As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 87

Ep. #12062

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 31, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12062
Lily and Rose are at The Oakdale Yacht Club planning a fund raising event to be held at Rose's salon. Paul walks in and Rose looks up at him and then turns her head. Paul and Jennifer walk over and sit at a table. Lily asks Rose why didn't she say anything to Paul. At the same time, Jennifer is telling Paul that she can't believe that he didn't say anything to Rose. Paul tells Jennifer that he can't trust Rose anymore. As hard as Lily and Jennifer try, neither Paul nor Rose will be the first to speak to each other. Finally, Rose tells Lily that she can't take it anymore and she leaves. When Paul sees Rose leave, he tells Jennifer that they are out of there and they leave too. Later, when Paul gets to his new apartment, there is a knock at the door. He opens the door and sees Lily standing there. She tells him that he has managed to screw up any chance to fix things with her sister. Paul asks if she is done. Lily says that she is just getting warmed up. She asks, "Do you want to hear the rest?" Paul tells her no, but Lily just shrugs her shoulders and walks into his apartment. Bonnie meets Dr. Daniels at The Lakeview Lounge. She tells him that her mother told her to stay away from Marshall, but she still wants to go ahead with the DNA test. Dr. Daniels tells her that keeping secrets could be dangerous. Bonnie says, "Not as dangerous as T. Marshall Travers." Marshall walks around the corner to hear Bonnie say his name. Marshall walks over to Bonnie and Walker. Marshall asks Bonnie if she is sticking her nose in his business again. Marshall turns to Walker and tells him that he is the man that Bonnie was just talking about. Walker stands up to shake Marshall's hand, but Marshall just turns back to Bonnie and warns her that he saved her butt from jail once, but it won't happen again. Marshall walks away. Walker asks if that is the man that she thinks is Sarah's father. Bonnie shakes her head yes. Walker asks, "What is going on?" Bonnie says, "I hate him." Walker asks, "Why does he hate you?' Bonnie says, "I don't know. Maybe because I threatened to kill him." Bonnie starts to tell Walker about why she hates Marshall and then she stops and says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Walker informs Bonnie that his contract is up at the hospital and somebody else will be giving her the results to the DNA test. Bonnie tells him that he has to get the results because she doesn't want to risk a leak to Marshall. She also tells him that she has not told Isaac what is going on. Walker tells her that she has to tell him. She promises that she will. Walker asks about Sarah and Bonnie says that if it was anyone else she would. She thanks Walker for all his help and rises to leave. She sees Marshall sitting at another table and gives him an evil look her whole way out. At Java Underground, Molly overhears Isaac talking about selling the nightclub. After he hangs up, she approaches him about what she had heard. He tells her that Lisa has lost interest and he wants to spend more time with Bonnie. Molly questions him because she knows he loves the place. He says that he will find something else to get into. Later, Dusty confides in Molly that he is staying in Oakdale and fighting for Rose. He tells Molly that he is looking for a business to get into that will gain him some respect. Molly gets a big smile on her face and tells him about Java Underground going up for sale. At Java Underground, Bonnie walks in and Isaac walks up behind her. They kiss and then he tells her about selling his part in Java Underground. Bonnie wonders why he would give up the place he loves. He tells her that he wants to spend more time with her and try to get to know Sarah better. She tells him that there is a lot he doesn't know about Sarah. He tells her that now he will have more time to get to know her. He tells her that he trusts her instincts and he can see how Sarah affects her. He asks if she remembers how happy she was when she came back from Scotland. She says that she does and they had started to plan their future. Isaac says that they got sidetracked with work and Marshall Travers. He tells her that they can't let anyone come between them again. Isaac looks her in the eyes and says, "Now, did you have something that you wanted to tell me?" Susan overhears Alison tell Chris that she thinks that Ric is demented. She and Susan get into a fight and Alison tells her mother that she can live with the freak if she wants to, but she won't. Susan tells her daughter that Ric is in her life to stay and if she doesn't like it she can move out. Alison tells her mother that everyone thinks that Ric is psycho, but she is the only one that will tell her to her face. Susan questions her daughter, "Everyone?" Alison tells her mother to go and ask Emily and Hal what they think. Susan says, "Maybe I will." Susan walks away. Emily and Hal knock and knock at Jeffery Stars hotel room door. Ric is standing inside, clutching Mr. Stars' laptop computer to his chest. There is no answer. Emily encourages Hal to use the key he got from the front desk. Hal knocks again and there is still no answer. He uses the key and tells Emily to stay back. He takes out his gun and walks into the room. The room is empty, but the sliding glass door is standing wide open. Ric had gone out the back and doubled back to the door that Hal and Emily had entered. He stands in the hall and listens to Hal and Emily talk. Hal and Emily bounce different ideas off of each other as to where Jeffery Star could be. Hal tells Emily that all his clothes are there so he didn't leave town on his own. Emily tells Hal that Ric could have had an appointment to see Mr. Star before his wedding and that is why he showed up all dirty and out of it. Emily wonders if some foul play had happened. Ric hears this and calls Mr. Stars hotel room and leaves a message about missing him because he was getting married. Ric tells Mr. Star's answering machine that he can call him on his cell phone or at the hospital. Ric hangs up and Emily and Hal just stare at each other. Ric leaves with the laptop. Emily comments on how uncanny the timing of that call was. Emily and Hal start to search the room and Emily stops and tells Hal that something is missing. Hal asks, "What is missing?" Emily says that the journalist laptop is missing. Hal says that he may have it with him. They start to search the room again and Emily finds a mini disk. She tells Hal that it is probably a backup disk for the journalist's laptop. Hal tells her that she has to leave it in the room. He reminds her that they shouldn't even be in the room. She begs and pleads and finally Hal looks the other way while Emily heads out the door with the disk. Emily and Hal take the disk back to the police station and Emily puts it in her laptop. She starts to search the disk. As she is searching she tells Hal that she can't believe that her mother may be married to a mass murderer. She asks, "How many people is it now?" Just as she says this, Susan walks in. Emily closes the laptop. She asks her mother what is going on. Susan informs her that she was just informed by Alison that she thinks that Ric is a "psycho." Susan asks if this is a shared opinion. Hal and Emily look at each other. Then, all hell breaks loose. Susan and Emily are arguing and Hal throws his two cents in. Ric shows up at the police station and hears Susan in the interrogation room. He walks over to the door and hears them talking about him. He knocks on the door. Hal yells out, "We're busy in here!" Ric opens the door anyway. He says, "Sorry, I was just looking for the misses. I hope I'm not interrupting anything in here."moreless

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