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As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 54

Ep. #13291

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jun 17, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Ep. #13291
Susan confronts Chris at Al's Diner and that if he goes anywhere near Alison again he would be very sorry. Alison tells Aaron that Chris locked her in the on call room and threatens deal with Chris himself. Sofie is caught in Barbara's suite by Meg and Paul, Barbara orders Sofie to leave at once, she then starts to feel dizzy. Kim lays into Susan for the way she parented Alison and Emily and how they turned out. Sofie wants Cole's help in getting something from the hospital. Paul goes and tells Lisa that Sofie's behavior is getting erratic and to evict her from the hotel. Aaron confronts Chris and locks the on call room door, the two engage in a fight. Cole hears Meg coming and quickly hides. Paul tells Lisa to hold off on throwing Sofie out of the Lakeview. Chris and Aaron end up at the police station, Bob tells Chris that pressing charges against Aaron is a bad idea. Cole gives Sofie the medicine and tells him that Meg was fired for letting one of her patients die on her watch.moreless

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    Chris Heuisler

    Chris Heuisler

    Cole Norbeck

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    Marie Masters

    Marie Masters

    Dr. Susan Stewart

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    Wole Parks

    Wole Parks

    Dallas Griffin

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Barbara's suite at the Lakeview is somehow room number 614, however Janet Ciccone has been staying in this room since she arrived in Oakdale.

    • QUOTES (14)

      • Dr. Chris Hughes: I don't know what to do anymore, Mom. I really don't.
        Kim Hughes: My advice, whether you want it or not, is you have to find some way to rise above it. You cannot stoop to their level of fighting. We'll never win anything that way. You're a Hughes. It's time you started acting like it.

      • Dr. Susan Stewart: So, how exactly is the hospital gonna handle this one?
        Kim Hughes: Bug out, Susan.
        Dr. Bob Hughes: If you two are gonna go at it again, take it outside. I've broken up enough fights for one day.

      • Paul Ryan: Oh, what's wrong?
        Meg Snyder: Our families are at war.
        Paul Ryan: Oh.
        Meg Snyder: Chris and Aaron were in a fight at the hospital, and now they're at the police station.
        Paul Ryan: Okay, well, um, Chris, right? Can I be on team Snyder then?

      • Kim Hughes: I know Chris is ambitious.
        Dr. Bob Hughes: He's also reckless. You know, honestly, I should suspend him until this whole thing is over.
        Kim Hughes: Hey. Over my dead body.

      • Dr. Chris Hughes: Get out of my hospital.
        Aaron Snyder: Your hospital? You really believe that, don't you? No wonder you thought you can get away with what you've done, you self-righteous punk!
        Dr. Chris Hughes: Get out of my way, farm boy.
        Aaron Snyder: What's up?

      • Alison: I got your message I could barely understand it, you saw Chris?
        Susan: He was with his mommy and his daddy.
        Alison: Why do I not like this sound of this?
        Susan: Because you're smart, and you know me.
        Alison: What did you do?
        Susan: In a nutshell. I think I threatened Chris in public, I called him a liar and a bully and, I think I might have mentioned the affair I had with Bob.
        Alison: What, you couldn't figure out a way to fit in Tom and Emily to. Mom, how could you do this?
        Susan: I know, I'm sorry. I just saw them sitting there looking so, Untouchable. I just had to let them know that were not going to fold, I hope you're not upset with me.
        Alison: No, I'm not but now I know where my impulse control issues come from. Look it really means a lot to me that you're on my side, it really does but, this is my battle.
        Susan: I know, I know my place is on the sidelines supporting you, silently supporting you. But I gotta tell you something, it felt damn good to let Chris Hughes have it.

      • Meg: Do you want me to pick up a movie on the way home?
        Paul: A movie, you really wanna watch a movie.
        Meg: Well I didn't say we'd finish it.

      • Paul: Sofie's behaviour lately has been a little erratic, she's been kinda spiralling out of control.
        Lisa: My how bad is it?
        Paul: She falsely accused me of rape.
        Lisa: Paul, I don't believe it. I'm so sorry to hear that.
        Paul: It's no big deal, the charges were dropped. Obviously this has been hard on my mom and having Sofie hanging around.
        Lisa: I can just understand what that must be like. How dare that little brat cause so much trouble when Barbara's so sick, what can I do?
        Paul: You can evict Sofie, today.

      • Alison: You have heard what Bonnie said, ok this is a sexual harassment case. We need to stick to the facts, and the fact is that I got kicked out of the nursing program because, I wouldn't sleep with Chris, not because he freaked out and locked me in a room.

      • Kim: I came to you hoping that possibly we could avoid the embarrassment that you seem so desperate to inflict.
        Susan: I'm not embarrassed, I'm with my daughter 100%. And no amount of pressure from you, or you, or you. Is gonna make us fold. Enjoy your lunch.

      • Susan: You have always looked down on me. You have never let go of that one night with Bob, when was that?
        Kim: That has nothing to do with it.
        Susan: That has everything to do with this because, you treat my daughters the same way. Ooo the Stewart women, nobody's safe around them.
        Kim: That is the point.

      • Susan: You've raised yourself a bully and a liar.
        Kim: And, you have set such a wonderful example, after all your years of running around. And now you have two daughters who are so desperately insecure they will say and do anything to get some attention.
        Susan: How dare you.
        Kim: No! How dare you, how dare you come marching in here projecting your failures on my family.

      • Susan: Do you know what he's done?
        Chris: I haven't done anything.
        Kim: Well even he had done something, is this the place you want to discuss it?
        Susan: Let them stare I don't care, I'm tired of keeping quiet!
        Bob: About what exactly?
        Susan: About how your son cornered my daughter in the on-call room.
        Bob: And why will he do that, he's aware that approaching Alison is off limits.
        Susan: He did more than approach her, he scared the hell out of her.
        Chris: I just wanted to talk to her ok, she had no reason to be scared of me.
        Susan: Well, why did you lock the door, why didn't you let her out when she asked you to? You thought you could intimidate her into dropping her law suit but, guess what, it didn't work.

      • Chris: I just wish this law suit didn't have to go to court.
        Bob: Well, unfortunately it does and in the mean time don't you do anything to escalate the situation any further.
        Chris: I'll do my best dad.
        Susan: And you certainly have haven't you doctor. Let me tell you something after this latest stunt of yours, if you ever go anywhere near Alison again, you will be very, very sorry.

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