As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 89

Ep. #12064

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 04, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12064
Emily and Hal are at the police station and searching the computer records of Jeffrey Starr, the tabloid reporter who is missing. Emily cannot understand why Hal hasn't issued a warrant for the arrest of her new step-father, Rick Decker. Hal tells her he is going back to the Wagon Wheel Motel and search Starr's room again, and Emily will not be left behind. Rick Decker has also returned to the motel and begins packing up Starr's belongings. The motel manager knocks on the door, but Rick ignores him. He finishes packing up, and it now appears that Jeffrey Starr has checked out. Henry comes home to Katie's cottage to find Alison leaving to get her clothes so she can move in. He begs Katie not to go to Australia with Mike. She assures him that she will not go with Mike; she is going alone. Henry is very concerned about that as well, and volunteers to go with her, but they both decide that will not work. Henry decides Katie needs a keeper and leaves, muttering that he knows just where to find one. Jack and Carly discuss having Mike as Sage's godfather at the christening the next day. Mike is reluctant, but Carly eloquently presents a case for Mike. Who else, she asks, will love the baby as much if something should happen to them? Jack sees her point and finally agrees. Now, Carly tells him, he must go and ask Mike himself. At Java Underground, Jennifer confronts Dusty and tells him to leave because she is meeting Paul there. Dusty tells her he is meeting someone there himself: Rose. Paul arrives and begins a shouting match with Dusty. Isaac has to separate the two. Rose calls Dusty and changes the plan; she asks him to come to her beauty shop instead. Before he leaves, Dusty tells Isaac that he is still very interested in buying Java Underground and that he is trying to get the money together. Paul cautions Jen to stay away from Dusty, and she accuses Paul of being as controlling as their mother. Paul calms down and confesses that he did go to talk to Rose but saw Dusty and Rose kissing inside the shop. They have a drink and toast the end to Paul's romance and, as Paul says, the beginning of one for Jen. Jen doesn't understand until Paul explains that he has sent for Andre, Jen's old love, and he will be arriving in Oakdale the next day. Alison comes home and finds Susan alone, asleep on the couch. She gathers up her belongings and tries to wake her mother to say good-bye, but Susan will not be roused. As Alison leaves, Susan hears the closing of the front door and wakes up briefly but then goes back to sleep. Rick enters the living room through the French doors, carrying the bag with Starr's things in it. He is about to stash it in the hall closet when the doorbell rings, again and again. It is Alison who has forgotten her key. Emily and Hal burst into Starr's room at the Wagon Wheel and frighten the manager who is inside. The manager explains that all Mr. Starr's things are gone and there was a pile of money, more than was owed, left on the bed. Hal calls the stations and asks for a crime scene team to come seal off the room. Rick manages to get the bag stuffed into the closet and then takes a peek out the front door. Alison is still ringing the bell, but just as she turns to leave, she finds her keys Rick gets on the couch with Susan , who wakes again and asks if someone was at the door. Henry lies in wait for Mike outside Katie's cottage and warns him that Katie plans on skipping out early tomorrow and not taking Mike to Australia with her. Mike goes in the cottage and exacts a promise from Katie that she will not go without him. Jack arrives to ask Mike to be Sage's godfather, but Mike is reluctant to accept because he and Katie are leaving tomorrow. They work out a schedule that will allow them to be at the christening and take a later flight to Chicago where they can still connect with the international flight. After Mike leaves to go home, Katie remarks that she is still planning on going to Australia alone. Rick and Susan are again disturbed by their doorbell, but Rick says to let it ring. Suddenly Emily and Hal burst in. Susan is awake now, and demands to know what they are doing there. Emily asks if Rick was there all evening and Susan gets furious. How dare they keep accusing Rick, and especially after Emily has promised to accept Rick into the family? Hal explains that Jeffrey Starr has disappeared and that sends Susan over the edge. She screams at Emily and Hal to leave, and tells Emily she is no longer her daughter. Rick comforts Susan after Emily and Hal depart, telling her that he will be with her for "the rest of her life." Dusty arrives at Rose's shop to find her in a romantic mood. They make love, and Rose tells him that he is the one she wants, the only man for her. Susan finds herself still sleepy and very thirsty, unaware that she had been drugged. She tells Rick that she dreamed that Alison had been there earlier. Susan goes to hang up Rick's coat and finds the bag of Starr's things. Rick assures her that it is just some old clothes he is donating to charity tomorrow, and Susan suggests she take the bag and add some things of her own. Rick distracts her by suggesting they act like the newlyweds they are, and they go upstairs.moreless
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