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As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 47

Ep. #13284

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 06, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #13284
Margo brings in Paul for questioning regarding Sofie's accusation. Daniel begins to feel down, about Tom not being able to go to the concert with him and Emily. Carly is upset when Jack comes and wants to go riding with Sage to. Emily agrees to take Daniel, and tells Casey not to ruin it for her. Paul tells Mike that he couldn't leave it alone. Sofie presents a pair of her underwear as evidence. Barbara offers to go and support Paul by offering to get him an attorney. Casey and Emily remember the good times they had together. Paul offers a DNA sample to prove he's innocent, but the test come back positive he's then placed under arrest. Carly confronts Holden about calling Jack to come today. Barbara tells Sofie when the truth does come out she'll deal with her personally. Casey goes to Emily's hotel room and the two have sex, they then hurry as Daniel returns early. Sofie is shocked as Cole at her door.moreless

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    Chris Heuisler

    Chris Heuisler

    Cole Norbeck

    Recurring Role

    Sam Oz Stone

    Sam Oz Stone

    Daniel Hughes

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    Allie Gorenc

    Allie Gorenc

    Sage Snyder

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      • Cole: Hey Soph, long time no see.

      • Paul: Thank god for bail, I'm not going to spend another night in jail, especially over something that I didn't even do.

      • Carly: What was that about?
        Holden: You guys have a good time?
        Carly: Why did you invite Jack without telling me and then bail on the whole thing, what Holden are you trying to put me in my place?
        Holden: What are you talking about?
        Carly: You're avoiding me, you dodge me every chance you get, what are you so afraid of?
        Holden: I think you know the answer to that.

      • Meg: Sophie's no victim, she's a scorned woman.

      • Barbara: This little plot against my son it's not going to work Sophie, and when the truth come out you're going to have to answer to me.
        Mike: Don't threaten her.
        Barbara: It's not a threat, it's a promise.

      • Tom: (to Casey) So, what is it with you and Emily? And by the way, put a shirt on when there's an older woman in the house.

      • Emily: We have to figure out a way to act normal around each other.
        Casey: Normal, normal for me is throwing you on this couch.
        Emily: Stop it, stop it, stop it ok. Are families are connected, situations like this are going to crop up all the time.

      • Meg: Ok,. what is really going on here?
        Mike: Sophie needed someone to come with her.
        Meg: Oh, and it was here idea, or is this your way of getting back at Paul?
        Mike: We are talking about rape here, and if you think I would take advantage of Sophie's pain for my own personal reasons. Then you don't know me very well.
        Meg: No, I guess I don't.

      • Barbara: You not going to get any justice from Margo, she was a rape victim herself she'll be bias.
        Paul: Well, then I'll ask to speak to Jack Snyder.
        Barbara: Why, because he's your best friend? No, no you gotta keep your wits about you in this place.

      • Barbara: She played the little innocent thing, I bought into the fragile act even after what hell she put Will and Gwen through, and now she's moved onto my other son.
        Meg: She's unbalanced Barbara, you couldn't of known that.
        Barbara: Unbalanced, and desperately needy, a very dangerous combination. There's no telling what she will do, she could ruin Paul's life.

      • Barbara: Oh, I could ring Sophie's neck.

      • Barbara: Ok, just tell me is he being charged with rape?
        Meg: I don't know, I don't know what's happening. Margo came by Fairwinds earlier and she said she wanted to hear Paul's side of the story, off the record.
        Barbara: Right right, this isn't about Sophie. Margo was raped years ago she's hardwired to give Sophie the benefit of the doubt.
        Meg: Well she's no fan of Paul's, and Paul didn't help himself he gave a lot of attitude.
        Barbara: Oh, I'm sure that he did, I mean come on rape. You believe him don't you?
        Meg: With all my heart.

      • Tom: There's something going on over at Memorial Hospital, and I need to be available in case my Dad needs legal advice. And you didn't hear anything about that Emily.
        Emily: Oh code of silence, any way I have a source there I got a call, I'm running with it.
        Tom: Then the stories all yours, just don't go down there and do any pre-empted sniffing around ok.

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