As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 78

Ep. #12053

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 18, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12053
Bonnie pressures Sarah at the shelter to try and remember where she learned the song she was singing. Sarah doesn't care if she recovers from her mystery illness or not. Bonnie doesn't understand her ambivalence. Sarah reasons once she has recovered, Bonnie will leave, and she will be left alone to fend for herself within the system again. Bonnie is taken aback, then steps forward and hugs Sarah. "I'm not going to leave you alone." Bonnie tells Sarah she missed having a stable family growing up. After this bonding moment, Sarah trusts Bonnie enough to tell her she knows she is actually from Brazil. Alison surprises Chris with a kiss on the neck, but Chris tells her he needs some time alone, "just for today." Alison pouts and walks away. Later, Alison gets in Chris' face again, and he can't help but be brutally honest with her. He's worried sick about his father, and his job has been stressful. He cracks under the pressure and says, "You can't see anything beyond your own little world, and to be honest with you, I wanna get as far away from you as I possibly can." Alison absorbs his tirade, then fires back with one of her own, "Honesty is important, and I wanna be just as honest with you. You're a skunk! You want some down time? Well, you can have it." Alison turns and walks away, stopping to hang her head in dejection after she rounds a corner and is out of his sight. Dr. Daniels walks in on Dr. Decker. Bob is awake, but isn't able to speak. He looks panicked and scared. Walker leans in and asks Bob what is wrong while Dr. Decker hides his syringe. Dr. Decker tries to get Walker away from Bob, when Walker notices that Bob's nurse-call buzzer is hanging from the side of his bed out of reach. Walker replaces it so Bob can easily access the device. Ben arrives and asks Dr. Daniels to leave the room so Bob can rest. Bob is so agitated that his heart monitor races. Ben prescribes a higher dose of blood pressure medicine. Everyone leaves the room, then Bob mutters, "Mur...Mur-dur." Outside the room, Rick and Walker continue to bicker when Dr. Dixon arrives to settle Bob's care. John demands that Walker finish his official report on the murders immediately. John leaves, and Walker takes the opportunity to warn Dr. Decker he is still a suspect. Later, Ben and Dr. Decker agree to restrict access to Bob to only immediate family and attending physicians. Rick reenters Bob's room and exclaims, "Finally! Alone at last Bob! I'm going to make sure you don't have another care in the world." He pulls out a syringe and starts for Bob's IV unit. Paul and Rose finish up their mutual kiss. Rose shyly asks, "What was that?" Paul plays the timid ex-lover, and says, "I don't know. It occurred to me we never got a chance to kiss good-bye." Rose licks her lips and says, "Is that supposed to be funny?" She then tells him, again, that she tried to find him. It comes out that it probably didn't work between them because Paul was too good of a person. Paul wants to vomit. He calmly tells her, "You chose the guy who was running a scam on you. Like, I was going to stick around to see how that played out..." Rose didn't want the relationship to end that way. Paul inches closer to her on the couch, looks her in the eye, and says, "It didn't end...I'm here. You're here. And that kiss proves that whatever was between us is far from over." Rose lays it out, and says if you play dead, it's over. She also calls his kiss pushy. She doesn't scold him, but she does warn Paul, "From now on, you should keep your lips to yourself." Paul says it won't be easy because kisses like those reveal secrets, "and you've got a lot to hide." He tells Rose there will always be something between them. Dusty walks up, bends down, and whispers in Paul's ear, "Not if I have something to say about it." Rose stands up and decides to leave. Dusty tries to control his new girlfriend and demands that she tell Paul to stay away from her. Rose pauses, then bumbles about how they were only talking, denying Dusty what he wished for. Paul tries to assuage Dusty's fear that he is back to reclaim Rose's heart, but Dusty doesn't buy his act. Rose leaves the room in disgust. Paul submits to one last warning from Dusty before the new boyfriend turns to catch up to Rose. Rose and Dusty have a minor fight in the hallway before heading off upstairs. Paul walks into the hall and watches them walk away, "Enjoy it while it lasts, Dusty." Rose and Dusty return to his room and he again tells her to stay away from Paul. Rose squirms out of committing to any promise. Dusty sinks further into insecurity and tells her if she loves Paul, she should "walk out that door right now and don't come back." To demonstrate how much Dusty loves her, he says that he would do everything he did just to fall in love with her all over again. Then he asks Rose, "Don't you feel the same way?" She says that deep down inside she was confused. He pushes more of her buttons, and she grabs his neck and pulls him into a passionate kiss. Dusty forces Rose to tell him that she wants to be with him. She says, "Yes. I need you. I want you." They begin to rip at each other's clothes and then fall into bed. Marshall interrupts Tom and Margo in a kiss at the police station with an urgent matter he has been trying to clear up all morning. Tom brushes Marshall's concern aside, then meets with Jessica about rejoining the DA's office. Jessica asks, "When do I start?" Tom says, "Five minutes ago. Welcome aboard." Marshall congratulates Jessica. She sets the record straight with her rapist and tells him they will only spend time in court together. Paul calls his sister and tells her to meet him in the lounge as soon as possible. Chris gives Walker Gordo's autopsy report. He finds that Potassium Chloride was found in Gordo's system, but Walker isn't sure it is enough to prove he was the killer.moreless

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