As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 163

Ep. #13147

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Nov 19, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #13147
Jack hangs up on Carly when she calls his cell phone. Cole sees Sofie and Gwen talking. Alison runs into Aaron and notices that he is angry. Katie tells Vienna and Henry that what she had with Jack is over. Jack learns that Brad stayed with Katie last night. Emma tells Brad to try to get along with Jack. Sofie asks Cole why they suddenly have enough money to move to California. Carly tells Gwen that she plans on giving her settlement money to Katie; Gwen thinks it is a stupid idea. Carly presents Katie the check but Katie tells her to keep the money. Jack and Parker make the adoption official without Carly present. Alison agrees to go to Yo's and have drinks with Cole. Carly goes to Brad and asks him to give Jack the misdiagnosis settlement check. Katie overhears a recording of Brad and Carly where she learns that Brad knew along about Carly's fake condition. Jack can now proudly call Parker his son, and they then run into Carly in Old Town. Parker's words devastate Carly when he says that he did not want her there.moreless

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    Mick Hazen

    Mick Hazen

    Parker Snyder

    Recurring Role

    Chris Heuisler

    Chris Heuisler

    Cole Norbeck

    Recurring Role

    Ewa da Cruz

    Ewa da Cruz

    Vienna Hyatt

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Alison Stewart: What's up? I haven't seen you this mad since -- I don't know, when was the last time we went out?
        Aaron Snyder: You could tell I was mad, huh?
        Alison Stewart: I think clenching your fists and the muttering under the breath was a clue.

      • Carly Tenney: I want to talk to Katie.
        Vienna Hyatt: It doesn't matter what you want, you can't come in.
        Carly Tenney: I'd like to talk to Katie.
        Vienna Hyatt: No, no, you can't talk to Katie here. There's knives, there's scalding coffee.

      • Katie Peretti: Remember when I was always lying and scheming --
        Henry Coleman: Shallow and mercenary? Yes, I do remember.
        Katie Peretti: You know what? Life was a lot easier when I was the bitch.

      • Henry Coleman: Brad is a very simple organism. He has two and only two motivations. And Emma's already giving him food.

    • NOTES (1)

      • Uncredited speaking parts include two technicians and a production assistant at WOAK, a bartender at Yo's, and a bartender at the Lakeview.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Brad Snyder: That basement is scary. I kept thinking I was going to run into Mrs. Bates.

        Mrs. Bates is a deceased character from the 1960 horror film Psycho.

      • Vienna Hyatt: He brought your rabbit to you and suddenly he's Dag Hammarskjöld, Lars Gevinken and St. Olaf, all rolled up into one?

        Dag Hammarskjöld was a Sweedish diplomat who served from 1953 to 1961. St. Olaf was a Sweedish King.

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