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Season 53 Episode 130

Ep. #13367

Aired Weekdays 2:00 PM Oct 03, 2008 on CBS
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Ep. #13367
Lily tells Lucinda that Carly has every right to be at the benefit tonight cause it's her club. Jack tells Janet that she looks astonishing in the dress that was designed for her. Margo tells Emily as she arrives to see Casey that he doesn't want to see him. Aaron wonders why Alison is making excuses not to make love to him, she says that she's disappointed that she can't have any kids. Margo tells Meg that she'll keep Lucinda makes an announcement of selling the land back to Emma and whatever they take in tonight it'll be used to clean up the contamination. Lily and everyone at Metro is shocked to see Dusty alive. Margo learns that Dusty was the one that was shot and takes him down to the station. Chris tells Alison that he's going back to Africa and wants her to go with him, but she says that she can't leave Aaron. Aaron then confronts Chris and he tells them that he slept with Alison before the wedding, he goes to tell Alison and she admits that it's true, he then leaves. Margo tells Dusty that he's facing multiple felonies. Lily rails at Holden for his betrayal in keeping the fact that Dusty was alive and didn't tell her. Emily sneaks into the interrogation room and slaps Dusty and lays into him for making her believe he was dead and they end up embracing. Alison goes to Chris and says that whatever feelings she had for him are gone after what he did tonight.moreless

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    Will Dailey

    Will Dailey


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    Laurence Lau

    Laurence Lau

    Brian Wheatley

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    Julie Pinson

    Julie Pinson

    Janet Ciccone

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Background music at Metro included It's Only Life by Kate Voegele and Gravity by Sara Bareilles. The live performance by Will Dailey included his songs Rise and Boom Boom.

    • QUOTES (16)

      • Emily: You bastard, I'm the one who found your body, I thought it was my fault. I was a suspect in your murder and so were Lily and Holden. You make us all think you're dead and then you waltz into the party tonight, sorry just kidding!
        Dusty: I had to do it! I couldn't let Craig know I was out there looking for my son, you understand me.
        Emily: And was it worth it, did you find your son?
        Dusty: No, I didn't.
        Emily: No, so you put us all through hell for nothing!
        Dusty: I'm sorry.
        Emily: You're sorry, you're sorry, you know what sorry doesn't cut it. I walked into the room, you weren't breathing. I tried to revive you, I thought you were gone. Oh god I thought I was never going to see you again!

      • Margo: I can't even begin to tell you how many laws you've broken. Obstructing several police investigations, perpetrating a fraud, by staging your own death -- I mean you're looking at multiple felonies.
        Dusty: Yeah, I broke the law, but I had no choice.
        Margo: What do you mean, you had no choice? You had a choice. This was premeditated. This was planned. This was perfectly executed. How did you do it? I mean, Dusty, I saw you after you died. I saw the corpse. There was an autopsy.

      • Aaron: I have a question for you. Is it true that you slept with Chris Hughes the night before our wedding?
        Alison: What?
        Aaron: Is that why you were a no show, at our wedding rehearsal?
        Alison: Why would you even ask me that?
        Aaron: So you're not denying it.
        Alison: I just, I can't believe what I'm hearing that is all, where is this coming from?
        Aaron: You know, I saw you with your ex at the Lakeview. And when you left I had a conversation Chris.
        Alison: What did he say?
        Aaron: He said that you two had sex during our wedding rehearsal. Now either Chris Hughes is lying, and I'm going to have to beat his face in for this. Or you've been lying ever since we said I do!

      • Emily: Dusty.
        Margo: Emily, this is an official investigation will you get a life.

      • Dusty: Sorry to just show up like this, out of the blue.
        Lily: I can't, how is this possible?
        Dusty: Long story.
        Holden: What the hell is he doing? He said he would never show his face here again.
        Meg: I guess he changed his mind.
        Holden: Why?
        Meg: I don't know. Maybe, for me.
        Lucinda: He's not suppose to be here.
        Brian: I'm sorry, what did you say.
        Lucinda: Well, I.

      • Lily: Need some help?
        Carly: Yeah ok, I thought I'd donate this champagne, hopefully people will loosen up and donate some money.
        Lily: Thank you let's see how it works. Would you like some champagne?
        (Lily hands two glasses of champagne to a couple)
        Lily: Enjoy. Champagne Sir?
        (Dusty turns around, to a shocked Lily)
        Dusty: Hey Lil.

      • Holden: Ladies and Gentleman, Lucinda Walsh.
        Lucinda: Thank you people for being here this evening, and thank you for bringing your cheque books. It's a very short announcement. I just want you to know that I called a meeting of the board at Worldwide Industries, and today at my suggestion we approved a plan, to sell back the land we are planning to develop to Mrs Emma Snyder, for $1. Now any funds that are made will go towards cleaning up the contaminated land, and returning it as a nature reserve and a public park, for generations of our Oakdale children.

      • Margo: Hello Meg.
        Meg: Margo, I didn't expect to see you here.
        Margo: Well I'm off duty and it's a worthy cause and, if you'd like to make an official statement about what happened when Stenbeck died.
        Meg: I can't tell you what I don't know.
        Margo: Just a general reminder, possibly the identity of the other person the one that was shot and, if you'd like to throw in who pulled the trigger that would be greatly appreciated.
        Meg: Margo, this event is very important to my family, can you just let me do what I have to do.
        Margo: I understand that I'll be here all night.
        Meg: So are you going to harass me all night?
        Meg: Only if you refuse to co-operate.
        Emily: Oh, Margo's not happy unless she's making someone's life miserable, now it's your turn. So what did you do to end up on her hit list.

      • Janet: What do you think, too much?
        Jack: You look awesome.
        Janet: No no no, not me, the dress. This is the first time I've worn a custom made anything, and the designer fitted me into it herself. I guess I have Carly to thank for that.
        Jack: That makes two of us.
        Janet: Kinda weird huh, awkward your ex setting us up?
        Jack: It's different.
        Janet: Too much?
        Jack: No, it's fine.
        Janet: Well in case I forget to tell you, you look amazing.
        Jack: Thanks, come on let me go show you off.
        Janet: Oooo

      • Carly: What is it do I have lettuce in my teeth?
        Holden: No, no it's just, that you look great.
        Carly: Don't start.
        Holden: I'm not, I'm just stating a fact.
        Carly: Alright, just hold off on the compliments ok. Last thing I need is another lecture from your wife.

      • Margo: Well, he understands that you're no good for him. You're no good for anyone, really, but at least he knows it. He had to learn it the hard way.
        Emily: You know what? There -- there is one small upside to not seeing Casey anymore. I won't have to listen to your mouth, so you can take that smug, self-righteous attitude of yours and stick it where the sun don't shine!

      • Holden: Did something happen with Paul?
        Meg: No, not Paul. Margo.
        Holden: Margo, what happened?
        Meg: She threatened to have me arrested, if I don't tell her who was there when James was killed.
        Holden: Yeah, Jack said that she was on the war path, but there's no way she could arrest you. You haven't done anything wrong.
        Meg: I gave Dusty my word that I wouldn't tell anybody that he was there.
        Holden: I know he doesn't want anybody to know he's alive while, he's still looking for Johnny. But why should you throw yourself under a bus for this guy.
        Meg: I was very close to Dusty at one time.
        Holden: Yeah, so was Lily and we both almost went to jail because of that. Why do you feel like you have to help this guy cover his tracks.
        Meg: Look, he gave me a number for a private investigator in San Francisco, and I called to see if her could contact Dusty to see what I should do.
        Holden: So what happened?
        Meg I don't know he didn't respond. I'm so scared Holden, I don't wanna betray Dusty's confidence but if I'm arrested what is that going to do to my baby. What am I going to do.

      • Lily: I know you love me but stay out of this. I'll see you both at the party tonight, at Carly's club.
        Lucinda: Are we having fun yet.
        Brian: Yeah.

      • Lucinda: Oh, God, what crime have I committed now?
        Lily: I went to see Carly yesterday. She told me that you told her not to come to the benefit -- even though the party's at her club!
        Lucinda: After her heinous behavior and the way she treated you, I think her banishment is entirely appropriate.

      • Lily: Sorry to break this up.
        Lucinda: Hi darling, what is it?
        Lily: I have something to say to you mother. Stay the hell out of my life.

      • Lucinda: I'm drinking, to an unsung hero Brian Wheatley, and I will sing his praises to anyone who can bother to hear me try to carry a tune.

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