As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 85

Ep. #12060

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 29, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12060
Rose and Lily were having lunch at The Lakeview Lounge. They talked about Dusty and Paul. Rose said she was not going to see Dusty anymore since he decided to leave town. Lily told Rose that Dusty came by the house to have Lily warn Rose that Paul was dangerous and wanted revenge. Dusty arrived and asked to speak to Rose alone. Lily left after Rose assured her that it would only be for a couple of minutes. Dusty told Rose that he decided to stay in town after visiting Lily. Dusty said he was also convinced that Rose wants him as much as he wants her and he will wait for her. Lily came back and Dusty left. Lily asked Rose what he wanted. Rose said Dusty was staying in Oakdale and hopes that she will come back to him. Rose, exasperated, told Lily that she just wants to concentrate on her business. Outside, Dusty left Molly a message asking her for help. Kim was caressing Bob as Dr. Daniels came in. He said he came to see Bob and to say goodbye to her. Dr. Daniels contract has been terminated and it was his last day. He tells Kim to have friends and family stay close to Bob at all times. Dr. Daniels is not convinced that Dr. Gordon killed all those people. He proceeded to tell Kim his suspicions about Ric Decker and for Kim not to trust him. Kim wished him well and invited him to come for dinner sometime. He agreed saying that Bob owes him a golf game. At the wedding, Ric continued to see and hear Bob as he was reciting his vows. Bob was telling him to go ahead and admit that he was a murderer. Ric passed out and came to abruptly as Susan knelt over him. Susan claimed he was running a fever and they should postpone the wedding for a few days. Ric refused. He wanted to get married and promised Susan he would go to Memorial for a check-up after the ceremony. Ric has Emily and Alison tell Susan to go ahead with the ceremony. They reluctantly did so. After reciting their own vows, the two were finally wed. The only one who claps is Hal. Emily and Alison had concerned looks on their faces but congratulated the couple anyway. After saying their good-byes, Hal and Emily left. Emily told Hal that Ric's behavior was bizarre and mentions the reporter that Ric murdered. Emily promised to look into it. Ben met Jessica at the Country Club. Jessica told Ben about her concern for Bonnie and her involvement with Sarah. She also told Ben that Marshall could be Sarah's father. Ben told Jessica to let Bonnie take care of herself. If Bonnie needs help, she will ask her mother for it. In the meantime, Marshall discovered Bonnie in his room and threatened to call security if Bonnie did not tell him why she was there. Bonnie made up a story about her mother and how fragile Jessica was. She warns Marshall to show some compassion for Jessica when they are in the courtroom. Bonnie got all weepy and asked Marshall if she could use the bathroom to wash her face. Unconvinced that Bonnie was telling the truth and that she was there to take something, Marshall asked Bonnie to let him see her purse and empty her pockets. After finding nothing, Marshall lets Bonnie leave. Outside the door, Bonnie took Marshall's toothbrush out of her bra, made a comment about one DNA test on the way and walked away. Lisa watched as Bonnie left and later told Jessica about it. Marshall discovered his toothbrush was missing and asked himself why Bonnie would want it. Downstairs in the lounge, Bonnie gave the toothbrush to Dr. Daniels. Dr. Daniels asked why it was so important to find out if Marshall is Sarah's father. Bonnie said that Marshall is a monster and if Sarah is his daughter, Bonnie has to protect her.moreless

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Marie Masters

Marie Masters

Dr. Susan Stewart

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John James

John James

Dr. Rick Decker

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