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As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 12

Ep. #13249

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 18, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #13249
Emily arrives at Al's to talk to Alison, but Alison just walks by and doesn't say a word. Sofie comes to take Barbara to her treatment, Paul then asks Sofie what would it take for her to fall in love with him. Chris tells Alison that he was impressed by the way she handled Emily. Paul arranges for him and Meg to have a balloon ride. Luke begins to film the movie about Noah and Ameera, Luke is disturbed when Ameera kisses Noah in order to make it real. Casey gets Ameera to admit how she really feels about Noah. Chris plans a double date with him and Alison and Sofie with Aaron. Emily takes advantage of Alison's feelings of doubt, by asking what she's doing for Chris when he buys her clothes. Meg and Mike decide to take the balloon up themselves and romance starts between them. Sofie helps Aaron take care of Ethan. Casey tells Luke that Ameera isn't interested in him and that she's in love with Noah. Casey shares his bad day with Emily after being fired from the Lakeview. Paul hurries out to the field in time to see Mike and Meg taking off.moreless

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    Jake Silbermann

    Jake Silbermann

    Noah Mayer

    Recurring Role

    Tala Ashe

    Tala Ashe

    Ameera Ali Aziz Mayer

    Recurring Role

    Anslem Richardson

    Anslem Richardson


    Recurring Role

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      • Casey Hughes: I don't work here.
        Emily Stewart: Well, then why are you wearing that stupid shirt? What? What's your problem?
        Casey Hughes: Do you really want to know?
        Emily Stewart: Sure, why not?
        Casey Hughes: The girl I like rejected me for a gay guy, then I show up five minutes late to work, and my manager fires me.
        Emily Stewart: Oh, please. Big deal. I'm rejected by everybody in this entire town, including my own lousy assistant, who the only reason I hired is because I felt sorry for him.

      • Luke Snyder: Casey, stop being oversensitive. Ameera's smart, she's beautiful --
        Casey Hughes: And in love with her gay husband, who happens to be your boyfriend.

      • Assistant Here are the transcripts from the debates.
        Emily Stewart: I asked you for those hours ago. Honestly, why do I bother paying you when I can do everything faster myself? No, I'm asking you a question. Instead of standing there looking stupid, could you bother answering it for me?
        Assistant: There. Whatever's bugging you today, it's got nothing to do with me. I quit.
        Emily Stewart: Good! Get out!
        Assistant: Already gone.

      • Paul Ryan: No, no. You shouldn't get mixed up in people's relationships. You can hardly manage one yourself.
        Emily Stewart: Well, aren't you a fine one to talk?
        Paul Ryan: I'm turning over a new leaf.
        Emily Stewart: It'll wear off. Trust me.
        Paul Ryan: Wow. Could you put the broomstick in storage for like a day?
        Emily Stewart: Don't tell me where to put my broomstick!

      • Paul Ryan: You look like you could kill somebody. Oh, that's right. You could kill somebody.
        Emily Stewart: You know what? You're not funny.

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