As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 40

Ep. #13024

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM May 28, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #13024
Carly tells Gwen that she could be doing 25 years if Jack doesn't help her. Will accidentally knocks hot chocolate on Cleo while she attempted to bring him some. Craig asks Meg why she saved his life and didn't let him die and also what she was doing in his office. Katie tells Jack not to help Carly and not to get mixed up with her again by lying under oath. Craig comes to the conclusion that Lucinda poisoned him. Gwen comes home to see Cleo wearing her robe and sitting on the couch. Will and Cleo explain to Gwen what happened. Katie learns from Margo that Jack did call Tom to help defend Carly. Tom tells Carly that the state wants to make this case go away, and that the charges could be dropped. Jack then tells Carly that there is someone else in his life. Jack goes to Katie and tells her that his feelings for her haven't changed and that if she still wants to go to Chicago. Craig asks Meg to marry him which leaves her speechless.moreless

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    Jennifer Landon

    Jennifer Landon

    Gwen Norbeck Munson (2005-) / Cleo Babbitt (2007)

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Jesse Lee Soffer

    Will Munson (2005-)

    Marie Wilson (II)

    Marie Wilson (II)

    Meg Snyder (#2) (2005-)

    Maura West

    Maura West

    Carly Tenney Snyder (1995-1996; 1997-)

    Michael Park

    Michael Park

    Jack Snyder (1997-)

    Scott Bryce

    Scott Bryce

    Craig Montgomery (#1) (1982-1987; 1993-1994; 2007-)

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      • Carly Tenney: I know that you're not happy about how this has worked out here.
        Margo Hughes: No, Jack's a friend of mine, and I think what you did to him then and now, it's really wrong.
        Carly Tenney: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way.
        Margo Hughes: Yeah, I can tell.

      • Will Munson: What? Will you forget about Cleo?
        Gwen Munson: What if she hears us?
        Will Munson: She'll survive. Gwen, she's asleep. Which means for the first time, she's actually harmless. Okay?

      • Craig Montgomery: I remember.
        Meg Snyder: You remember what?
        Craig Montgomery: I remember you don't like me.
        Meg Snyder: It's not that I don't like you.
        Craig Montgomery: No, you don't like what I do.
        Meg Snyder: Yes. You and I are very different people.
        Craig Montgomery: Lucky for me.
        Meg Snyder: Right.
        Craig Montgomery: If you were more like me, I would be dead.

      • Will Munson: You're covered in hot chocolate.
        Cleo Babbitt: I know. It's okay -- really. Who knew hot chocolate would be so hot?

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