girls do. When I seen this, I was like 'what the heck?'. The only reason I watch it, is when I'm waiting for a show to come on. Its not worth it, the advertisments are better than this.
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