As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 74

Ep. #13311

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Jul 15, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13311
Tom tells Daniel that he's not going to be going on vacation with Emily this year. Susan tells Chris to stop harassing Alison. Emily tells Casey to try and persuade Tom to stop cause he'll listen to him. Paul's lawyer tells Barbara that if anyone can find evidence to clear Paul then the person he has in mind will, Barbara is then shocked when the person is Rick Decker. Paul and Meg say if Barbara didn't do it then who killed Sofie. Meg tells Margo that Paul did it because of her. Margo has shocking news that she could charge Paul and Meg with obstruction of justice, his lawyer arrives and says that his bail has been posted. Rick almost runs into Susan at Memorial. Margo is beside herself after learning that Rick is investigating. Casey tells Margo and Tom that he's done with Emily and he wants to come back home and to drop the suit against Emily. Alison screams as she sees Rick at the hospital. Rick tells Barbara that Sofie was killed by a medical profession either a doctor or a nurse, Barbara then calls Paul and says that Meg may not be innocent after all.moreless

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    David Aaron Baker

    David Aaron Baker


    Guest Star

    John James

    John James

    Dr. Rick Decker

    Recurring Role

    Sam Oz Stone

    Sam Oz Stone

    Daniel Hughes

    Recurring Role

    Marie Masters

    Marie Masters

    Dr. Susan Stewart

    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (14)

      • Dr. Susan Stewart: You're a smart woman. Casey Hughes? How could you?
        Emily Stewart: He's so sweet, Mom. Honest.
        Dr. Susan Stewart: And forbidden.
        Emily Stewart: Maybe.
        Dr. Susan Stewart: I'm sorry, Baby. I love you, but you have the common sense of an earthworm when it comes to picking the men in your life.
        Emily Stewart: At least I didn't marry a serial killer.

      • Dr. Rick Decker: It's my ex-wife. I'd, uh -- I'd prefer not to have to deal with her right now.
        Guard: Yeah, I got one, too. I know exactly how you feel.
        Dr. Rick Decker: I seriously doubt that.

      • Paul Ryan: So, in Oakdale, a convicted murderer can bum around a police station and play detective.
        Barbara Ryan: Oh, Paul, please, shut up.
        Dr. Rick Decker: No. I'm not offended.
        Margo Hughes: Sociopaths rarely are.

      • Margo Hughes: You get the hell out of my station.
        Dr. Rick Decker: I would love to, but I'm here on business.
        Margo Hughes: This is your investigator?
        Lawyer: That's right.
        Margo Hughes: What the hell were you thinking, hiring this lunatic?!
        Paul Ryan: That's a really good question. Mom, what's going on?
        Dr. Rick Decker: She brought me here to help you. And I can assure you that as long as your check clears, I'm your loyal servant, Paul.
        Paul Ryan: What were you thinking?
        Barbara Ryan: I know it seems rather odd.
        Paul Ryan: It seems a little psychotic. He's a serial killer.

      • Barbara Ryan: Let's get you two out of here. You've been through an ordeal tonight. You need some rest.
        Margo Hughes: Make sure that rest is here in Oakdale. No spontaneous honeymoons to, say, a country with no extradition treaty.

      • Chris: I didn't mean to cause trouble.
        Susan: Why are you still here.

      • Margo: And you I hope you know that by telling me this you could implicate yourself.
        Meg: I didn't kill Sofie.
        Margo: Then why did she say that you did?
        Paul: Because, Sofie was a jealous freak I mean a bogus rape charge doesn't that prove that?
        Meg: She wanted to hurt Paul, and when that blew up in her face she came after me.
        Margo: You know I could arrest you right now.
        Paul: What for?
        Margo: Well for starter's obstruction of justice.

      • Emily: The longer you stay away from home the more your parents are going to hate me. Just do it, just say what ever you need to say I'll know you don't really mean it. .
        Casey: No, no you can't ask me to do this.
        Emily: Yes I can, I don't care if you tell your father that I'm the biggest slut in the mid-west, Casey just do it, tell your father make him promise that in exchange for giving me up I get to stay in my son's life.
        Casey: You really think this is going to work?
        Emily: It has to work. It has to work his son for my son.
        Casey: What about me, when did I get demoted from boyfriend to bargaining chip?
        Emily: Casey listen to me we're talking about my son, my son he's just a little boy ok, think about him he needs me, and I need him more than anything else in the world. And I'm sorry that it has to come down to this that I have to choose but, that's just the way it is.
        Casey: Ok, ok I'll do it.

      • Alison: Mom I appreciate you wanting to protect me but, I can handle it.
        Susan: I can't, you've suffered enough at the hands of this Yo Yo.

      • Rick: I've managed to let my anger go Barbara and I want you to be the first to know, that I forgive you for betraying me.

      • Barbara: So you're in law enforcement?
        Rick: I'm in the truth seeking business. I care about justice, legality understanding.
        Barbara: I can't do this.
        Rick: Barbara, I am a scientist I have volumes of medical information stored away inside my head.
        Barbara Don't forget that I know exactly what those volumes of information have been used for. And you can't tell me that you're now doing them for the great of good.

      • Barbara: This man is a serial-murderer; he tried to kill me and several of my close friends. And god knows how many other people as well.
        Rick: That was then.
        Barbara: Don't give me the, I've changed speech I know better than to believe anything that comes out of your mouth.
        Rick: I have changed Barbara; prison has had a positive effect on me.
        Barbara: Anything that keeps you away from decent society is positive,
        Rick: Define decency.
        Barbara: Anything that's not you.

      • Barbara: And, you must be the forensic expert I've heard so much about.
        Rick: No, actually I am.
        Barbara: Rick Decker!
        Rick: Long time no see Barbara, it's nice to be back in Oakdale.

      • Barbara: I'm a little worried about the criminal mind though, isn't he dangerous.
        Lawyer: No not at all, he has security with him at all times.
        Barbara: Oh so I see, so he's safe as long as he's handled.

    • NOTES (1)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Dr. Susan Stewart: Well, why should Tom do anything Casey says after your little Mrs. Robinson act?

        This is an allusion to the 1967 film The Graduate staring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft.

      • Barbara Ryan: All right. As my stomach turns. You're hired.

        As my stomach turns is an anagram of the show's title. As the Stomach Turns was also the title of a sketch on CBS' The Carol Burnett Show.

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