As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 82

Ep. #12057

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 24, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12057
Craig is roaming the house, whining about his poison ivy rash and keeping Rosanna from her work. She tries to get Craig involved, but he can only think about his little girl and how he is losing her. Lucy and Aaron walk in from their camping trip. Tension in the room is heavy. Rosanna tells the kids to go to the kitchen and get something to eat. After they are gone, Craig tells Rosanna that his little girl is different and he knows that she and Aaron did the deed. He says that he has lost his little girl. Rosanna tells him to stop and he is being ridiculous. Rosanna tells Craig to sit down with his daughter and talk to her about her future. Lucy comes back into the room and sets her food down. Rosanna pushes Craig toward his daughter. Craig tells Lucy that he has been thinking about her college. Lucy looks up at her father and says that she knows she has some bookwork to do, but she will be a senior and a lot of the kids her age have already been to visit some colleges. Lucy tells her father that she needs to hear his advice about the college that she will be attending. Craig, dumbfounded, turns and looks at Rosanna. As they are talking about different colleges, Aaron comes back into the room and plops down between Craig and Lucy. Aaron says, "See, I told you." Craig asks if he has some trouble with reading. Aaron tells him that he hasn't had any trouble since first grade. Lucy looks at him and smiles. Lucy tells her father that there is a lot of information to digest. She tells her father and Rosanna that she loves them very much. She stands up to give her dad a hug and then remembers that he has poison ivy. She tells him that as soon as he is better, she will give him the biggest hug ever. Craig smiles lovingly at his daughter. The journalist finds Dr. Decker and insists on a meeting at The Lakeview Lounge. Ric tries to get out of it because he is getting married, but the journalist won't take no for an answer. Ric hangs up the phone and starts to leave. Chris stops him and tells Ric that he will, after all, stand up for him at his wedding. Ric is distracted, but tells Chris that will be fine and he rushes out of the hospital. Alison and Chris wonder why Ric was so distracted. Katie is so happy with Mike. She tells him that he is the best friend that she has ever had. She can't believe that he is going to help her find Simon. She tells Mike that Henry told her he has something for her from Simon. She wonders what could have happened to Henry. Henry is at the police station. He tells Margo and Jack about the letter for Katie from Simon. Margo wonders if she should let Katie see the letter. Henry tells Margo that Katie is miserable and if she sees the letter, she can move on with her life and maybe settle down with Mike Kasnoff. Margo decides to let Katie see the letter. She tells Henry that Katie has to come there and see the letter. Henry wants to take the letter to Katie, but Margo isn't going to let that happen. She calls Katie and tells her that she has Henry there and they have something that belongs to her. Katie tells her sister that she will be right there. When she hangs up, she asks Mike to go with her. Mike says that he will if she wants him to and she says that she does. They leave to go to the police station. At the police station, Margo decides to open the letter and review it before Katie gets there. Henry reminds her that it belongs to Katie and she shouldn't open it. Margo opens the letter and reads it. She looks up at Jack and says that she is going to lock it up as evidence. Henry tells Margo that she can't do that. He reminds her that Katie is expecting something from him and she will tear into him like a hound from hell. Katie walks in and Henry yells out, "Hello Katie!" Katie asks Henry why he didn't come back to the cottage. Jack tells Katie that was his fault. Katie asks if Henry J-walked. Mike asks Henry what does he have for Katie. Henry tries to play dumb and says, "Did I say I have something for Katie?" Katie tells him to give her what he has or she will rip his head off. Henry says, "Don't hit me!" Finally, Henry gives in and tells Katie that Margo is holding a letter that Simon had written to her. Margo lets out a big sigh and hands the letter over to Katie. Katie starts to read the letter and breaks down in tears. Mike comes over and asks if she is all right. Katie hands the letter to Mike and asks him to read it out loud. Mike, reluctantly, takes the letter and starts to read the words out loud. "My dearest Katie, as you read this letter I will be far away, but my heart is with you now and forever. Not even the sun burns brighter than my love for you. I am sorry for the awful things that I have said and I am sorry for trying to deceive you, but it was the only way to save your life. Don't try to find me. You will want to, I know how you are. But, please, you must not my love. There are no answers or reasons why this has happened to us. There will never be a happy ending in our cottage because I am a marked man. By the time you read this, I will be dead. But not even death can destroy our love. Please forgive me. All my love, Simon." Katie breaks down and Mike takes her into his arms. Margo fights back her tears. Jack and Margo explain to Katie about Bartleby Shears being dead and they think Simon did it, in self-defense, of course. Katie says that she has to find Simon now. Margo tells her sister that if Simon is still alive, he has Bartleby's men after him. Katie says that she has to find her husband and spend the rest of her life proving how much she loves him. Katie is ready to take off and find Simon. Mike and Margo try to bring her back to earth and think about this for a minute. Katie says that she has nothing to think about, she just has to find her husband. Jack comes in and says that he just heard from Interpol. He announces that Interpol thinks that they have picked up on Simon's trail. Katie gets a big smile on her face and she says, "YES!" Ric meets the journalist at The Lakeview Lounge. The journalist informs him that he has been doing some investigating on Dr. Decker. He tells Ric about hearing that his nickname was "The Mummy." Ric tells him that he doesn't know what he is talking about. The journalist reminds him about the flat line game that he used to play. Ric looks at the journalist through squinted eyes. The journalists says that his friends told him that Dr. Decker would inject himself with Potassium Chloride to see if he could get a glimpse of the hereafter. He goes on to say that his friends would keep the paddles handy incase he didn't make it back. Ric asks the journalist what exactly is his point. The journalist shows Ric a CD and tells him that there are a bunch of interviews on the it that he thinks that Lt. Munson would love to get his hands on. Ric informs the journalist that he was attacked in the hospital, too. The journalist says that he was just playing flat line again. He goes on to say that this information puts in on top of the suspect list and they will get him for murder one. He says, "This is game, set and match, Dr. Decker. Or should I say, Dr. Death?" Ric asks the journalist what it is that is wants. The journalist tells Ric that he wants fifty thousand dollars. And, he only has forty-five minutes to get the money. Ric says that he is getting married today. The journalist echoes, "Forty-five minutes at the old mill outside of town." Ric sighs and leaves to get the money. At Susan's house, Susan is anxiously waiting for Dr. Decker to appear. Hal has a little talk with Susan and asks if she is happy. She tells Hal that Ric makes her very happy. Alison comes in and tells her mother that she should get dressed. Susan goes upstairs to get dressed and Hal goes to call Emily. While they are gone, Alison puts on some music and Chris appears and asks Alison for a dance. As they are dancing, Alison talks Chris into taking her to the Snyder pond to skinny dip after the festivities are over. Chris thinks the idea is good and he leans in to kiss Alison. As they are kissing, Hal comes in and interrupts them. Hal gives Chris his buttoner and then sends Alison into the kitchen to take care of the flowers out there. Alison takes Chris with her. After they are gone, Ric comes in and asks Hal to do him a favor and stall Susan for a little bit. He says that he has to take care of something and he doesn't want Susan to know about it. Hal questions Ric and Ric says that it is something for the wedding. He says that if he leaves now it won't take long. Susan walks in and says, "What won't take long?" Ric tells Susan that she looks beautiful. Susan sees a key in Ric's hand and asks what is that. Ric tells her that he has been saving something for this day and he has to take care of it. He says that it won't take long. He kisses Susan and starts to leave. Susan stops him and puts his buttoner on his jacket. She tells him that this is to remind him why he has to rush back. Ric kisses her again and then leaves. Ric arrives at the old mill, but the journalist is nowhere in sight. Ric says, "One more loose end and it will be over." The journalist shows up and apologizes for making him wait. He asks Ric if he has the cash. Ric tells him that he has it and he holds out a briefcase. The journalist asks if he is ready to hand it over. Ric says, "I'm definitely ready."moreless

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