As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 147

Ep. #13131

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 26, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #13131
Maddie tells Will and Gwen that she is going to Wesleyan. Katie offers Jack one final chance. Craig tells Meg what she is so upset about when she sees him at the hospital. Gwen suggests to Will that he call Barbara and they should adopt. Jack and Katie go ahead and each sign the annulment papers. Paul and Meg run into each other in Old Town. Parker thinks something is wrong with Carly when she doesn't hear when he's talking to her. Barbara tells Gwen that she has a friend that can help them. Ann causes trouble for Gwen and Will. Parker asks Katie why she isn't wearing her wedding ring. Jack tells Carly that his marriage to Katie is over which seems to delight her very much. Katie breaks down when she sees her wedding photos when they're delivered to WOAK.moreless

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    Linda Cook

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    Mick Hazen

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      • Meg Montgomery: And by the way, I know people here at the hospital, I don't want them gossiping about me.
        Craig Montgomery: Well, I got news for you, Sweetheart. When you go into contractions, start screaming for the epidural, they're going to get a hint that you're pregnant.

      • Barbara Ryan (to Meg): The fact that you can say that while Craig Montgomery's baby is growing inside of you is mind-boggling. You leave Paul alone, let him live his life with Rosanna. And you? You focus on that baby. I know better than anyone how much energy it takes to protect a child from a dangerous father. And that baby is going to need all your devotion just to survive the mess you've made.

      • Meg Montgomery: Is that a white flag?
        Craig Montgomery: I was looking around for a diaper. I thought it might be more symbolic.
        Meg Montgomery: Well, not too many diapers are made of cloth these days, Craig.

      • Maddie Coleman: I talked to Alison at the diner and she told me what happened with the in vitro. I'm so sorry.
        Gwen Munson: Yeah, thanks. It's been a little rough.
        Will Munson: Yeah. It didn't help that Mom decided to come by within 24 hours and demand that we need to adopt a replacement grandchild.
        Gwen Munson: What? You agree with her?
        Maddie Coleman: Well, I mean, her timing reeks, but she has a point. Biology's overrated I mean, look at my psycho sister. She came from the same genetic soup as I did, and well -- look how that turned out.
        Gwen Munson: Yeah. I guess biology can be just as messed up as anything else.

      • Barbara Ryan: Hi, we were in the neighborhood just doing some wedding last minute stuff, and we thought we'd just drop in.
        Will Munson: Paul, do you want to explain to Mom that I'm not an idiot and I know exactly why you're here?
        Paul Ryan: I already have, several times.

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