As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 16

Ep. #13252

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Apr 23, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13252
Emily tells Paul that this is the last time that she does his dirty work. Sofie tells Meg that having Ethan's toys around is okay. Margo learns that Casey is working for Emily at WOAK. Mike gets the note that Emily planted at the Lakeview and thinks it's from Katie. Noah realizes that it is Ameera's birthday and calls Luke wanting his help in surprising her. Kim isn't pleased with the idea that Brad and Katie came up with. Emily sees Margo in her office and she says to stay away from Casey. Mike arrives at WOAK furious and asks Katie about the note that he left her, Kim decides not to cut to commercial and is delighted about the outcome of Mike's appearance. Casey tells Margo that it's not her decision whether or not he works for Emily. Sofie apologizes to Aaron for what happened last night and that she wants to keep seeing him other than being friends. Mike realizes that Paul is the one who sent him the note and confronts him at the Lakeview. Ameera prepares to share the truth with Noah as she goes back to Fashions and gets herself into something nice. Casey calls Margo after seeing Judge Burke threaten Emily.moreless

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    Marc Kudisch

    Marc Kudisch

    Judge Burke

    Guest Star

    Tala Ashe

    Tala Ashe

    Ameera Ali Aziz Mayer

    Recurring Role

    Jake Silbermann

    Jake Silbermann

    Noah Mayer

    Recurring Role

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      • Katie Snyder: You know, I bet our audience would like to hear from some of your ex-girlfriends. Oh, I have an idea. Why don't we invite the entire Chicago Bulls cheerleading squad on to save time?

      • Paul Ryan: No harm, no foul.
        Meg Snyder: Again with the understanding.
        Paul Ryan: Yeah. That's right. You got to get used to it. It's the new Paul.
        Meg Snyder: Version 4.0? And just think, I didn't have to pay for the upgrade.

      • Katie Snyder: But the audience watched us get married on air. Don't you think they want to enjoy our romance?
        Kim Hughes: Honey, I hate to break this to you. As pleasurable as your love is to you, it's a big snore to us.

      • Casey Hughes: Why are you so afraid of her?
        Margo Hughes: I'm not afraid of her. She has a history of using people. It just begs the question, is she using you to take a hit on your father and me?
        Casey Hughes: Okay, look, Mom, Mom, get a grip. You know, she's not out to get you. She -- she doesn't talk about you. She doesn't ask about you. She doesn't even think about you.
        Margo Hughes: Hello. She had an affair with your father, and then she had one with his brother --
        Casey Hughes: Okay, and that is all history.

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