As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 86

Ep. #12061

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 30, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12061
Katie tells Henry that her boss has granted her time off so she can go to Australia to find Simon. Henry wonders why Mike is going with her and Katie says he's just helping her because they are friends. Henry insists there are only two reasons someone would help her, one is money and the other is for love. Mike tracks down Lily and asks for information on Simon. He tells Lily that he is going to help Katie find Simon in Australia and Lily asks if he's doing this for Katie or for himself. Mike says they are just friends but he needs to know some things about Simon. Lily says that Simon loves Katie but when Mike asks if he can be trusted, Lily says, "not completely." Isaac tells Bonnie that he wants to help her with Sara. Bonnie suggests having a picnic but Isaac says he has a meeting with a wine distributor. At first Bonnie is upset but then she realizes that he must attend the meeting. Meanwhile, Jessica goes to see Marshall and asks what Bonnie was doing in his room. Marshall tells her what Bonnie said and he also tells her that his toothbrush is missing. Jessica then goes to see Bonnie and asks where Marshall's toothbrush is. She is furious and orders her daughter to stay away from Marshall. The newlyweds have their first fight. Susan wants Rick to rest, telling him that he needs an MRI. He says it was just a stress reaction and that, "All the bad stuff is over now." He says his odd behavior was because of a migraine. Susan continues to urge him to get medial attention and Rick gets angry and says if she's going to keep nagging him, "then we'd better call it quits right now." He quickly apologizes for snapping at her and even though Susan is hurt, she forgives him. Emily tells Hal that Jeffrey Starr is not a medical writer at all but instead a tabloid writer who covers "grisly crimes." Hal finds out that Jeffrey checked in at the Wagon Wheel hotel and he hasn't checked out yet. They decide to go over there and talk to him. Meanwhile, Rick is on his way to the Wagon Wheel hotel. Once inside the room, he searches for evidence of the crimes. He finds Jeffrey's laptop and reads the article then throws the computer just as Hal knocks on the door. Kim tells Chris that Walker told her that they should never leave Bob alone. She says that Walker still thinks that Rick is the serial killer. Chris says, "Rick is a strange man." They try to sort things out but agree to keep him away. Alison tells Chris that she feels uncomfortable around Rick. She suggests moving out of her house and moving in with Chris who says absolutely not. Then Alison suggests moving in with his parents because she could help out. Chris says he'll ask his mom and Alison says she will not live at her house anymore. She says, I'm not staying with Dr. Decker the demented." Susan overhears and goes right up to Alison saying, "What did you just say about my husband?"moreless

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    Marie Masters

    Marie Masters

    Dr. Susan Stewart

    Recurring Role

    John James

    John James

    Dr. Rick Decker

    Recurring Role

    Trent Dawson

    Trent Dawson

    Henry Coleman

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