As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 73

Ep. #12048

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 11, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12048
At Java, Bonnie apologizes to her mother for trying to force her to get involved in Sarah's foster care, and Jessica admits she could have advised her daughter in a less aggressive way. Bonnie says she hasn't completely made up her mind if she'll apply to become Sarah's foster parent. Isaac overhears Bonnie and rolls his eyes in disgust. Jessica tries to tell her daughter about her marriage plans, but Bonnie is called away. Isaac steps in and says, "If you're having second thoughts [about the marriage], you should probably talk to me first." She admits that she is not sure where her heart lies in regards to her feelings with Ben. Isaac says, "Then you've got to tell him!" He guesses her hesitation has a lot to do with her recent rape then takes hold of her left hand and tells her that her engagement ring represents a promise to go through the ups and the downs together. "But you've got to fight for it if that's what you want." Around the corner, Bonnie meets with Walker at the bar. She wants to hire him to manage Sarah's healthcare. Walker expresses his reservations and advises Bonnie to work within the foster system. Bonnie fixes her eyes on the doctor and says, "She needs treatment, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes for her to get it. That includes adopting her." Walker promises to "try" to help. Dr. Daniels is paged and has to leave. Bonnie gets up and walks over to her mother and asks to hire her pro bono. Isaac overhears the request, and asks if she's in some sort of trouble. She explains her intention to help Sarah, and Isaac implodes. He wants to table the discussion for a private moment later and walks away from the group. Jessica advises her to go after him. She catches up with Isaac, and apologizes for not including him in her decision making process. Isaac asks, "Are you telling me that the two of you are a package deal?" Bonnie asks if he's ready for that, but Isaac isn't certain. At the Lakeview Lounge, Rose plays the jealous girlfriend and gives Dusty the third degree asking him why he was leaning on Molly's shoulder for comfort. Dusty plainly tells Rose, he was confiding in Molly about his most recent heartbreak. Rose fishes for compliments, and Dusty obliges. When he brushes her cheek, Rose flashes back to earlier in the week when Paul brushed her hair away from her face before she lost consciousness at the cabin. She drops her vamp routine, and pulls away from Dusty. "I think Lily was right. You and me should stay away from each other." Dusty eggs her on by taunting her independence. He asks her if she's going to let Lily call the shots, or will Rose stand up and live her own life. Rose caves under his pressure, then Dusty invites her to his room to show her how much he cares. Rose agrees, with one condition, "I want to be with you, but nobody can know it." He explodes, "Since when do you care what people think!" Rose admits that she saw Paul. Dusty thinks she only saw a look-a-like Stenbeck might have hired to mess with her mind. He tells her she needs to forgive herself. Rose agrees, but "in the meantime, jumping into bed with you is not going to solve anything." Dusty grabs Rose and plants a hot and heavy kiss on her lips. He stares her in the eye and lustily says, "If you and I are gonna be together, it's gonna be now, and I want the world to know." He excuses himself, leaving Rose in the lounge. At the police station, Hal is very happy to see his daughter Jennifer again. Barbara must be on medication if she thinks a little hope can erase all the pain she inflicted on her family. She hugs both Jen and Will and says, "Now that we're all together again, I think we can make it through." She then turns to Hal and says, "Isn't that wonderful?" Jen then announces that she'll be staying with her mother while she gets back on her feet again. Hal offers Jen her old room at his place, and Barbara's fangs descend, "Hal...are you trying to steal her away from me?" He says he's only trying to give her options. Jen steps in and says she wants to take a step forward, so she'll stay at the Lakeview for the time being. She vows to spend equal time with both parents. Hal backs off and doesn't pressure his daughter then asks to talk with Babs alone for a minute. In the interrogation room, he encourages his ex-wife to be gentle with Jen, "or you're going to chase her straight back to Europe." She interrupts him, "Why do you always assume I'm going to do the wrong thing?" They both back down and agree to love their daughter. Barbara then grabs the kids and they head out for dinner. An officer tells Hal the surveillance team lost Dr. Gordon. He rushes off to the hospital. Susan, Katie, and Emily gather in the hospital with some presents while they wait for Alison. Emily is anxious to get going and wonders where Chris could be hiding. Katie thinks he's probably saying goodnight to his father. Susan reminds them they also need to wait for Rick to be discharged. Emily suggests he can just catch up with them later because there's no telling how long it would take for him to be discharged. Katie excuses herself to check on Alison. Emily turns to looks for Chris, but before she goes, she tells her mother, "I know how important Rick is to you, but don't expect me and Alison to feel the same way you do about him." Alison opens Rick's recovery room door and finds someone dressed in all black sitting in a wheel chair. She screams, closes the door, and grabs a cart to barricade the entrance. Then she calls Chris on her cell phone as the apparent attacker fidgets with the door handle. She yells into the phone, "Chris! It's Alison in ICU. Gordo is trying to kill me!" She looks at her phone, and realizes no reception is available. She screams at the attacker through the door, "I'm not afraid of you Gordo!" A short while later, Katie knocks on the door startling Alison. Alison moves the cart away and opens the door. Alison pulls Katie into the room and tells her what happened. Chris comes into the room ready to party, but both ladies scream in fear instead. A little later, Hal arrives at the hospital and gathers statements and evidence. One by one, they all leave. Chris checks on his father, Susan checks on her patients, and Emily, Hal and Alison head off to grab a soda. Katie walks out of Dr. Decker's room into an empty hall. The lights go out, then she hears squeaking and sees the wheelchair in the shadows. She screams at the top of her lungs. Later, the lights come back on and Katie is no where to be found. Susan notices she hasn't seen Rick. Elsewhere in the hospital, the lights are still out, and Katie is running around trying to find help. There is no answer on the available phone. Just then she hears more squeaking. She warns whoever is there she has just called for help and they should be there any minute. She runs in one direction, but finds the person sitting in the wheelchair. She runs in another direction and sees the same thing behind a hanging construction tarp. She screams when she backs up into another hanging tarp as she is grabbed from behind. Mike is holding her. After she recognizes who it is, she tells him where she saw the person in the wheelchair. He goes to check it out, but finds nothing. She falls safely into his arms and begins to calm down. A little later in the Lakeview Lounge, Rose wonders if she should call Dusty or not when her thoughts are interrupted by the bartender. He gives her a ring box and says someone left it for her at the bar. Rose immediately thinks it's from Dusty. "Oh you are quick!" She opens the box, picks up a gold ring, and reads an inscription, "To death. Love, Paul." Hal and Walker continue their investigation at Dr. Decker's hospital room. When they arrive, Hal notices that the door is ajar. Since it was closed before, he pulls his gun and proceeds with caution. He bursts into the room and finds someone slumped in a wheelchair dressed in a hooded black sweatshirt. Barbara and Jen return to the suite at the Lakeview. Jen observes that her mom is a little nervous. Babs retrieves a garment created especially for her daughter and asks her to try it on. As Jen is in the other room, there is a knock at the door. Barbara is happy that the room service has finally arrived. She sashays across the room, opens the door and then her eyes bulge out of her head and her jaw drops as Paul is standing in the doorway. He deadpans, "Hi mom.... Remember me?"moreless

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