As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 1

Ep. #12985

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 02, 2007 on CBS

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  • It was a total shock seeing everything that happened but kind of not suprising..

    When vianna asked henery to marry her i was excpecting it but not so soon. They make a great couple but i doubt it will last. We also see katy get jelous in this episode she wants henery all to herself not as a lover but a friend. When faith tells her mom whats shes been doing its odd that lilly said lets not keep anymore secrets when she has some of her own that her daughter "secretely" knows. Also i feel bad for jack he likes the shallow katy but katy is somehow now falling for his brother =o. Last thing to input meg finds out about creig's dirty little secret about stealing world wide and he didnt do it to get his son back it was to get back at meg for getting back with paul. Personally i love paul and meg as a couple there so cute lolz cant wait to see what happens today with maddy gwen will and casey hehe :D