As The World Turns

Season 52 Episode 194

Ep. #13178

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jan 08, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13178
Noah and Luke think about getting a place to live together. Lily hides a bottle of pills from Lucinda, and tells her it's over with Dusty. Bonnie stops by and lends her Twilight Zone series on DVD to the girls. Emily overhears Dusty talking to a private investigator who a possible poisoning. Lily lashes out at Bonnie in front of Faith and Natalie and asks her to leave the farm right now, Holden tells Bonnie to stay and asks Lily to go outside and talk with him. Chris tells Dusty not to talk about him behind his back but to his face, and tells him to call his bluff and take what he has to the police. Henry tells Luke that he thinks that he should focus on being a college instead of moving in with Noah. Evan goes to Chris about going public with what they're doing, Chris says that the timing is wrong. Dusty goes and asks Alison to spy on Chris at the hospital, she then refuses. Lily apologizes to Bonnie for her the things that she said to her earlier. Chris sees Alison and Dusty come out of a hospital room. Luke asks Noah to move out to the farm permanently.moreless

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    Michael Izquierdo

    Michael Izquierdo

    Neil Perkins

    Guest Star

    Ashley Marie Greiner

    Ashley Marie Greiner

    Faith Snyder

    Recurring Role

    Ellery Capshaw

    Ellery Capshaw

    Natalie Snyder

    Recurring Role

    Chauntee Schuler

    Chauntee Schuler

    Bonnie McKechnie

    Recurring Role

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      • Dusty Donovan: No, I'm following my reporter instincts. They're telling me there's a lot more to this story.
        Emily Stewart: Don't you dare print that in The Intruder.
        Dusty Donovan: I'm not planning to, not yet. I like to back up my stories with facts. Remember the concept?
        Emily Stewart: So who do you think --
        Dusty Donovan: Hey, great minds think alike.

      • Dusty Donovan: I want you to keep your eyes open around here.
        Alison Stewart: I usually try to use all my senses when I'm at work, Dusty.

      • Noah Mayer: And this one has a dishwasher and a washer and a dryer.
        Luke Snyder: Ooh, how romantic.
        Noah Mayer: It is, when you spend your formative years in the laundromat of an Army base. Every time I see a roll of quarters, I break out in hives.

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      • Bonnie McKechnie: But I heard you guys missed The Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's. And since I happen to own the entire series on DVD, I thought you guys might want to borrow it while you're still on vacation.

        The Twilight Zone is a science-fiction television series that originally ran on CBS from 1959 to 1964. An annual marathon airs on the Sci-Fi Channel around New Year's Day.

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