As The World Turns

Season 50 Episode 196

Ep. #12677

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jan 10, 2006 on CBS

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  • Seems like the whole episode was about who had chemistry with who today as there were many proverbial 'odd couples' tossed together.

    Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that Susan and Hal are scoring better in the chemistry department than Hal and Emily these days? Hal is chasing around Emily these days like an obsessed puppy with it's tail on fire, but it just doesn't work. Hal and Emily were great when they were good, but they ran their course. It amazes me that Hal can even stomach being in the same room with Emily after not only what she did to his daughter, but what her lies did to Will as well. She decimated his family, but he wants to play happy hubby. Confusing.

    Hal and Susan aren't the only odd couple with chemistry though -- Paul and Meg. No matter how low Paul Ryan has sunk (and he's sunk really low), Roger Howarth has always been able to give Paul that edge of wounded humanity. Paul honestly believed that what he was doing was best for Jennifer. It wasn't, but that's what he thought. The scenes today between Paul and Meg were sharp, clear and humorous, something that is missing in a lot of the couples lately. Sure, they may hate each other now (or at least, dislike), but so far neither has done anything truly unforgiveable to the other. The same can't be said for Paul and Emily, or Meg and Dusty. But Paul and Meg? They could be an interesting couple.

    Then we get our younger set. Gwen and Will's chemistry is taking a toll with her obsession to get pregnant again. Wouldn't it be a smarter idea to finish high school first? Or get jobs? Casey and Maddie have chemistry though. She may have started out as annoying, but she quickly became endearing. And she actually makes Casey, a character who turned into Oakdale's biggest loser, tolerable. Hopefully they don't get them pregnant any time soon.

    Now as for Nick, Oakdale's newest cop ... give it up on him and Carly already. Despite the complete lack of chemistry (I'm sorry, but Nick looks like he should be hanging out with Maddie and Casey), would it kill them to let Carly and Jack have a week without some massive turmoil? Considering they've gone to so much effort to keep this couple together, why not let them enjoy it? CarJack fans would be happy because their couple is happy, and CarJack non-fans would be happy because they wouldn't have to see the couple every day. Nick's a nice looking boy, and he seems to be an okay actor so far, but there's no one in Oakdale for him to really interact with, unless they plan on making him Emily's latest conquest.