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As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 178

Ep. #13162

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Dec 12, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #13162
Barbara makes a final plea for Will to forgive her, but refuses and hangs up. Gwen tells Will that she doesn't want to have a baby. Barbara tells Alison to stay away from Gwen and Will. Luke tells Noah to keep the walking a secret to surprise everyone. Aaron tells Sofie that he knows that Cole isn't coming back, Sofie then tells Aaron to get out of her hotel room. Paul scolds Barbara for attempting to buy a baby for Will and Gwen. Rosanna calls Eli to give him money and to end their association. Luke longs to spend Christmas with Noah. Meg and Craig learn that it's a boy. Emma talks to Holden about Luke's sexuality after hearing from Luke requesting the Noah stay in his room. Gwen goes to see Sofie and asks if she's alright. Paul encourages Will to forgive Barbara. Emma invites Noah to stay with the family for Christmas. Meg overhears Craig say how proud he's going to be a father again.moreless

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    Harmon Walsh

    Harmon Walsh

    Dr. Bullock

    Guest Star

    Travis Wood

    Travis Wood

    Eli King

    Recurring Role

    Cady McClain

    Cady McClain

    Rosanna Cabot Ryan

    Recurring Role

    Justine Cotsanos

    Justine Cotsanos

    Sofie Duran

    Recurring Role

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      • Rosanna Ryan: Because you know it's funny, deep pockets cannot only buy happiness. It can also buy a lot of justice.

      • Emma Snyder: If your sister can open her heart to him, I can open my home to him. For one day.
        Holden Snyder: Fine. But the lump of coal -- is coming from me.

      • Alison Stewart: I just wanted to see how the two of you were doing.
        Gwen Munson: We're okay.
        Alison Stewart: Yeah? Good.
        Will Munson: How about you?
        Alison Stewart: Oh, you know -- got up, showered, had breakfast, ran into Barbara.
        Gwen Munson: How'd that go?
        Alison Stewart: Pretty much as expected. She was crazed.

      • Emma Snyder: But the thought of them -- being in bed under my roof, it just makes me uncomfortable. Now, if that makes me some kind of a prude, so be it. It is just -- it is just not how I was raised.
        Holden Snyder: We weren't raised like that either, Mom. If Meg had come to you and asked if some boy could sleep over when she was Luke's age, you would've marched him down the driveway by his ear. And you weren't so easy on me and Lily when we were teenagers.
        Emma Snyder: Oh, the things you two kids put me through. The sleepless nights. Oh, my Lord. I don't think I've ever really fully recovered.

      • Luke Snyder: If we spend Christmas together, it's kind of like -- I don't want to assume anything and I don't want you to feel any pressure, so --
        Noah Mayer: You wouldn't be. It's not like I have any family to go home to anyway. And Christmas alone, in front of the TV, eating old Chinese takeout -- it's only really glamorous in old movies.

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