As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 161

Ep. #13145

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #13145
Rosanna has an out-of-body experience while unconscious. Jack arrives at Carly's and says that he is taking Parker, J.J., and Sage back to the farm. Carly is reluctant but Parker and J.J. go with Jack. Dusty and Lily go to Mabel's and reminisce while dancing to '80s music; they later begin romantically kissing. Bonnie tries to get Holden to reconsider the divorce. Meg lies when Craig wonders why she is at Memorial. Paul calls Dr. Cutler and he agrees to come to Oakdale to examine Rosanna. Meg goes to her old friend Eli to have him run a DNA test to find her baby's paternity. Sage leaves a fake ransom note and disappears to try to get her parents back together. Lucinda tells Craig that the hospital board will never allow his plans with Evan at Memorial. Paul pleads for Rosanna to wake up. Carly calls Jack and tells him that Sage is missing. Eli tells Meg that the preliminary test results almost ready.moreless

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    Allie Gorenc

    Allie Gorenc

    Sage Snyder

    Recurring Role

    Cady McClain

    Cady McClain

    Rosanna Cabot Ryan

    Recurring Role

    Chauntee Schuler

    Chauntee Schuler

    Bonnie McKechnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Lily Snyder: I know. Oh, I'm horrible. I have nerve talking about my life and you're -- been though so much yourself. You had such high hopes with Jennifer, and you lost her, and then losing Johnny so soon after that --
        Dusty Donovan: If this is your best shot at good ole' times, you're doing a horrible job.

      • Jack Snyder: You'll always be their mother, Carly. That's not the point.
        Carly Tenney: They need me.
        Jack Snyder: What? So you can teach them how to lie?

      • Lucinda Walsh: Bob left early. He had to go to the hospital. There was an emergency. We finished the party without him.
        Craig Montgomery: Oh, the party. Was the party for you? I mean, you do look ready to retire.
        Lucinda Walsh: Yes, I'm tired, but not so tired that I can't count the days until your forced retirement from Worldwide or Montgomery Enterprises.

      • Lily Snyder: This song -- oh this song. Always makes me cry.
        Dusty Donovan: Where'd I take you every time you cried?
        Both: Mabel's!
        Lily Snyder: Because a hot dog just does make you feel a little bit better. Although my mother did not approve of the cuisine.
        Dusty Donovan: She didn't approve of a lot of things.
        Lily Snyder: No, that's true. Rolling around in the hay with her stable boy was not her idea of a good thing.

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      • Lily Snyder: Wow! That's still here! I can't believe it!
        Dusty Donovan: Let's see if it still works.
        (Dusty hits the jukebox with one hand)
        (Everytime You Go Away plays)

        This is similar to what Fonzie from Happy Days does by performing a "technical tap" to start or stop the jukebox at Arnold's diner.

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