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Season 53 Episode 38

Ep. #13275

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM May 26, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13275
Meg learns from Bob that someone requested that she be reinstated at Oakdale Memorial, Meg then asks who the person is. Alison tells Aaron that Chris insisted that she see a psychiatrist. Casey and Emily can't hold back their feelings for each other. Paul and Sofie form a new alliance. Aaron helps Alison by asking Meg to help her with her studies. Emily persuades Casey to do the right thing by repaying the money he took from the Lakeview, Emily insists that Casey tell Lisa the truth. Meg goes to Barbara and thanks her for getting her back at the hospital. Lisa is shocked to learn when Casey tells her that he stole from the register. Aaron gets Alison the essentials to help her concentrate. Casey goes back to the office and tells Emily that he could be in big trouble. Sofie has a daydream about Paul kissing her.moreless

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      • Paul: You're a really good person, you're swell. And, no mater what happens with you and I, I just want you to know that how I think of you.
        Meg: So, that's it?
        Paul: Yeah, that's it. What were you expecting?
        Meg: I'm not sure, but that's good right.
        Paul: Good.
        Meg: You did good.

      • Alison: Wow, what is all this?
        Aaron: This is study supplies, we got Soda, we got coffee, we got cookies for energy, we got carrots for your little brain. And we got those liquorish twisty things that you like, so that you can reward yourself when you're right.
        Alison: What like I'm a dog, I get a treat when I get an answer right.
        Aaron: Yeah, call me the nurse whisperer.
        Alison: You actually make me look forward to studying.

      • Paul: And that makes you happy?
        Meg: Very.
        Paul: I can tell, you're glowing. Is there any way I can twist this and make it look like something I did.
        Meg: No, it's too late.

      • Meg: You need to take a nap first.
        Barbara: No, no.
        Meg: I mean it! Barbara.
        Barbara: Fine.
        Meg: And don't think, the minute that I walk out that door, that you'll be getting up because, I'm going to be sitting on that couch over there and reading a few magazines, to make sure that you fall asleep.
        Barbara: Don't you have a job to get to?
        Meg: Tomorrow. Right now I can sit here all day.

      • Casey: If I tell the truth I could go back to jail, unless that's what you want.
        Emily: What I want, why would you say something like that?
        Casey: Because of what happened between us.

      • Emily: (to Casey) Is the point to make amends for what you did when you're basically getting away with it, or do you really want to clear you conscience.

      • Casey: I figured that I would get the money back without going into all the details.
        Emily: How? What you going to do you gonna hand her a wad of cash and go hey Lisa here's a whole load of money.
        Casey: No, I'll just tell her I made a mistake at the register.
        Emily: Three months ago and you suddenly remembered.
        Casey: It's not like my Grandma's going to give me the third degree, she wants to be an upright citizen. I'll give her the money back and she'll be so. Yeah you're right this plan sucks.

      • Meg: You know you're a lousy patient
        Barbara: No ones ever told me that before don't be rude.
        Meg: Well, tough.

      • Meg: Ok, don't pretend like you're surprised I know you're behind it.
        Barbara: You're a good nurse, I mean you got me to take orders and I don't take orders from anyone, you gotta share that talent.

      • Casey: I just feel weird taking your money.
        Emily: It's a loan Casey, it's not a gift and I'll take a little bit out of your pay check each week until you pay me back.
        Casey: So, I'll be working here a really long time.
        Emily: I guess so but, don't worry I won't expect any special services in return.
        Casey: I wish you did.
        Emily: Will you stop it, are you going to except the money or not.

      • Casey: When I got back from prison, I was working at the Lakeview and I took some money from the register. It was one time but, it was a lot.
        Emily: Didn't you do the same thing at Crash?
        Casey: Thanks for reminding me.

      • Paul: She just needs a little encouragement.
        Barbara: That's what I'm worried about, you shouldn't be encouraging her.
        Paul: Mom, I know how to keep my distance, at least where Sophie's involved.
        Barbara: You're not the one I'm worried about, Paul.
        Paul: Well, give her some time I have a knack for making all women hate me eventually.
        Barbara: Well there's a difference here, the difference is you're not in love with her, she see's it as a supreme challenge.

      • Chris: She'll get her grades up, she was already starting to do better, until I scared her off.
        Bob: What happened?
        Chris: Well, I had an attack of brutal honesty, we were having relationship issues and I told her she needed therapy.
        Bob: Good move. Considering Alison's history.
        Chris: Do you have to rub it in dad?
        Bob: Well you said you made a mistake, I'm just agreeing with you.

      • Aaron: Why would Chris tell you that you need to see a shrink. Because, if anyone's is in need of a personality adjustment it's him.

      • Casey: I took some money and I need to pay some of it back.
        Emily: Oh, God Casey, what the hell have you done now?

      • Casey: It's all these taxes they took, there's hardly anything left.
        Emily: What do you care, you live with your parents, you eat their food, you don't pay any bills, you certainly don't pay any rent, I mean you walk from your house to your job so you don't need a car, you really don't need to work do you?

      • Emily: Just find something else to do Casey, just find something else to focus on other than me.
        Casey: I want to but I can't.

      • Aaron: You crazy? Hell, yeah you're crazy, in a good way.
        Alison: I'm not kidding Aaron. Do you think I'm loosing it?
        Aaron: As in unstable?
        Alison: Exactly.
        Aaron: Why are you asking me this?
        Alison: In other words yes. Great I'm in the middle of exams and you're telling me I should be put in a rubber room.

      • Aaron: I know you too well, something's seriously bothering you.
        Alison: It's personal.
        Aaron: Ok, but were friends and I can take it so just say what's on your mind.
        Alison: Ok, I need to ask you a question. Do you think I'm crazy?

      • Barbara: I cannot believe how this is turning out, I set her up in business to get her out of your hair. And it looks as though I've accomplished exactly the opposite.

      • Bob: Apparently you have friends in high places.
        Meg: Well, what does that mean?
        Bob: A member of the board has been lobbying for you to be re-instated here at memorial.
        Meg: I never asked anybody to do that, in fact I never thought the hospital was wrong to fire me.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • When Aaron says;

        Aaron: Yeah, call me the nurse whisperer.

        This is an allusion to the 1998, film 'The Horse Whisperer', that was directed by and starred Robert Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas.

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