As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 79

Ep. #12054

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 21, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12054
Jennifer Munson meets her brother Paul at the Lakeview. He has a big favor to ask of her. Up in Dusty's suite, Dusty and Rose get passionate. They are interrupted by a knock on the door, and it is Jennifer asking Rose to come down to the lobby immediately to talk to Paul. It is urgent, says Jen, but Dusty is suspicious and wants to go with her. No, says Rose, she will handle it herself. At the police station, Marshall and Jessica have a conversation. Marshall grabs her hand and she recoils and lashes out at him verbally. Marshall apologizes for his overstepping the bounds of their relationship. Jess tells him she will not let him off the hook and forgive him just so that he can feel more comfortable. Jess says she hates everything about him, and she always will. At the Community Center, Sara tells Bonnie that she is originally from Brazil. Bonnie is delighted to know this because now Dr. Daniels can begin researching Sara's medical problems. Sara, however, does not want Bonnie to share the information. Finally she agrees, and Bonnie calls Dr. Daniels and asks him to meet them at the Center. At Memorial, Chris Hughes tells Dr. Daniels that he is worried about his dad. Dr. Daniels, who has to leave to meet Bonnie and Sara, tells Chris to keep an eye on Bob. Kim mentions that before he slipped into the coma, Bob was trying very hard to tell them something. In Bob's room, Bob realizes that Dr. Decker is about to give him an injection and squeezes out the word, "Murderer!" Rose meets Paul in the Lakeview Lounge and he begins to apologize for his behavior in the elevator and for kissing her. He tells her he knows she has moved on with Dusty but that he still loves her. Rose has no response. Paul continues to play on her emotions . Rose is confused and walks out. Chris continues to discuss his father with Ben. What does Ben really think of Dr. Decker, he wants to know? In Bob's room, Rick Decker explains how he initially injected Bob with insulin that made it appear as if Bob had a stroke. He is preparing to do it again. He also tells Bob that he has killed Dr. Gordon and made it look like suicide. If his plan goes well, soon he will be married to Susan Stewart and also take John Dixon's place as Chief of Staff of Memorial. Rick is so involved in preparing the fatal injection that he does not notice that Bob is pressing his nurse's call button. Dr. Daniels arrives at the Community Center and Sara reluctantly allows Bonnie to tell him about the Brazil connection. Sara also says that her father was an American. Bonnie urges her to try and remember everything she can that she knows about her parents. Sara produces a medal with engraving on it, something in either Greek or Latin, and the name of a university. Dr. Daniels says it is the kind of medal given by college service fraternities. The writing is difficult to read, but Bonnie is hoping if they can figure out the name of the university, it will give them a good clue as to where Sara's parents went to school. Bob's call button summons a nurse who is horrified to find Bob in the midst of a seizure. Dr. Decker tries to stop her from summoning help, but she ignores him and calls a code. Ben and Chris rush in, and see that Bob is trying again to say something. Kim arrives and despite the efforts of the crash team, Bob slips back into a coma. Dusty runs into Jennifer in the Lakeview Lounge and she criticizes him for taking Barbara's money and selling out Paul, his best friend. Dusty tells her to tell Barbara to stay out of his life. Jessica informs Marshall that they can only interact with one another in a business sense. Marshall, however, will not leave it alone and brings up their "friendship" when Jess helped him through the death of his daughter, Zara. Bonnie has been doing her detective work and arrives to speak with her mother. She tells her that they have discovered that Sara was born in Brazil to parents who met at Boston University. She reluctantly reminds Jessica that Marshall Travers met Maya at that school and that Maya ran away to Brazil to have their baby, Zara. Sara and Zara sound too much alike for all this to be a coincidence. Jessica is stunned, but reminds Bonnie that Marshall's daughter is dead and buried near Luther's Corners. Bonnie tells her to remember what the source of all that information was: James Stenbeck. Can anyone ever believe him? Could Sara be Marshall's daughter? Jen reports back to Paul that she interrupted Dusty and Rose, as per Paul's instructions. Rose is back in Dusty's suite but tells him that she cannot do this any more. At the hospital, Kim is devastated that Bob has had a relapse. Rick sits with her while she talks about Bob and her concerns. There is no reason, Kim tells Rick, for him to feel guilty. After all, he is Bob's friend and doctor. Ben orders new tests on Bob and leaves Chris alone in the room with his father. Chris talks to Bob and tells him how much he has always looked up to him and asks him to come back. Suddenly, Bob opens his eyes and hoarsely whispers, "Rick!"moreless

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