As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 99

Ep. #13083

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 17, 2007 on CBS



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    • Kim Hughes: We really want you to do a segment of Oakdale Now from our sister station in Oahu.
      Katie Peretti: Oh, with Brad?
      Kim Hughes: Well, that was the original thought, but I'm having reservations about turning him loose on the beach of Waikiki.
      Katie Peretti: I see your point. Actually, Kim, historically, I don't do well with islands. In fact, I was going to tell Jack when we take our honeymoon --

    • Elwood Hoffman: You're the woman who called me?
      Cheri Love: You're 1-800-GEEK-BOY? I've gotta tell you, you sell yourself short calling yourself a geek -- and a boy.

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