As The World Turns

Season 51 Episode 123

Ep. #12853

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Sep 19, 2006 on CBS
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Ep. #12853
Emily convinces Henry to help her break into Paul's apartment where they run into Meg. Dusty warns Barbara that he's not going to let her interfere in any relationship he chooses to have with Lucy. Gwen tells Will she will always love him, but can't be with him now.moreless

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    Van Hansis

    Van Hansis

    Luke Snyder (2006-)

    Colleen Zenk

    Colleen Zenk

    Barbara Ryan (1978-)

    Elena Goode

    Elena Goode

    Jade Taylor (2006-)

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Elizabeth Hubbard

    Lucinda Walsh (1984-)

    Grayson McCouch

    Grayson McCouch

    Dusty Donovan (#2) (2003-)

    Jennifer Landon

    Jennifer Landon

    Gwen Norbeck Munson (2005-)

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      • Emily: Vaction over already?
        Paul: Emily, listen.
        Emily: You listen to me, if you two think you can make a fool out of me and get away with it, think again!

      • Henry: Did you find out what cave Paul is hiding in?
        Emily: No I did not, but at least he's not living it up with Meg. She's in there packing her things. She's in there packing her things!
        Henry: Well try not to look so happy about it.
        Emily: I can't help it, you know I finally feel like I'm back in the winners circle.
        Henry: Emily, why don't you take this you need it more than I do, you really are blind.

      • Dusty: You're still here?
        Lucy: Oh, waiting for my grandmother, we were having a drink, until Barbara summoned her.
        Dusty: You're kidding?
        Lucy: I wish.
        Dusty: And she went?
        Lucy: Yeah, sort of a clash of the Titans.

      • Barbara: How can you be so heartless Lucinda?
        Lucinda: Years of practice.

      • Paul: You OK?
        Meg: I wanna drop-kick a heavily pregnant women across the room, does that sound like I'm OK?

      • Meg: You touch one more thing and I'll call the cops.
        Emily: Oh, cousin Jack, I'm so scared.

      • Emily: I understand him leaving you behind but, Paul would never leave his laptop.
        Meg: Well maybe you don't know him aswell as you think.

      • Emily: Fine you're not jealous of the baby and you know where Paul is why don't you tell me? Because if you don't I'm gonna slip into Plan B.
        Meg: Plan B?
        Emily: Yeah, I'm gonna tear this place apart and find out where he is for myself.

      • Meg: Trumping up genetic testing is pretty low even for you Emily.
        Emily: Being jealous of a helpless baby's low even for you Meg.
        Meg: You know let me put it in simple English so you get it this time. Paul's commitment to the baby is not a commitment to you.

      • Emily: You know what I was thinking Henry, maybe I'll make you the godfather of the baby.
        Henry: What do I have to do for that rob a bank.
        Emily: Oh, Uncle Henry I like the sound of that.

      • Emily: Ok, Henry enough. I cannot believe the doorman thought I was Barbara.
        Henry: It was the prop.
        Emily: Ok, it was the prop.

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