As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 84

Ep. #12059

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 28, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12059
At the Country Club, Bonnie intervenes when Marshall Travers grabs Sarah, after Sarah spilled cold water on him. Marshall accuses Bonnie of using Sarah to harass him, causing Sarah to resign her job. Both Sarah and Bonnie leave the Country Club. At Oakdale Memorial, Jessica invites Ben to her place for dinner and to spend the night. When Jessica haltingly explains that she might not be ready for sex, Ben reassures her that he will look forward to being close to her all night regardless. Ben leaves to see a patient and Jessica's mobile phone rings. Marshall is on the other line, insisting that Jessica come to the Country Club immediately to discuss Bonnie and Sarah. While Jessica is on her way to the Country Club, Bonnie goes to Memorial, where Dr. Walker Daniels tells her that Sarah's condition is Bartonellosis, caused by the bite of South American sand fleas, but that an expensive treatment can cure her condition in a couple of weeks. After Dr. Daniels assures Bonnie that their talk is confidential, Bonnie confides in him that she is afraid that Sarah's father is a very bad person, from whom she must shield Sarah. Dr. Daniels offers to run a secret DNA test so that Bonnie can find out the truth, but he explains that Bonnie must obtain a viable DNA sample. Jessica resentfully arrives at the Country Club where Marshall insists that Jessica must get Bonnie to leave him alone or he will get even with Bonnie. Marshall leaves the Country Club, and Jessica leaves a message for Bonnie on her cell phone telling her that if she wants to protect Sarah, she should stay away from Marshall Travers. The next scene shows Marshall entering his room, where Bonnie is waiting for him. In the hotel coffee shop, Jennifer encounters Barbara, and Jen tells Barbara that Paul has rented Rosanna's penthouse suite. When Barbara begins questioning Jen, Jen demands to know what is going on between Barbara and Paul. Barbara evades the question and insists on accompanying Jen to Paul's room because she loves her children so much. Jen responds, "That's always been the problem, Mom - how you love." While mother and daughter are downstairs, Rosanna is surprised to find that Paul has leased her penthouse, and tries to talk him into renting another property of hers, but Paul insists on staying. After Jen and Barbara arrive, Rosanna leaves. While Jennifer takes a housewarming plant to the terrace, Barbara tells Paul that she is aware that his rental of the penthouse is part of his plan to win the $1 million bet between them that he can get Jennifer to leave Barbara and move in with him in one month. Barbara insists to Paul that he will always love her, because she is her mother. After Paul ushers Barbara out of the apartment, he tells Jen that Barbara has gone to the cauldron store to buy some more newts. Downstairs in the hotel lobby, Barbara encounters Rosanna and asks her to spy on Paul for her, but Rosanna refuses. Upstairs, Paul asks Jen directly why she came back to Oakdale. Jen tells Paul that she was engaged to a man named Andre Perrin, and their romance continued across Europe, but it ended when her money ran out and she found him in bed with another woman. Jen leaves Paul's room, insisting that Barbara will not drive her away as she did Paul, since she is paranoid about losing her. The minute Jennifer leaves, Paul dashes to the telephone and places a call to Andre Perrin in Paris. Rick arrives at Susan's house for the wedding, late and filthy, explaining that he had a car accident trying to avoid hitting a dog. He told the assemblage that he tried to change his two flat tires, but had to give up and walk all the way back. When a skeptical Hal offers to send someone to pick up Rick's car, Rich brushes off his offer, saying that he is in a hurry to clean himself up and get married. Susan notices that his boutonniere is missing, and Emily asks Rick if he met a reporter named Jeffrey. Rick shakes these distressing questions off and rushes off to clean up. (There is a shot of a grassy plot out in the country, presumably where Rick buried Jeffrey.) Rick returns, miraculously cleaned up, but as he stands before the minister with Susan, he begins hallucinating that Bob Hughes is the minister, announcing "We are gathered here today to expose Dr. Eric Decker for the ruthless murderer he is." Rick tries to regain his composure, but Bob continues reappearing to him throughout the ceremony, and Rick starts responding to Bob's image, which says, "Today is the day this nightmare is going to end." The imaginary Bob asks Rick over and over to say, "I am a murderer," and Rick finally shouts, "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"moreless

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    Rob Donohoe

    Rob Donohoe

    Judge Chaney

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    Joanna HartsHorne

    Joanna HartsHorne

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    John James

    John James

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