As The World Turns

Season 53 Episode 92

Ep. #13329

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Aug 08, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13329
Lily walks in on Carly and Holden saying that she was thinking of reconsidering the divorce until now. Margo wonders what's wrong with Casey, Bob then tells Chris that him, Alison, Emily, Casey have the same compound in their system. Emma arrives and asks Holden what Carly is doing here and it not being him to give up on his marriage to Lily. Chris learns that Kim never sent him the watch and may have learned the spread of the illness. Meg gets Paul to get her out of the restraints and attempts to strangle Paul. Luke tells Lily that Holden made a huge mistake and to work their way through together. Chris insists to have Alison's bracelet tested immediately. Barbara has a decision to make. Bob learns that Meg is also being poisoned and, Barbara gives him her necklace to be tested. Barbara gets a call from Rick Decker saying he's willing to help her family again. Holden moves into the Lakeview. Casey wakes up and angrily asks to speak to Emily and very violent. Barbara once again acquires Rick's services. Margo takes Emily to see Casey which Casey is very grateful. Margo thinks that Rick is responsible for the outbreak. Rick offers Barbara and Paul that he'll help if they help him escape.moreless

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    Benjamin Smith (IV)

    Benjamin Smith (IV)


    Guest Star

    John James

    John James

    Dr. Rick Decker

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    Kathleen Widdoes

    Kathleen Widdoes

    Emma Snyder

    Recurring Role

    Marie Masters

    Marie Masters

    Dr. Susan Stewart

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      • Margo: Is there any progress?
        Chris: Not yet.
        Bob: Do the police have any idea who did this or why?
        Margo: Well, were tracing the gifts, were tracking all the purchases.
        Bob: Well, if there's anything we can do to help.
        Margo: Oh, well I wish you could. You would be so much more help than Barbara and Paul Ryan. They've actually hired Rick Decker again, Rick Decker he's a homicidal maniac, he's a serial killer. Oh my god, oh my god I've been so stupid, I must of been so worried about Casey. I didn't see it it, it was staring me right in the face.
        Bob: Margo, what?
        Margo: Well, Rick Decker did this.

      • Alison: Emily.
        Emily: I'm here Ali.
        Alison: How did we get this disease, why us?
        Emily: It's not a disease Ali, we were poisoned.
        Alison: Who hates us that much.

      • Alison: Aaron, am I gonna die?
        Aaron: No, no way you're gonna keep fighting like you always do.
        Alison: Oh Aaron, I don't think I can.

      • Lily: You're calling me a hypocrite?
        Carly: Well Lily, after your affair with Dusty, you were desperate for Holden to forgive you. You couldn't understand why he needed time and had to force the issue. You should've just given him what he needed, instead of expecting him to just bounce back like you had done nothing wrong.
        Lily: Uh, you're lecturing me on morality now.
        Carly: I just think it stinks, how you've got everybody onboard. Furious with Holden, protecting you. You're hurt I get it but, can't you see that he's trying to make things right, can't you forgive him. Can't you just try to see things from his point of view.
        Lily: I do see, I see only to well. How I made love to Holden and thought of Dusty, I am not like those others wives, those innocent wives who have to wonder. I know what Holden feels for you and, I can't live with that, I won't live with that.
        Carly: Lily you're not being fair to him.
        Lily: That's it, that is the last time I will let you lecture me about my husband.
        Carly: Alright. Just tell Emma when you see her, that I tried. Again.
        Lily: Get out of here.

      • Carly: Lily, he loves you.
        Lily: Do not even presume to tell me how my husband feels about me. I can't stomach your lies, or your pathetic attempts to make nice after you've wrecked my life.
        Carly: Lily, you know what I didn't even wanna come here, ok I did it for Emma.
        Lily: Emma?
        Carly: Emma. Believe it or not, once upon a time she and I were friends to. And so that I could live knowing that I'd tried everything, I decided to come here. But I've gotta tell you something Lily. You are without a doubt, the biggest hypocrite I've ever known.

      • Luke: You have no right to be here.
        Carly: Well Luke, frankly I don't wanna be, and yet here I am, I guess we'll all have to suffer.

      • Barbara: Why else would Rick call me, today of all day's?
        Paul: And all of the people he targeted were instrumental in putting him away.
        Barbara: I betrayed him, I got him locked up, he hasn't forgotten.
        Paul: Let's kill him.
        Barbara: Later, right now we hire him.

      • Dallas: What did your ad agency say?
        Emily: They didn't send me the perfume it wasn't them. But that was it, the perfume made me crazy.
        Dallas: Yeah, we think so.
        Emily: And then I passed it on to Casey, what are we gonna do, how we gonna make it stop?
        Susan: Were working on it don't worry. Here's that perfume Dallas.
        Dallas: Second Chances?
        Emily: It's my mother's favourite fragrance, so I thought she'd wanna have it.
        Susan: I never got around to using it, I wished I'd tossed it out.
        Dallas: The other perfume, the one you had on the plane. What was that called?
        Emily: Sweet Vengeance!

      • Paul: How is Rick Decker going to help anybody? He's a murderer mother, he's insane. Have you forgotten that he tried to kill you.
        Barbara: Exactly my thoughts, look at the people who were sick Alison, Emily and Meg has been infected by something that was intened for me.
        Paul: And Rick Decker can help how?
        Barbara: Because, he's the one who poisoned them.

      • Barbara: Will?
        Rick Decker: Barbara, Rick Decker here, how are things?
        Barbara: What do you want?
        Rick: Well, I was hoping to be of help to your family.

      • Doctor: You asked me to flag anything unusual that came in.
        Bob: OK, thank you.
        Chris: What is it?
        Bob: Oh, it's a work-up sheet.
        Chris: For who?
        Bob: A psyc patient just came in and was admitted, and she has the synthetic toxin in her blood to.
        Chris: What's the patients name?
        Bob: Meg Snyder Ryan.

      • Barbara: I gave this to Meg, actually I lent it to her.
        Dr. Lynn Michaels: She told me about that, her something borrowed when she and Paul renewed their vows. She's very fond of it.
        Barbara: She's the last person on earth I'd expect something like this to happen to. What is causing this?
        Dr. Lynn Michaels I really can't say but, were in the process of doing a full medical work-up.
        Barbara: So you're going to move her to a medical floor, she'll be much more comfortable their.
        Dr. Lynn Michaels: Not just yet, if she's on this ward, she's not a danger to herself or anybody else, and that has to be out primarily concern right now.

      • Holden: Luke came to me, he asked me to work this out, to try and work this out. When I think about him, when I think about the girls and Ethan. What my choices will cost them.
        Carly: Then do it, try again. If you give up too soon you will regret it for the rest of your life.
        Emma: Well, well hello.
        Carly: Don't say it, I'm gone.

      • Chris: You got the lab report back, have they identified the compound?
        Margo: The compound?
        Bob: We found a strange element in Chris's blood, and Casey's, and Alison's, and Emily's.
        Kim: A virus?
        Bob: If it were it would be easier to fight. No this compound is a synthetic toxin.
        Margo: Oh synthetic, that's why it wasn't flagged in the first blood result.
        Chris: Exactly, but it's lethal. Someone's poisoning us.

      • Aaron: At least Emily's talking, so it seems like she's getting better. I mean Alison will to right?
        Susan: Her pulse and respiration rates a weaker than ever.
        Aaron: So what do we do about that, does she need more oxygen?
        Susan: This is impossible, it's impossible, it's as though her whole system is shutting down.
        Aaron: Yeah but, you can fix it. Yeah?
        Susan: What do you think I'm doing, these are my daughter's I'm doing everything I can. And I can't help them because, I don't know what's wrong with them.

      • Barbara: What happened?
        Paul: What happened is that she was hallucinating again.
        Barbara: And so you had her admitted to the psyc ward?
        Paul: No the EMT's did that. She had my gun mom she was gonna shoot me.
        Barbara: Oh my god.
        Paul: I should've gotten her help earlier, I should've done that.

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