As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 88

Ep. #12063

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 01, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12063
Lily finds Paul at home and confronts him about his feelings for Rose. She convinces him that Dusty is out of Rose's life, "Dusty is a thing of the past. Now is the time to make your move." He tells her the kiss at the Lakeview was an accident. On her way out, Lily tells him Rose is at her shop and as a bonus, she is still in love with him. After the door closes, Paul absorbs her words and decides to pay Rose a visit. Back at the Roller Palace, Dusty stops by to announce his new venture. Rose isn't exactly happy to see the man, and starts to busy herself with work. Rose's heart leaps when Dusty tells her he bought Java Underground from Lisa, Isaac, and Bonnie. Dusty slithers his way into Rose's arms and whispers into her ear that if it weren't for Paul, he and Rose would be hot and heavy lovers by now. He tells Rose he knows she wants him as their lips edge closer together. Rose backs away and says she is holding back because she's afraid of getting too attached to someone who doesn't have a history of hanging around. She thinks that one day she might wake up and he'll be gone without any explanation. He grabs her again and says she is the reason why he is sticking around. Rose finally gives into her desires and they fall into a passionate kiss. Just then, Paul walks into Rose's shop and is stunned to find the exact opposite of what Lily said he would find. He staggers into the grooming area as if he was punched in the gut and says, "Check it out-the parasite actually eating the host, in public. That alone was the price of admission." Rose freaks out, "What are you doing?! Why are you here!?" Paul says he came over to remember why he left town in the first place. Dusty says he's glad Paul saw everything. Rose pushes him out the door with frantic words and tells him to leave her alone. Dusty tells her to relax but Rose wants to settle "this thing with Paul. I gotta end it." She runs out of the shop to catch up with her ex. Molly and Rosanna coo over baby Sage when Molly asks Carly who was chosen as her godfather. Carly says that decision is up to Jack. Rosanna chooses not to listen and suggests Mike be the logical choice. Molly chimes in with her own suggestions, "What about Holden or Hal?" Carly feels awkward about asking Jack to choose Mike, but Ro and Molly both chirp their encouragement. Mike and Jack share a couple of brewskies at Java. Mike tells Jack that he and Katie are planning a trip to Australia to look for Simon. Jack doesn't think it's such a good idea since the guy sent to kill Simon was part of some sort of dangerous syndicate. That's exactly why Mike wants to tag along. He wants to protect Katie from danger. Alison stops by Katie's cottage looking for refuge. Alison finds her sorting through clothes, and Katie is bubbling over with enthusiasm as she tells Alison she is on her way to Australia to look for Simon. Alison has a bright idea that she could house-sit for her while Katie is out of the country. Katie needs to run it by her current roommate, Henry. Henry bursts in, right on cue, boasting of his new luck as he has just won $50 playing the Oakdale Lottery. Henry introduces himself to Alison, and is obviously interested in the young woman, until she reveals her last name is Stewart. They broach the subject of Alison house-sitting, and Henry grabs Katie, gives her a big hug, smiles and seethes, "That's great. Well, I sure hope she can cover the rent-because if she stays here, I'm gone." Katie leaves the two alone to work out the details. Alison tries to sell Henry on the idea, but he tells Alison the Stewart clan hasn't always been on his side. Alison cuts to the chase and offers Henry a get out of jail free card next time he breaks the law if he is nice enough to open his home right now. He thinks over her offer, then sees the benefits and allows her to move in. Rick barges into the Interrogation Room, where Susan is in the middle of confronting Emily and Hal. Rick announces that he finally did get the message from the reporter. Susan takes this as some sort of proof that Rick is a victim of circumstance. She informs Rick that Alison is moving out and that Emily and Hal are supporting Alison. Rick can understand how they all might feel after the way he acted during the wedding. Emily erupts and confronts Rick head on when he questions why Alison felt the need to move out, "Her mother got married to a virtual stranger, who shows up to his wedding covered in dirt babbling to himself." Susan says that she'll never regret becoming his wife. Rick suggests that maybe he should sit down with The New England Journal of Medicine reporter to discuss his article. Emily says he wasn't in town to discuss his medical research. He was a tabloid reporter who specializes in "lurid and violent crimes. You wanna tell me why he was chomping at the bits to talk to you?" Rick offers Emily and Hal the reporters phone number so she can contact him directly. Hal doesn't think it's necessary to call him at this time and returns the phone number to Rick. Susan wants to settle this once and for all. She looks her daughter in the eye and gives her an ultimatum, "Either you accept Rick's place in this family, and honor it-or I never want you setting foot in my house again!" Emily backs down and apologizes for jumping to conclusions. She extends her hand to Rick. He takes her hand and says, "Forgotten." Then he pulls Emily into a hug and says, "And forgiven." Rick and Susan head home. Jack catches up with Carly for a meal, and she awkwardly suggests that he should pick Mike to be Sage's godfather. Jack's jaw unknowingly drops to half-mast. After Susan and Rick left the station, Hal asks his wife if she really accepts Rick. Emily fights back tears of fear and says, "As the crazy sick-o that he is." Hal and Emily return to the computer and start to look for evidence on the memory chip they retrieved from the reporter's room. They discover the reporter met with one of Rick's classmates who confirmed that the doctor was involved with flat-lining. They put two and two together and think Rick faked his own attack at the hospital a couple of months ago. They rush out of the station and to Susan's house. Susan is irate as she and Rick make it home. He tells her to go put on something "less" while he prepares a sparkling cider beverage. After she leaves the room, Rick empties the contents of a capsule into a champagne flute. After he fills the glasses, Rick pulls out another capsule and mutters, "Now, if one is good, two is better," and he empties the powder into the glass. Susan returns in her bathrobe, and they toast their new marriage. They move to the couch as she takes a few sips, and before you know it, she zonks out. Rick puts a blanket on his wife, kisses her on the forehead, and says, "I'll see ya when you wake up. Thanks for believing in me. It's time to make Emily believe too." They he sneaks out of the house. Rose finds Paul in his new apartment. She just doesn't understand what kind of a game he's playing. On one hand he tells her to be happy with Dusty, but on the other, he runs away like a hurt child when he sees them kissing. He pours her a drink, and says, "It's nice and cold." Rose snaps back, "Like your heart?" Rose says he really must hate her if he's going through all this trouble to keep her and Dusty apart. He calmly says that if he hated her, he wouldn't have saved her life a few weeks ago. Rose thinks he saved her because he never stopped loving her. He blends a question into more of a statement, "You think I did that because I loved you." Rose can't think of another reason why he would have saved her life. Paul turns and throws a dagger into her heart, saying, "I thought...that you...were Lily," killing any residual feelings she had left for her ex-lover. He continues, "She has a husband, and kids, and a conscious, and a heart. All those things that you lack." The bile in Rose's stomach starts to boil, "You should have stayed dead. Then I could feel sorry for you!" She walks out of the apartment, and immediately calls Dusty, "Hi. It's me. It's over. It's really over." Back inside the apartment, Paul picks up her glass, looks at it and in a fit of rage, throws it into the fireplace smashing it to bits.moreless

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Marie Masters

Marie Masters

Dr. Susan Stewart

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Trent Dawson

Henry Coleman

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Cady McClain

Cady McClain

Rosanna Montgomery

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