As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 172

Ep. #13156

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 04, 2007 on CBS
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Ep. #13156
Sofie asks Cole if he is receiving money in exchange for their baby. Gwen and Will ask Barbara if she was involved in the adoption. Emily tells Christ that she can fix his issues at Memorial by getting talking with Evan. Will tells Barbara that he knows that she is lying. Barbara blames Iris for the adoption idea. Emily tells Dusty that Chris does not know that she worked as a hooker. Faith tells Lily that she does not want to have a girls night out. Will and Gwen realize that Barbara is the one at fault and Will tells Barbara that he is never going to forgive her. Sofie finally hears Cole for the jerk he is. Cole packs up and leaves town. Lily tells Dusty that the only time she feels safe is when she is with him. Will tells Gwen that things have to get better for them.moreless

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    Terri Garber

    Terri Garber

    Iris Dumbrowski

    Recurring Role

    Justine Cotsanos

    Justine Cotsanos

    Sofie Duran

    Recurring Role

    Chris Heuisler

    Chris Heuisler

    Cole Norbeck

    Recurring Role

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      • Barbara Ryan: Okay, Iris, you name your price. Whatever you want, I'll get it for you. Tonight. All you've got to do is --
        Iris Dumbrowski: -- Take the fall for you?
        Barbara Ryan: Disappear for good.
        Iris Dumbrowski: I don't know, Barbie. I'm kind of digging Oakdale.
        Barbara Ryan: More than Miami? Or L.A.? It's up to you, Iris. It's your choice. You can live here, penniless, or you can take the money and go live the way you want to somewhere else.

      • Dusty Donovan: How do you survive on the street with knots like these?
        Lily Snyder: Oh, my gosh! I like to call that one separation. And that one, divorce.
        Dusty Donovan: Why don't we call them both Holden and make it easier?

      • Iris Dumbrowski: Took you long enough.
        Barbara Ryan: I had to get the money out of the hotel safe.
        Iris Dumbrowski: I told you small bills here.
        Barbara Ryan: Relax. Slot machines take anything these days.

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