As The World Turns

Season 51 Episode 254

Ep. #12984

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Mar 30, 2007 on CBS



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    • Will Munson: You know, my dad used to say that time heals everything.
      Gwen Munson: Did he ever mention how long?
      Will Munson: No, he left that part out. But I've been through enough to know that he was right.

    • Casey Hughes: I believe that you can do anything. And I'm not going to cheat the rest of the world out of getting the chance to know the real Maddie Coleman. Because that'd be the biggest crime of all.
      Maddie Coleman: What good is all that, if I do it without you? I love you.
      Casey Hughes: Maddie, I love you too. All right? We're going to get through this. We've gotten through a lot worse.

    • Maddie Coleman (to Casey): No. You're this really hot guy who's sweet and brave, did I mention handsome? The kind of guy who helps a girl see that sex doesn't mean that a man is taking something away from her, it's that he's giving her something. That he shows her that forgiveness and patience are just other words for love. That's what you are to me, Casey. Not up here, but right in here.

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