As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 74

Ep. #12049

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 14, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12049
At Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Katie and Mike find Hal and report that they confronted the wheelchair killer in the burn unit. Hal takes off, and Alison worries about Chris' whereabouts while Susan wonders why Rick has not returned from checking out. Hal finds that the hooded figure in the wheelchair is the body of intern Gordon, with a hypodermic syringe clutched in his hand. Dr. Daniels, Rick, and Chris all appear, and Hal boldly states, "It looks like the serial killer has taken one last life - his own!" Everyone rejoices, thinking the killer has been found, but Hal still questions all the people there about their whereabouts that evening. Rick admits that he did not actually check out, but says that he was stuck in an elevator during the power outage. Hal accepts everyone's explanations and informs them all that there will be no more questions that night. Everyone prepares to go home, abandoning all plans to celebrate Alison's birthday. Emily begins to apologize to Rick for suspecting him, and Rick confides to her that he has proposed to Susan. Chris hugs Alison after sharing his sadness about the death of Gordo, his former friend. Alison tells Chris that she is finally "ready," but he responds, "Ready for what?" Just then a nurse rushes up, demanding that Chris follow her to Bob's room, right away. After checking Rick out of the hospital, Susan tells Rick that she will marry him. They kiss passionately, right there in the hall of the hospital. Hal, Dr. Daniels, and Alison arrive, then Chris runs up to all of them to announce that Bob has regained consciousness. Chris and Alison rush off to call the rest of the family, and Susan rushes to see Bob, declaring that this makes her happiness perfect. Alone, Rick's smile leaves his face and he mutters, "Perfect, just perfect." In the hotel bar, Rose shows Dusty the ring the bartender gave her, which is engraved with the words, "'til death," the wedding ring Rose had bought for Paul. She reasons that, since she had never picked the ring up from the jeweler, that Paul must have picked it up himself and asked the bartender to deliver it to her. Dusty tries to convince Rose that someone must be playing a trick on her, but Rose insists that she must go to the mausoleum to make peace with Paul before she can go further with Dusty. Rose promises to come back to Dusty's room, and Dusty gives her a card key to his room. Rose arrives at the mausoleum to talk to Paul with her head covered by a black shawl, looking momentarily like the wheelchair killer. She finds the plaque lying on the ground where Paul dropped it. Holding the plaque, Rose pours her heart out to Paul, saying goodbye to him. She repeats the words "'til death," promising that she will not forget him. She props the plaque on a shelf and places the wedding ring beside it. She turns to leave, crying, "I did love you. I did." Before she leaves, however, she calls Dusty on her mobile phone telling him that she is on her way to his hotel room. Back at the hotel, Barbara gazes openmouthed at Paul, who pushes her grasping hands away, announcing, "Paul Ryan is alive, but your lapdog son is as dead as a doornail." Barbara tries to blame James for Paul's attitude, but Paul tells Barbara about his visit to James, explaining that he will have nothing to do with James either. As Barbara begs for forgiveness, Jennifer sweeps in modeling the dress Barbara designed for her. Jennifer joyfully embraces Paul, and Barbara looks fleetingly happy at her two children, but Paul immediately demands that Barbara tell Jennifer what Barbara has done to him. When Barbara stands mute, Paul tells Jennifer that Barbara paid his best friend to sleep with the woman he wanted to marry. He insists that he wants to take Jennifer as far away from Barbara as he can. When Barbara begs Paul to "work through this," he replies, "With a chain saw, maybe!" Paul is taken aback when Jennifer berates him for hurting everyone in the family by pretending to be dead. Barbara chimes in, shrilly telling Paul that he sounds like his father. Paul and Barbara shout at each other, leaving Jen torn and bewildered. Paul leaves, and Jen and Barbara embrace, but Jen draws back, asking how Barbara could have hurt Paul like she did. At the hotel bar, Katie and Mike, relieved to have escaped from the hospital, sip tropical drinks. Mike tells Katie, "The next guy who catches your eye will be a lucky man." They share a warm hug, each of them obviously feeling more than friendship, but both afraid to spoil their relationship by revealing their true feelings. Rose is on the elevator on her way to Dusty's room when the elevator stops and the door opens. Paul comes into the elevator and they stand face to face.moreless

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