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Season 53 Episode 64

Ep. #13301

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 01, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13301
Casey tells his parents the reason he's not staying for their anniversary party is cause he didn't like that way he treated Alison in the courtroom. Cole threatens to ruin Sofie by tell Paul that he isn't the father of Sofie's baby. Emily overhears Casey talking to Margo and Tom and thinks he's gonna reveal their relationship, she then stops him and leaves. Paul is surprised by Meg's commitment. Barbara has harsh words for Sofie, and Lisa hears Barbara threaten her. Emily is touched by Casey's words that he loves her. Mike tells Sofie of Paul and Meg's upcoming nuptuals and Mike learns of Sofie's pregnancy. Margo goes off to find Casey after realizing where he might be. Margo confronts Emily and that she knows something is going on with him and Emily. Mike shocks Meg by telling her that Sofie is pregnant and that it's Paul's.moreless

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      • Sofie: She, she hates me because of Paul, he used me and then he through me out, and she see's only what she wants to see, and now she's threatened to kill me if I don't dissappear.
        Barbara: Oh come on, as sick as I am how can I be so intimidating?
        Lisa: Of Barbara, sick or not I know you, you could scare the ghost right out of the grave.
        Barbara: I think I should be insulted.
        Lisa: No, I think quite the contrary she's a force to be beckoned with.
        Sofie: What are you taking her side?
        Lisa: No! I am taking the hotel's side. I will not have scenes like this going on in the hallway. Just remember sweetie pie, you are here by my good graces, Barbara happens to be my dearest friend. Please, you should never force me to choose between you and.
        Sofie: Because, I will loose. Yeah that's a big surprise nothing in this town is fair.
        Barbara: Oh, spare us the crocodile tears it may work on the men in your life but, were immune.
        Sofie: So, so what you're going to kick me out?
        Lisa: Eventually I properly will. But, in the mean time just be warned, don't try my patience!
        Barbara: And the same goes for me.

      • Sofie: You wouldn't hurt me, your the first person they'd expect.
        Barbara: I'm a sick woman, I have nothing to loose.
        Sofie: Yes you do I'm pregnant with your grandchild, and even if you hated me enough to want me dead. There is no way, no way that you would do anything to harm your own flesh and blood.
        Barbara: I was married to a man named James Stenbeck. I learned from him hat you could sacrifice anything or anyone if there's something you want badly enough. And I want Paul & Meg married.
        Sofie: You get out, get out!
        Barbara: You will loose littler girl, you are all alone, and if you vanish no one will even miss you!
        Sofie: Barbara, why are you scaring me like this, why are you threatening me?
        Lisa: Wait just a minute what is going on here?

      • Sofie: What do you want?
        Barbara: Listen very carefully. I could stop you in one of two ways. One, I could charges filed against you for attempted murder, and see to it that you spend the rest of your attractive years in a women's prison. Or, I could simply make you disappear.
        Sofie: Are you threatening to kill me?
        Barbara: You will back away from my son Sofie, or I promise you I can and will make absolutely certain that you never come anywhere near a member of my family again.

      • Emily: Casey, I don't need your protection. And I am sick and tired of your implications that I'm up to something.
        Tom: Oh, time out we have people coming over.
        Emily: Well you know what your wife started it.
        Margo: You would love nothing better than to mess up our wedding anniversary wouldn't you?
        Emily: You know, don't take your anger out on me Margo. You got problems, you can't control your kids deal with them and leave me out of it.
        Casey: Exactly, Emily has nothing to do with this.
        Emily: Casey, stop defending me!
        Tom: Uh, excuse me but, this is going no where.
        Emily: You're absolutely right for a change, my son is upstairs getting dressed. You two have a lovely anniversary you deserve each other.

      • Casey: You made Alison look like a liar.
        Tom: Well how do you know she's not, the judge heard all the evidence and rules in Chris' favour not Alison's.
        Casey: No big surprise, Chris is connected Ali's not.
        Margo: Oh why is it so difficult for you to side with us, you can't give your own family the befit of the doubt. Answer me that Casey you work with Emily for a couple of weeks, you're an honorary Stewart.

      • Cole: He's not going to want the kid once he finds out it's mine.
        Sofie: Why are you so set on telling him. You don't this kid anymore than you wanted Hallie, you have nothing to gain from this.
        Cole: Could be fun though.

      • Paul: Your families going to hate me more than they already do.
        Meg: That is not true, Holden already gave us his blessing.
        Barbara: I say that's a good sign. I say that's a miracle.

      • Cole: You think out next kid will look as good as this one?
        Sofie: Give that to me!
        Cole: You have to admit we do excellent work. We should start a baby factory, then again we kinda already have.
        Sofie: You know what, you're disgusting.

      • Margo: Casey, Casey come on it's our 25th wedding anniversary, we have family coming over, you gotta be here.
        Casey: No!
        Tom: Uh, excuse me it's not an option. You're staying.
        Casey: Trust me, you don't want me around in the mood I'm in.
        Tom: Really, why, what's the problem?
        Casey: The truth?
        Tom: No lie to us, you know how much me love that.
        Casey: Fine, fine I can't stand the way you've been treating people lately.
        Margo: People or Emily?
        Casey: What about Alison? I use to have total respect guys but, after watching you turn on innocent people lately, it make me sick to my stomach. The last thing I wanna do is celebrate with you.

      • Barbara: Marry Meg and be happy, don't let Sofie steal that from you.
        Paul: Mom, the mistake was made months ago, I should never have slept with Sofie.
        Barbara: No, you shouldn't, don't get me started on that. But the fact that Sofie's pregnant doesn't change how you feel about Meg does it?
        Paul: No, no it doesn't but Meg only came back to me because she thinks that I've changed.
        Barbara: You have.
        Paul: Not if I don't tell her the truth.
        Barbara: If you tell her the truth you will be giving Sophie everything she wants, don't you see that. I am begging you don't tell Meg, she doesn't have to know about this.
        Paul: And you think Sofie's going to keep her mouth shut.
        Barbara: I'll handle Sofie.
        Paul: How?
        Barbara: Leave it to me, consider it a wedding present.
        Paul: No Mom, no I can't go along with that.

      • Casey: See you later.
        Margo: Casey where you going, we have family coming over, where you going?
        Casey: Sorry count me out.
        Margo: Casey! Oh I might have known it had something to do with you.

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      • Beginning with this episode, a new production logo by Telenext Media, Inc. replaces the old Proctor & Gamble one appearing before the daily credit roll.

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