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As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 76

Ep. #12051

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 16, 2003 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #12051
Barbara ordered checks for Jennifer and put money into her account but Jen says she can't accept it because she doesn't want to take sides. Barbara tells her that even though she interfered with Paul, Rose is the one that broke his heart. Paul goes to see Will who is completely surprised to see him. He can't believe his brother is alive and says to him, "You know, you look different." Paul's reply is, "Yes, that's what I hear." Hal comes out and is shocked to see Paul who tells Hal that he wants Jen and Will to stay with him. Hal says he can't take Will away from Barbara because they have a good relationship. He tells Paul that he understands the situation but it is just not possible. Paul is determined to take Will even though Hal tries to convince him not to. Barbara arrives with Jen just as Paul is about to take Will. Barbara says tonight is her night with Jen and Will and Paul can see them tomorrow. Susan asks Emily and Alison to meet her for breakfast and to tell them that she is getting married. They aren't pleased and they don't want their mother to get hurt. Susan gets upset and leaves. Then, Emily and Alison talk and decide to surprise their mother at the hospital and congratulate her on her engagement. At the campsite everyone wakes up after only a little sleep. Craig and Rosanna are getting ready to leave. Aaron sees Craig and tells him to watch the poison ivy. When Aaron leaves to go swimming, Craig rubs his towel into the poison ivy. Then he tries to get Aaron to use the towel. Aaron talks about fishing and Craig recalls how he use to go fishing with Bryant. Aaron says that Lucy talks about Bryant all the time and Aaron wishes he could have hung out with him. Craig "becomes soft" and tells Aaron not to use the towel. Lucy comes over to Craig and says she wants to talk to him. Craig asks why and Lucy says she wants to tell him that she loves him. Rosanna folds all the towels and packs up their belonging. Craig tells Lucy he's chilly and grabs a towel to put around him. As Rosanna and Craig leave, Craig scratches his neck. The good news is that Bob is coming out of the coma. Rick goes over to Bob's room and Kim apologizes to him for the way she handled things. Rick tells Kim to get a cup of tea so that he can be alone in Bob's room and inject him. He says, "Sorry old man. If you wake up, I've got a problem." Just then Ben walks in right before Rick can inject Bob. Rick says he came into the room because he thought he saw Bob move. Rick tells Susan he wants to be back on Bob's case. Susan goes to Kim and tells her to let Rick be Bob's doctor again. Kim asks to see Rick and then asks him to work alongside Ben. Kim goes to tell Ben while Rick again tries to inject Bob but this time a nurse walks in. As he leaves the room, he says to himself, "No need to rush now that Kim has given me access. I have all the time in the world." Bob starts to wake up and the first face he sees is Rick's. Rick says to him, "I'm going to take good care of you."moreless
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