As The World Turns

Season 48 Episode 90

Ep. #12065

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 05, 2003 on CBS
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Ep. #12065
Jack and Carly arrived for Sage's christening. Carly was glad that Jack asked Mike to be Sage's godfather. Jack said he felt like he was roped into asking Mike but realized that Mike would always be there for Sage and was comforted by that thought. Jack said he had a lot to learn about letting go. Carly said that the one thing about giving your kids freedom is that they always come home, she also said nothing bad is going to happen to them and they deserved to be happy. Later, Rosanna was holding Sage as Carly told her not to expect the godmother gig to end today. Carly wanted Rosanna to stay around so Sage can see the great Rosanna Cabot in action and if Sage turns out to be a little like Rosanna, Carly wouldn't be disappointed. Rosanna thanked her. Lily and Holden were having lunch and talking about Rose and Paul. Holden felt that Lily should not have talked to Paul. He also said that Rose was a big girl and shouldn't have to worry about how she wanted to live her life. Lily disagreed because she felt that Dusty was the reason she was kidnapped and their children were put in danger. For that, Lily could not forgive Dusty. Aaron walked up and wanted to talk to Holden. Aaron wanted to do something with his life to make Lucy proud. Holden explained to Aaron that he should work on doing something for himself and not Lucy. Holden told Aaron that he had time to figure out what he wanted to do and when he least expected it, the right thing would come along. Meanwhile, Craig and Lucy were having an argument because Craig did not want Lucy to consider Oakdale U. He wants Lucy to pick a college that can offer her the best education. Craig feels Lucy wanted to go to Oakdale U because of Aaron. Rosanna agreed with Craig. She felt Lucy had a bright future and shouldn't hold back just because of Aaron. Rosanna felt Aaron should understand that Lucy has goals and he should support her. Lucy said she would consider what they said and left to meet Aaron. After Lucy left, Rosanna told Craig that she was not happy with him because he had sublet her apartment to Paul. Craig told her not to fret and he would take care of it. After Rose and Dusty made love, he told her he was glad they waited. Dusty was afraid Rose didn't want him as much as he wanted her. Rose reassured him that she did. As they were hugging, Lily walked in. Dusty left. Lily and Rose argued. Lily gave Rose an ultimatum - give up Dusty or your family - you can't have both. They got on the subject of Paul. Rose told Lily that Paul was the one who could not be trusted. Rose finally told Lily that she was with Dusty now and if Lily wanted to slam the door in her face, so be it! Rose was tired of knocking on Lily's door begging for Lily to let her in. Lily told Rose that she loved her and that Rose was a grown woman but felt her children needed protecting and suggested Rose stay away from them. Rose, with tears in her eyes, tried to convince Lily to reconsider, but it was no use. Dusty appeared and, as Lily was leaving, told Rose not to throw her life away for Dusty. He wasn't worth it. Later, Rose arrived at Sage's christening with Dusty. Barbara and Jennifer met to have lunch with their new financial analyst. Jennifer bowed out telling her mother that she was meeting an old friend. Barbara tried to get more information out of her but Jennifer wouldn't reveal who she was meeting. At Paul's apartment, Andreas showed up. Paul proceeded to bring to Andreas attention all the money Andreas stole from Jen. Paul told Andreas that if he cooperated with him, Andreas would leave Oakdale with $50K. There was a catch. Paul wanted Andreas to take Jen for a nice meal at the Lakeview and threw a bunch of money his way. The only thing Andreas had to do was, when Barbara showed up, convince Barbara that he was going to take Jen back to Europe with him. Jen arrived and was warmly welcomed by Andreas who admitted to Paul, just a few minutes before, that he did not love Jen. After Andreas and Jen left, Paul called Barbara and told her that Andreas was in town trying to get Jen back.moreless

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Scott Hampton

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Cady McClain

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