As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 44

Ep. #12019

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 02, 2003 on CBS

Episode Recap

Katie and Mike talk and Katie tells Mike that sometimes she wishes that Simon could return so that she could just yell at him. Meanwhile, the body that was discovered in the woods turned up to be the dangerous thug, Bartleby Shears (the man that Simon killed in self-defense). Margo and Jack are reluctant to tell Katie the truth about it because Katie is moving on with her life. Jack tries to persuade Margo into not telling Katie. Katie arrives to the police station and is happy that Carly is not dead like it was thought when the body was first discovered. When Katie asks who's body was found, Margo lies and says that it couldn't be identified. Molly goes to see Jack to see if he knows anything about Carly's whereabouts. Jack doesn't, but holds out hope that Carly is fine. Meanwhile, there is sobbing in a cabin.

Rose confronts Spangler at the Lakeview and tells him that it makes her really angry when people from Chicago try to use her to get money from Lucinda Walsh. Spangler scoffs and Dusty arrives. Dusty dares Spangler to hurt him as Rose grows worried. However, Spangler leaves and Rose tells Dusty that she never wants to have anything to do with him again.

Ben and Jessica talk in her apartment and Ben wants Jessica to stop using her work as an excuse. Ben says that Jessica won't let him get close and Jessica says that she just needs time to recover from the whole Marshall debacle. Ben agrees to give Jessica more time.

In a cabin, it's windy when a person lights a candle and sets it down. The person at the cabin is none other than Carly! The candle then goes out.

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