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As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 50

Ep. #13287

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 11, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #13287
Bonnie thinks Alison's reinstatement to work with patients again is a trap for her to drop her suit. Lily sees Noah in Old Town and tries to reunite him and Noah. Casey insists that Emily stay but Tom thinks it's a bad idea and they're surprised when they learn of the sexual harassment suit. Kim tells Susan that if it does go to court there's gonna be some damage that can't be undone. Holden and Lily prepare a dinner before the girls head off to camp. Daniel lets it slip at the dinner table that Casey and Emily were into hanging out together. Emily and Casey's relationship reaches a new level. Kim tells Chris that she tried to reason with Susan but failed. Margo tells Tom that this trip to New York was a mistake. Alison seeks support from Aaron. Casey and Emily make love on her desk.moreless

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    Jake Silbermann

    Jake Silbermann

    Noah Mayer

    Recurring Role

    Sam Oz Stone

    Sam Oz Stone

    Daniel Hughes

    Recurring Role

    Marie Masters

    Marie Masters

    Dr. Susan Stewart

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    • QUOTES (7)

      • Margo Hughes: I'll show you stars. So, tell me everything you did in New York City. I want to know all the nitty gritty.
        Daniel Hughes: Well, the no exit concert we went to -- it rocked. We even got a signed program.
        Tom Hughes: Oh, cool. Here's an idea. Save it and put it on eBay and you can pay for your own college education.
        Daniel Hughes: Probably will.

      • Dr. Susan Stewart: I just wanted you to know I spoke with Alison.
        Kim Hughes: So how did it go?
        Dr. Susan Stewart: Her mind is made up. She won't drop the suit. And frankly, I don't think she should.

      • Dr. Susan Stewart: All I'm saying is, do you really want to go to war with the Hughes family, with the hospital, with no idea of how it's gonna end or who's gonna be standing when the smoke clears? This lawsuit could wind up causing you more damage than good.
        Emily Stewart: I cannot believe you're telling her to roll over and play dead! She needs to follow through. In fact, you need to take out the big guns and blow that guy away.

      • Tom Hughes: See, the bottom line is, the timing of Alison's early dismissal from nursing school looks suspicious.
        Dr. Chris Hughes: Yeah, so what's the solution? Burn me in effigy?
        Tom Hughes: You got a match, Dad? Relax, Chris. Look, there's only one goal here. That goal is to make sure that this case doesn't go to court.

      • Lily Snyder: Right now, I think the best thing for you is to concentrate on school, Luke.
        Luke Snyder: Hmm, I wonder if they have a class on how not to lose your boyfriend.
        Lily Snyder: If they do, let me know.

      • Emily Stewart: Mother, would you wake up, please? Think about the history you have with them, with Bob -- your affair with him. Kim's made you out to be the town pariah ever since.
        Dr. Susan Stewart: This has absolutely nothing to do with me and Bob.
        Emily Stewart: Of course it does.
        Alison Stewart: No, no, I think it has more to do with Emily and her not-so-rosy history with Chris and Tom.

      • Margo Hughes: Okay, so tell me the most exciting thing you did in New York.
        Daniel Hughes: Well, we wanted to go to the Museum of Sex, but Mom didn't go for it.
        Margo Hughes: And that's why God made moms. To say no.

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Daniel Hughes: Hey, Margo, catch.
        Margo Hughes: Hey, cool. Oh, signed by David Wright. Very cool. And look at your shirt. You look like a real New Yorker.

        David Wright has been an all-star third baseman for the New York Mets since 2004.

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